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  1. Maxal Tamor

    The story of little accidents :)

    When the doctor tells "an apple a day…" maybe he means "an Apple a day…"
  2. Maxal Tamor

    It’s back - Option to add a second category

    Still no "Landscape", "Flora" categories?
  3. Maxal Tamor

    I'm tired of these things!

    Ma quanti parlano italiano qui!!
  4. What is a "moderator"? (Never seen one here…)
  5. Maxal Tamor

    Shutterstock is NOT replying my email

    Some years ago real persons answered in hours, maximum one day. Today bots need weeks to give irrelevant answers They call it "exciting improvement"
  6. Alex, after 6 mails I have finally get the answer: "Hi Alain, I do apologize for the inconvenience caused.We highly appreciate your response , I have already forwarded the request so my dedicated team will reach back to you soon." So… wait and see…
  7. You have not to be sorry I was thinking about that too. But if it was the browser, also other thumbnails should have the same problem… and they have not, I never had this problem before. I think that the problem is that the generation of the thumbnails by Shutterstock doesn't correspond to the Chrome specifications. And as Chrome represents 62% of the internet users it is enough problematic.
  8. Some days ago I have got some simple vector accepted. Everything is okay, except that the thumbnails in the portfolio appear blurred in Chrome (62% or internet users use Chrome - https://goo.gl/eK3svM ). So I have contacted Shutterstock to tell about the problem. I have been very precise, sending the images ID and a screenshot of the portfolio, as I see it. The first answer was that the ID that I sent were not correct. After a verification I can affirm that they were correct. Then in the second time they answered that “If images were blurred they want get approved” (I think they meant “won’t get approved”). Again I sent the screenshot, with this time “Blurred thumbnail” written The answer arrived: “As we have checked your account it says that all images are approved as per ShutterStock terms and conditions if you like we could forward your email for a second approval.” I am speechless…… I have the impression to speak with a wall, a deaf one!! Maybe @Alex Shutterstock can help?
  9. Maxal Tamor

    Best SS friends and mates Club

    I wish we could meet on the top of eiff EL tower and drink a SODa
  10. Maxal Tamor

    Best SS friends and mates Club

    I appreciate many persons here (and you are one of those), but frankly for me the sens of "friend" and "friendship" is quite different…
  11. Maxal Tamor

    People far away, pic as Commercial possible anyway ?

    I agree with that. When I have a doubt I submit as commercial. Then if they are rejected I resubmit as editorial. Last week I did that. Some were rejected on SS, all were accepted on FT.
  12. +100 Victor you should know (but I am sure that you have already understood it) that Occidental people are a little arrogant
  13. Maxal Tamor

    The stacking coins (banknotes) Club

    Yeah, they will enter in Fortune 7 500 000 000 !!!
  14. Maxal Tamor

    Help, Can not move releases from "Archived" to "Active"

    But they are still usable by the customers, right?
  15. Maxal Tamor

    Help, Can not move releases from "Archived" to "Active"

    Thank you for the answer. But I still don't understand the real problem. Does the fact that a release is in the folder "Archived" mean that is is no longer valid or usable? (By the way I have just seen that I have this problem too)