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  1. Sign a property release for yourself, perhaps?
  2. Hanlon's razor: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity"
  3. The same number of SS employees are reading these forums as are inspecting the clips. Which is none. Nobody is looking at the clips. It's obvious that it's a completely automated process or there's an "inspector" who simply hits a rejection button without looking. Nobody is reading the forums. This is an echo chamber while some clueless, millionaire tech bros attempt to drain the last value out of this agency.
  4. Today's uploads were immediately rejected for the "noise, grain..." BS this morning. It's obvious that nobody is actually looking at submissions. The rejections came too fast for a human being to have been involved in the process
  5. Today, the SS bot is rejecting sharp photos for "focus". I assume this is because these bots are paid by how many images they get through, not for actually doing a real job. Anyway, six other agencies have approved the same work and they all sell for more than 10 cents each.
  6. I see the moronic "Content contains noise, film grain..." rejection bot is back at work, keeping the collection of $1 phone camera images pure.
  7. Thank goodness Shutterblocks insists on not wasting people's time with super high inspection standards for $1 images. These ten cent downloads make the lengthy experience of uploading and keywording all worthwhile. Enough of these Shutterblocks licenses and contributors can soon invest in newer, better gear! — said no-one, ever
  8. Reducing royalty rates = greed Resetting rates to minimum on Jan 1 = greed
  9. Since for the past year, at least. And you know because they tell you.
  10. You will get a message back from another contributor if you do that. "Support" has no direct contact with anyone who works at Shutterstock.
  11. You haven't done anything wrong. Shutterstock's review process is currently broken. Unfortunately, there is no-one at Shutterstock who cares.
  12. You are seeing an email from "alerts@directly.com" because Shutterstock does not employ contributor support staff. If you try to contact support, you will get a response from a "contributor expert". This is another contributor who has no links to, or communication with, anyone at Shutterstock. If you "escalate" the problem, you will eventually get an email from someone in India, who again, has no direct links with the company. Shutterstock does not employ sales support staff either.
  13. All photos and videos are currently being rejected due to "noise". This is ridiculous. Unfortunately, no one at SS is going to do anything since they don't have any support staff, for either customers or contributors. Infuriating.
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