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  1. Disappeared keywords in top-performers

    Some (but not all) of my Keyword stats have returned today. Let's see what the day brings,
  2. Disappeared keywords in top-performers

    @Alex Shutterstock Hey Alex, you have the time to comment on issues regarding uploading a profile picture, but not on a REALLY important issue like "why keyword stats have disappeared from our top sellers and their visibility and sales have consequentially vanished". Come on Alex, a little respect, please. This is directly impacting on some contributors livelihoods (not mine I hasten to add).
  3. Disappeared keywords in top-performers

    Very disappointing. Could be my imagination but looks like every image with a sale this year has lost its Keyword search history. I hope this is only a bug or mistake, and this data is not lost forever - but not holding my breath.
  4. My First Grandchild!

    Congratulations Laurin, and family.
  5. Thanks Emil - it's a shame that sales have gone off the Cliff this month/year
  6. Who's a pretty boy then