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  1. 😢 Unfortunately I will not be able to upload any new pictures. Big SS fan but I am forced to prefer the competition. Was promising, now it's over. I also have my limit, 010 is far below. Goodbye
  2. We can NOT de-activate our portfolio. Delete or do nothing. MSG https://www.[do_not_advertise_other_microstock_groups]/shutterstock-com/how-to-disable-(not-delete)-your-portfolio-on-shutterstock/msg0/?topicseen#new "Are you sure this actually disables your account? The png seems to imply that you're just not letting people use your images for anything defamatory, deceptive, pornographic, etc..."
  3. Pretty sad, but i will go the same way. I just feel angry. Happy Adobe exists. One of our last hope in this business.
  4. I stopped uploading to istock becasue of this. For me, now only AS and 123rf left for new uploads.
  5. For me, 98% are subscriptions. 98% of all sales will earn now ~ 0.06 instead of 0.38. = earnings -84%
  6. deleted- please delete post. thank you
  7. @Rudy Umansthank you. i think the same. but still can not find the reason. I was scared about future problems about a trademark problem. Not sure now.
  8. i know it means "Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership". Thank you. I ask if there is any copyright or trademark or similar. I can not believe there is..
  9. Hey guys, you know, is there "Intellectual Property" problem with the word TTIP? I create a 3D image with the letters "TTIP". All images rejected.
  10. At some images theres visible german language. Title/description field was english = rejected. Title/description field changed to german = rejected. What language now?
  11. in germany something like €1000 for hard drive file recovery. Works, but expensive. Therefor i could get 10 external HD
  12. Wetzkaz Graphics


    uploaded 170 images. all keywords arent visible now? cant even add keywords. if i do the keyword-counters still "0". .uploaded yesterday. (no error message; at an other agency it works as regular with the same images;)
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