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  1. Maxal Tamor

    What's the world coming to when.....

    No sense for me to shot picture where 2 000 000 people did it before me, and 20 000 did it better…
  2. Maxal Tamor

    Are all satisfied with SS work?

    This month, today, my AS sales are equal to my SS sales… Not because AS sales grow (just a little) but because at the moment my SS sales are less than 30% of what they are usually… I don't say that I am satisfied or not about Shutterstock, I just make an ascertainment…
  3. Maxal Tamor

    Clipping path service provider

    Even seen so little I can affirm that your clipping mask is imperfect…
  4. If you can draw fast buy a paper block and some pencils for about $10
  5. There is Google translate, for who writes, but also for who reads. There is a Chrome extension for that https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-translate/aapbdbdomjkkjkaonfhkkikfgjllcleb Just select the text you want to translate and click the little Google translate icon. So simple. I suppose that it also exists for other browsers.
  6. I agree, with both above. Probably I should not had to start this thread in this way. But frankly the anger about this actual situation about spam is so much when I see what we have to compete with… We really need a different approach. But we also really need to do something in an efficient way. The main problem is the lack of control from the Shutterstock inspection team. (Not sure that there is a human inspection team btw) After all if you let people doing what they should not do, you cannot be surprised if then they feel that they have the right to do it… So?
  7. Maybe this is not spam but only "stylish"? https://www.shutterstock.com/fr/g/atibodyphoto?searchterm=Traffic&search_source=base_gallery&language=fr&page=25&sort=popular&measurement=px&safe=true#
  8. Maxal Tamor

    Should I buy Yashica Electro 35 FC 35mm Film Camera?

    Electro 35 FC 35mm for $35… 35 times lol
  9. Maxal Tamor

    A red nose is a trademark issues

    "Ho ho ho" could be the problem… maybe…
  10. Because customers buy images (don't submit)
  11. I can speak for my wife that is Art Director for a children magazine And personally I have worked for years as chief of the creative staff of an editorial group, and I am still in contact with many designers working for various magazines. The facts are simple: many of them have abandoned or are about to leave Shuterstock for AS. The main reason is that they are tired to not find what they are looking for because now any search returns pages with around 30 - 50% of similar images… Actually I don't see how Shutterstock can invert this trend.
  12. There is also a thread to post link to the SPAMFOLIOs
  13. Maxal Tamor

    Urgent Response Required - Supposed Hack

    ^ Thank you Duncan I have changed my password using the link you provide. All seem to work fine now. The link https://accounts.shutterstock.com/credentials/reset?hl=en is for reset the password (it is a https, not a http, so it should be secure)
  14. Maxal Tamor

    Urgent Response Required - Supposed Hack

    As for me you should have received an email from SS (noreply@shutterstock.com) "At Shutterstock we are committed to protecting your personal information. We have detected some irregular activity on your account. As a precaution, the password for account xxxxxxxxx@yyyyyyyy.com has been reset. Please visit https://accounts.shutterstock.com/credentials/forgot to create your new password. We recommend you change it to one that is secure and unique, and we also suggest using a different password for every online account you have. If you have any questions, please contact support@shutterstock.com. Sincerely, Shutterstock Support" I have changed my password, and the site does not accept the new password but still accept the old one… I did that 3 times, same (no)result