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  1. It's so good to hear this, David and Laurin!
  2. We'll miss you so much Best of luck!
  3. I am so sorry to hear this Your comments were of great value to many of us here. Best of luck, Laurin!
  4. Some of the shots are truly amazing - how do they even shoot such things? Like "The Big Mouth" or the one with a fish and a bear?
  5. Lily, this is awesome! Especially the little moves that accent the music - you know, the shoulder ones and the clapping (one-two, pause, one) Did you design the dance yourself?
  6. Happy birthday and many happy returns of the day!
  7. This is the main problem. Many people still have no idea. By the time they learn about this, it could be too late.
  8. I believe this post is very well summing up the situation.
  9. alison1414, if you scroll down, there's a green button
  10. Still, they have a gigantic collection of images at the moment. I searched by the keyword "vector" on DPC and got 1,812,586 results (against 2,231,314 on FT). That's a lot of EPS files... I wonder how many vector artists are actually aware of this whole situation, and if everyone knows, why they are not opting out. Making vectors takes a lot of time and effort, and it must be paid accordingly.
  11. Hi, As you probably know, FT is currently selling photos/vectors on demand for 1$ (contributor's fee (depending on the ranking): 0.25-0.4$) through its project DPC. Any photos/vectors that are in FT database are automatically on DPC, and FT has only recently added a button to opt out (due to a large protest by the contributors). More information here. Have you already opted out of DPC?
  12. And taking into account that FT keeps accepting new images at a rate of about 100,000 per week (as they say on DPC main page), the number of deleted images is expected to be much higher.
  13. I'd like to quote one of the Russian contributors, again: "I've been a contributor for 5 years (gold ranking on FT). Previously, when my earnings dropped by two times when FT changed something in the system, I was not that furious, because it's their system and I cannot demand that they change it. But I do have a right to know where and on what terms my images are being sold and I should have a right to agree to such terms or refuse to accept them! I was denied both, and then instead of apologizing and trying to rectify the situation they say: if you do not want to sell on DPC, get the f.. out of FT. This is not about money anymore, this is about self-respect."
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