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  1. Russian language have nothing to do with soviet union… Russian language is the one of Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, Gogol, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Lermontov, etc. and it is a very nice language. Russian people are through the most gentle and educated that I have met all around the world… I cannot say the same about you…
  2. Maxal Tamor

    Funny reason for rejection

    Actually I cannot say if the image is in focus or not… I don't see any image…
  3. Maxal Tamor

    February started horrible

    February started less horrible than January… (but January ended well)
  4. Maxal Tamor

    Is the "3 exposure HDR" technique obsolete?

    Maybe with the dynamic range of the today modern cameras, instead of the usual -2 0 +2 bracketing, we could use something like -3 0 +3 or even -4 0 +4 ?
  5. I can't too. But my wife can! Every time that she tells me that *this* image will sell it sells…
  6. Maxal Tamor

    Time to Retrain the Reviewers.

    What format have you used for your description? Did you use the classical editorial format? If yes try to use a different format as "Red Moon seen from *somewhere* the 21st of January 2019, etc…"
  7. Maxal Tamor

    Problem uploading?

    Here also
  8. So simple (this is for Chrome, but it also exists for other browsers) https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-translate/aapbdbdomjkkjkaonfhkkikfgjllcleb Then select the text you need to translate and click on the little "Google Translate" Icon… and… lol
  9. My first reaction has been the same as your. But doing a minimum of effort, If you translate the text (it is not so difficult, I did it with 2 clicks), you will understand that the information concerns only Thai people not speaking english, and it informs them that now they will have the Thai language in the Shutterstock. So why should you write in english information concerning Shutterstock to people not understanding english??? They will not even read or understand the title of the thread!!! Also the thread has been created by a Shutterstock administrator, and the administrators are supposed to know what they do, and why. Or not? But I admit that it would have been better if there was also the translation in english. And this, of course, should be an exception
  10. Laurin, how about using Google translate, or similar, and try to understand the reason why the thread is in Thai? (And the OP is written by an Administrator) Don't be so USAmericanocentric……
  11. Maxal Tamor

    SD Card Recovery After Formating

    I used CardRescue with success (CardRecovery on Windows) https://www.cardrescue.com/ From the site: "Why are the lost pictures recoverable in most cases? For deleted picture files, or formatted memory card: Most digital cameras do not wipe the pictures completely from your camera storage card on deletion or format. It may just remove the filenames and file entries (e.g. name, time stamp, file length), but your photo and movie data may still remain unchanged. So it is possible for CardRescue to search and restore the deleted photos, or lost picture files due to format. For corrupt memory card, or memory card with error messages: Once your digital camera storage card was damaged, lost pictures rescue may still be possible. CardRescue bypasses the original file system on the memory card and retrieves the sector data of the card using low level access. In most cases, it is able to recover them. But data recovery is not always possible." (If you go to a "competent computer shop" they will probably use the same…)
  12. Maxal Tamor

    How to find out if a specific image has been sold?

    I don't think that it is possible Yes, we need it In the Catalog Manager you can sort the images in "Most Popular" and then to go to the last page, so it will show you the "less popular" (and probably here are the unsold). But I don't think that you can do more from the site pages.