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  1. More or less the same downloads as September 2019, just much less cart sales and more clip packs sales. And obviously not uploading new files since the new earnings structure. What's really sad is... a clip pack sale in September 2018 would get me on average 19$, on September 2019 on average 28$, in September 2020 that average is way down to 3$ per video sale. A couple of days ago I made a 0.96$ clip pack sale, which is just absurd.
  2. In the previous submission page, sending to the reviewer multiple clips would show them all in a single batch in the "Batches Pending Approval" tab. However, a week ago I uploaded 28 clips, now they each show in the "Batches Pending Approval" tab as 28 unique batches, each with one clip. Is this normal?
  3. In the "old" submission page, hovering the mouse on the partial filename of a clip would show the full filename, which was very useful. If this could be added to the new submission page it would be great.
  4. Still same error here, even though login is correct... Response: 530 Login incorrect. Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server
  5. Hello! When uploading 4K footage, do we need to also include a FullHD version or does SS create it from the 4K original? If they don't, how do we upload both versions, zipped together or normal upload? I can't seem to find information on this...
  6. And another +1 for Payoneer.
  7. I completely agree with you regarding sales. And it's because of the positive buzz around that factor that I decided to join. I hope my previous reply didn't sound like a complaint, it's more of a curious realization since shutterstock sells footage since 2006 but site features seem geared towards photograhy. Again, not a complaint... but if things like catalog management help sales of photos and buyer experience, then that would be also useful for footage. As you said, hopefully that side of the site will continue to develop.
  8. I'd imagine it's weird (it is for me) that anyone who only sells footage to find the contributor area filled with so many things that only make sense if you're selling photos. Coming from other marketplaces it surely doesn't feel practical or intuitive. I'd also really like to see a landing page for footage-specific authors.
  9. Hello all, I'm new at shutterstock footage and have a few questions that I can't find answers to (I'm asking here as it might be useful for someone else; if they are in some FAQ I missed, please link): 1) Does one have to submit both 1080p and 720p versions of the same file or does shutterstock create the 720p version if I provide the 1080p? 2) If I submit cgi backgrounds, are color variations of the same animation allowed? If they are, is there a limit to how many ? Thank you, sightsignal
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