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  1. Yes, that's just the problem, and it's even worst that the others were tossed out.
  2. The serach engine went crazy again, and we'll do the same at this rate. It's an ongoing problem this kind of SS, and we all pay the price. Solve the issue, please.
  3. Hi, I noticed that there’s something wrong in the SS search engine. As usual. If you search the word PASTA, in the 1st POPULAR page, after a handful of good videos, there are a dozen of videos of the same contributor that so clearly shouldn’t be there. This error occurs over and over again in the search process. And a lot of videos that have always been there, there are no more. This is insane. And damaging.
  4. They have no grasp of what they do: they simply press a button and change everything. I suppose they're beautifully playing.
  5. Maybe you’re right. I usually have very good sales for 4/5 days, then, suddenly, I have one, two or none at all for some days. It’s like someone closed the gate.
  6. Someone wrote that buyers from Asia and South America can’t find the clip they are searching for cause of a search engine bug, and I think this is the reason of this collapse. Otherwise... I don’t know. It’s sad.
  7. Eric Krouse, I use Xeen cine lens for a while, first I filmed with Canon EF L series, especially 100mm and 50mm 1.2 Mike Kuhlman, the more we are, the bigger is the port, the more we earn, also sharing the income. August for me has always been a very good month!
  8. I'd say my port is out of order, no sales at all for several days... it's incredible, and that I suppose it's going to stay that way for a long time, as many of you, but it's probably not the truth. The only thing to do, to unblock the stalemate, is to create a big team with someone else somewhere and quadruplicate the port, otherwise we will desappear. I think that's the problem, don't you?
  9. I wanted to say few video sales from the beginning of August
  10. Few video sales from the beginning of July for 1.50$, great!
  11. It's the same for me. The search engine is shouting numbers. A sudden inexplicable collapse of footage sales is happening.
  12. Just for the record, what are the cameras for Select, except RED ones?
  13. Something’s happened in 2019. I hope it’s not something definitive, because it’s a... disaster and a shame both. A sudden big, enormous - not meaningless because the loss in sales is huge - collapse, that SS should have to face.
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