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  1. Exactly. Buyers don't waste their time reading explanations but even if they would, since when has SS (or any agency) a mind reader AI? Everyone (buyers) in his right mind would assume that the score was given on merit. What an arrogant move!
  2. This can harm our image a big deal. Even if there were an explanation, the power of the suggestion of a low quality (say) 6/10 is so powerful that the buyer would search for another image immediately. This really looks like they want to hurt us, by any means.
  3. From their FAQ: The content you upload to Cavan must be exclusive, just like with Stocksy, Wirestock and who knows how many other agencies like this exist. Besides that, you can upload to any other agency. Here is their FAQ if anyone is interested.
  4. I understand what you mean but every seasoned photographer like yourself knows the drill already. Personally, I am not interested to participate, I just wanted to se what is it about. Besides, it seems all the world is scamming some other, I just was informed in a message that, from now on I have to pay an extra €1for my phone subscription or else I can forget about it. I find the info on the mentioned agency's pages is quite honest, they even publish the list of their contributors (many famous). Some other agencies we know, must be privately contacted to "find out more" about t
  5. That price is from AS Premium, still more than a $0.10. I don't know if it is a scam or not but I think AS wouldn't work with them if they were. I was curious what others know about this "cross selling", each agency is the distributor for the other, looks very strange for me but....
  6. True, you get % of the net revenue however the prices for "Premium" could be higher than our individual share (see my other comment above). I'm not talking about SS here because I don't know whether they are doing this too.
  7. Yes. I see that on this AS Premium collection they sell images from many other agency like Stocksy. Quite good prices:
  8. Has anybody heard about this agency CAVAN? It looks like wirestock (or not), anyway, they are content exclusives. I noticed on AS that some images are labeled as "Premium". The contributor of these images is CAVAN images (agency). Never heard of it.
  9. Yes, by monetizing his channel. Why else would he take such a risk? Google DMCA would take the videos down but it has to be submitted by the authors who probably have no idea that such crime can happen. The worst part is that except for the author (or his close friends), nobody will found out that these videos are stolen, unfortunately. "in court" is too expensive for just one author, more than the videos are worth so there is not much to do to close down these channels.
  10. That is a full size image Pete (6000 x 4000), probably Nikon. As I understand, he wants to fix this image that was rejected, so does it matter what camera or lens? Here are some 100% crops
  11. Welcome Martin, I can advice the following three, fast fixes: 1. Download this free nose reduction software and use it at the default settings. You can save the new image, use it as it is or use it partially (with mask in PS). 2. The noise on this image can also be fixed in PS with the blur tool (soft brush) applied locally on the darker parts of the image. 3. If you resize this image (6000 x 4000 px) to half of it, the noise will be less visible or at all. Good luck!
  12. I got the email too but it must be some bug because I still have a long way to the next level.
  13. I just got an ODD for $0.13. I've never seen such a low value on OD, they are shrinking day by day.
  14. I am sure it's the same outsourced "experts". The greedy they are, they won't spend extra $$ just to help customers to buy our "underutilized images and videos".
  15. Yes, it is in business but still partially wrapped in secret. You can fill out this form and see what happens. You can even "schedule some time with an expert", ha ha, how nice of SS.
  16. Thank you Wilm. I am just trying to understand the drastic change in earnings starting January, this year. December 2020 was my second best month of the year, then January 2021fell down to 25% of December. Now, February is even worse. Thank you all for your insight.
  17. Thank you Wilm for the detailed list. As I remember, you also were level 4 last year at the time of the change. May I ask if you still get as many ODD-s, SOD-s as last year, I mean, similar earnings? This year my earnings dropped terribly but also the number of sales. I am only level 3 this year and I haven't uploaded anything since 6-7 month but that couldn't produce such a sudden drop.
  18. Same for me, three small SOD-s and one small ODD all month. Also a video download but too small to change anything, don't think it will get any better.
  19. I am curious, do those of you at level 4 get some better paid subscriptions this year? Last year, I landed in level 4 after the change and there were many better paid subscriptions as well. I know that we will always have 10c downloads at any level but for now, all of them are 10c, except a few 11c - 14c. My RPD in February is $0.17 (for image), that is terrible.
  20. I don't see the word "unlimited" downloads or "no download caps" in the 2018 article, perhaps because I didn't read all the crap just searched with the browser. You are probably right though:
  21. Well, the article is dated February 8, 2021, doesn't seem to be around for years. You have more experience with these things so how do you understand this add called " our new Shutterstock Unlimited plan. "
  22. I don't understand this, how did SS undercut themselves or force the competition out of business ? Did they lower the prices (other than this new unlimited thing)? I don't think buyers know (or care) what is going on with contributor commissions. In my mind, this unlimited subscription looks more like a last desperate move to squeeze out as much money of this business as possible before it collapses, for good.
  23. Is it? I've read the article too but they don't say clearly what they are doing to us. Of course, it is very convenient for the buyer to have unlimited downloads and uses but what about the contributors? I think this is the moment when they give our images away for free most of the time and we'll get some peanuts once in a while. We will never find out anyway.
  24. Thank you Steve for your kind help offer. I don't have any questions but I admire your patience. Besides, you are right, the two brands work differently. Thanks again.
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