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  1. I am attaching the two original jpgs processed in the camera from the original raw files. Of course the ones I put up on the site were processed from the original raw. I agree with mikenorton's comment on the Cannon Beach photo. It was taken on one of those days on the Oregon coast and was meant to look drab with silhouettes of the "haystack" rock and the person against the drab sky. I guess drab is not something they want to see. I have also added a similar photo from the same area of the desert which was previously (last week) rejected for focus and noise, not "poor lighting". Thanks again for comments
  2. Attaching the 100% crop of the head area in response to rinder99. Thanks again for the help
  3. Tom Roche

    Poor Lighting?

    As mentioned in a previous post, today I had 8 of 8 submissions rejected for poor lighting only (except 1 also for composition). In a previous submission of 11 photos, all 11 were rejected for focus (and some other reason (not poor lighting)). Are reviewers rejection keys getting stuck? I attach the "poor lighting" examples below for your critique. Any help would be appreciated. By the way, I am not new to SS and have been submitting for a year and have 350 photos on the SS website. Apparently the limit is 3 attachments so I cannot include the other 5
  4. I appreciate all the replies and the clarification. I understand now why the two were rejected. The monks is a different issue which I still disagree with since all the thousands of monks in that area look essentially the same from behind. I do not understand rinder99's reply since that photo was never rejected for focus, only model release. I will be posting my latest 8 submissions in a separate post. All 8 were rejected for "Poor lighting". I simply find it incredible that like my previous submission where all were rejected for focus, I can get all rejected for another issue on my next submission. Is it retribution for these posts or for leaving feedback? Again thanks for the comments.
  5. Among my many recent rejections (11 of 11 today all for focus and something else) I have had the rejection saying Model release needed. I thought that would only be the case if the person could be identified. Please take a look at the photos and tell me why a model release is needed. I have also added the other rejection reasons but I am only asking about the "Model Release". Any other comments are appreciated. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. I recently commented that most of my submissions were being rejected and in one group I had 5 rejected only for noise. I did some noise reduction and I tried with them again (noting to the reviewer what I did) and all 5 were rejected again for noise and some for other reasons also. The attached was rejected twice for noise only[/img] The first (forum 2) is the 100% crop.
  7. Thanks for the input. I was not aware of the "time of year" dependence of review and rejection. I will hold off till after the new year also. I will say though that I submitted 11 more after my message and had 8 accepted, all similar in subject to the ones that were rejected. It does seem to be "the luck of the draw" with respect to reviewers.
  8. I have been getting more rejections recently than ever before. A week ago I had 13 of 13 rejected and 5 were only for "Noise". I looked at those 5 and added noise reduction in Bridge and close inspection for and removal of artifacts. Resubmitted the 5 and noted to the reviewer that they were resubmitted with reduced noise. All 5 were rejected, all 5 due to noise and two also for poor lighting. This is frustrating as hell. What can you do???
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