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    Payoneer Please?

    +1 for payoneer.. Pls add payoneer payment option.
  2. Does anyone know what this site is doing https://getallstock.com/ They are giving away some major agencies photos for very low cost. Don't know whether it is legal or illegal way. I can not contact support regarding this. contact form is not available right now.
  3. There are a lot of spammers.. almost every keyword search has more than one spam images. We spend so much time to make good quality images.. spend so much time to add relevant keywords.. and upload but most of them not showing in first few pages. because of this spammy images. this is so unfair.
  4. we can find many images with repeating titles in "relevant image search" people like these are stealing our money.. so how honest contributors survive here?
  5. nalinn

    Vector Rejected reason problem

    Hi I am new to SS and have recently rejected vectors with following reason. "In order for this to be reviewed correctly, resubmit & tag as illustration â?? http://goo.gl/xXGeIs" I can not understand what is the meaning of that. All of my submitted vector files have large preview images. And automatically selected YES for Illustration / Clip-art box when submitting. Some are approved and some of them are rejected with the above reason. Pls help me to correct Thank you.
  6. Hi, I am new to SS. I submitted my Passport image and 10 vector files for initial approval 3 weeks ago. After 1 week received response from SS asking my account information and re-upload my ID twice. After that I received an e mail asking my payment method. I had to send my moneybooker account twice.. again received mail asking to provide written or visual verification that I am the primary owner of the submitted moneybooker account. Then I send screen shot of my moneybooker profile. Still no response. Now I want to know is it the normal approval process here? and can it be too hard to get into SS? & How do I know about my vector file approval status? just wanted to know other contributors experience