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    SHOW your latest download

  2. Whiteaster

    The Dark Truth Behind The Senzor Size Wars

    I agree, he is very clever and he makes a very honest review, for those who listen. I love this guy.
  3. Whiteaster

    SOD-s of December

  4. Whiteaster


    I am not sure if those images are rejected for the number on top. Vehicle design is copyrighted, so if the bus is the main subject, it will not be accepted as commercial. https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/Known-Image-Restrictions-Objects-and-Subjects?l=en_US&c=ContributorKB%3AAccepted_content&fs=RelatedArticle
  5. Whiteaster

    Yet another shetchy portfolio

    That would be very hard to do here because of those portfolios that consist of hundreds/ thousands of identical/similar images.
  6. Whiteaster

    Yet another shetchy portfolio

    It is not even released on SS but it is all over the place on the web, FB, Pinterest, Unsplash....... SS is very careless with acceptance lately.
  7. I guess you are not speaking about stock agencies, like in this topic. Though your portfolio is hidden on SS, it is visible on any other agency. I think I didn't understand what you mean by "I use my name as a keyword on all sites" because, out of curiosity I just checked all major agencies and you don't have your name in the keywords on the few images I checked. So what do you mean by this, names are not unique?
  8. Whiteaster

    The Dark Truth Behind The Senzor Size Wars

    I had a good laugh on this, thanks for sharing.
  9. Whiteaster

    Best SS friends and mates Club

    I saw your answer just now. This one is a much better video, that is why I asked.
  10. Whiteaster

    "Keyword phrases" recognition in searches

    Don't shoot the messenger!
  11. Whiteaster

    ODDs of December 2018

  12. Whiteaster

    Well, this is unexpected... - Error Message

    Yes, for that image it is not so important. Mine was a Christmas theme, that is why I was disappointed.
  13. Whiteaster

    Well, this is unexpected... - Error Message

    Yes, it will auto-fix. I had it last week but at the time the image showed up, it was already on page 4 in search/new, unfortunately.
  14. Whiteaster

    "Keyword phrases" recognition in searches

    None I could think about, really. In this case it really doesn't matter because I have both words in my description too and the description is searchable. Also this particular image is seasonal for what it represents and even if it could show up on general "background", I don't think it would be useful as such. Still, your thinking is correct. You have to know that contributors have different opinions about this, so others may tell you different.