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  1. The level you're on no longer makes a difference, vast majority of sales now 10c, or less than 20c
  2. Same problem if trying to login using a browser on a tablet or phone, have to reset password every time, only way is to use the app which is seriously annoying.
  3. I'm level 5, trust me there is no incentive whatsoever to reach a higher level as it will make zero difference. You'll still be flooded with mostly 10c sales, looking at subscribtion sales so far this month a sub earns on average 14c which is 24c less than it was. Sadly seems to be mostly subs now as well. Even the possibility of slightly higher earnings for on demand sales etc doesn't make up for it, it's a massive drop in earnings.
  4. So my total sales today of all types, subs, sod, single & other etc are less than half what they would have been if I'd sold the same number of images all at sub rates. This is at level 5, level 6 is completely unattainable and it will only get worse in January. Totally demotivated as cannot ever hope to achieve greater earnings potential as it's now been made impossible. I may as well get a job cleaning toilets, at least I'll be able to look for my earnings while I'm at.
  5. Mines down by over 60% today on level 5. I would have made more money selling every download on a flat rate of 20c
  6. It doesn't seem to matter what level you are, I'm level 5, the vast majority of my sales today have been subs and single & other all at 10c.
  7. Just looked at my earnings today in absolute horror, I would have been paid more for the same number of downloads back in 2013 when I started on level 1 and if they were all subs at 25c. I'm level 5, I don't understand the levels because we all seem to be paid 10c a download regardless of level or if its a sub or single image and other. Can someone at Shutterstock please explain the earnings structure in detail. 10c is no good especially if you live in the UK or Europe, here 10c is worth around 7p. It costs more than that to use a public loo.
  8. Mine said the same, let's hope 02 is a typo.
  9. Had 11 of them @26c yesterday, so not that 'unusual' after all, not at all happy.
  10. The sort by new is too small to notice and should be on the left where the 'Top Images' heading is, where the visitor looks first. Also on smaller screens / latops etc you don't see any images at all unless you're inclinced to scroll down through all the empty white space in the header.
  11. If your sales are mostly in the UK the map's completely pointless now, it's just a grey dot with a blue spodge lol.
  12. If most of your sales are from the UK there's not much point to the map as the UK is a tiny dot with blue splodges and no way to zoom in to the map so may as well just have the list and no map.
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