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  1. Don't be so negative… let's say hundreds of cents
  2. I have found the link to this video on Fstoppers I think that it is interesting to share with other Shutterstockers
  3. When you upload to Аlаmy the photos are not all reviewed. Аlаmy reviews the first photo of the batch and if it is acceptable then all photos of the batch are accepted. This makes it possible to have everything and anything accepted without any real control...
  4. I totally agree. Political correctness is not only hipocrisy, it is also ignorance!
  5. I am curious to know what Shutterstock has to say about it. If the image is not a good seller (I speak in term of money), and you feel that it is sold by other abusively, why don't you delete it from your portfolio?
  6. For this I wrote "Or is it only for CC?" I think that if you have a paid license, it's forever, but since Adobe is a very stingy company, I wouldn't be surprised if they change their rules without any notice....
  7. You can't, Adobe could sue you! Or is it only for CC? https://appleinsider.com/articles/19/05/13/adobe-warning-of-legal-problems-if-users-keep-using-old-versions-of-creative-cloud-apps
  8. "We cannot revert to the old uploading process" So, I cannot continue to upload with the new process. I made this choice from the first day after the change in upload method, and I will not change my decision.
  9. I don't think that "many years" ago, when the minimum ISO for most of the DSLR was 200 ISO, the limit was 100 ISO…… I don't remember well, but I'm pretty sure I have images shot at ISO 6400 that have been accepted.
  10. Interesting.... Frankly, I don't know what, or who, to believe. My friend who is a renowned chef - he is the chef of one of Alain Ducasse's restaurants (one of the most famous chefs in the world) - has always told me the opposite. I don't say that he is right, but who am I supposed to believe, an internationally renowned chef or the Internet where you can find everything and the opposite of everything? Admitting that olive oil is not harmful at high temperatures, when cooked it loses its nutritional properties and a large part of its taste and it is therefore silly to use a more expensive oil for this purpose... Bon appétit !
  11. Olive oil is an oil that should never be heated to a high temperature because the particles it contains become charred and carcinogenic.... Cooked olive oil also loses most of its nutritional qualities. Olive oil must be used mainly raw.
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