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  1. Thanks @Wilm Ihlenfeld, but it doesn't matter here any more.
  2. Same problem, pictures accepted yesterday are not in my port so far.
  3. I make a living from stock photography. Barely but still. I have started in 2015, experiencing steady, solid rise every month, until I hit a wall (or so called or "glass ceiling") in 2018. Despite of what, how many and when I upload - earnings stay on the same level or rather decrease (depends on agency).
  4. I also experience massive drop in sales (despite of regular uploads) and November was simply disastrous. But supposedly hope dies last🙂
  5. Beautiful pictures Rasica! Do they sell well on SS?
  6. Hello Sheetal, Alex is right. My advice - if you want to submit a particular picture - do research, find similar images and go through the "most popular". Notice what is "in demand" and most important - see, if your image stand out from the crowd to be noticed, because stock are flooded with similar, average pics... All the best, Maciej
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