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  1. How can you do alone about 200 pics a day ( shoot + traitement + keywording + sending + submiting) ? Are you superman ? Do you have a secret ?
  2. So, since yesterday, i haven't any 0.38 sell, only 0.10$, 0.12$, 0.13$, 0.14$ sell with level 5, so an average drop of income about 66% Thanks SS
  3. I'm in 5 level and i had this sell this first day 0.14 $ ! It's a joke i hope
  4. Done... i'm waiting for a response, pearhaps on few days 🙄
  5. No, i'm not agree with you, it's not the same thing, because in my case, the image is the product !
  6. Hello, One of my images is used by an editor and it is sold in shops as postcards (My name and SS appears on the back). In my sales history, I do not see any extended license sold for this image ... who do I contact to find out if there is fraud on the license or not ? What recourse can I have? Thanks for your help
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