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  1. It seams I was just lucky then. You have an amazing video port btw.
  2. I just uploaded ten 4k videos with Filezilla without problems. On the contrary, it was faster than usual without any interruptions. Did you change some setting on Filezilla? It never happened to me that FZ repeats the upload.
  3. He said that he will take it down and he kept his word with dignity, without emotional "goodby messages". I admire this man's self confidence and energy very much. He learned everything on his own fast, without asking tons of stupid questions and he also realized that spending time on the forum is not just a waste of time but also noxious to his heath. I hope we will hear from him again.
  4. You have to believe in it, otherwise it doesn't happen.
  5. Well done, lets hope for more because this month is still a disaster, at least for me.
  6. Well, sometimes moaning helps, I just got a $6.50 SOD, not very big but I'll take it thankfully. It shows on the map this time, its from Japan.
  7. These last 2 days I have 1 sale from east very early, I find it there when I wake up. Then nothing all day long and I get some more during the night, also on the bottom of the map. This never happened before.
  8. Interesting, I never had many US sales, 1/day maybe, but no EU sales is very strange.
  9. Personally, my problem in the last 3-4 days is that EU is totally inactive. Usually, my dl-s come from EU and Asia but now I get 1 dl during the day and a few more during the night, all piled up in the lower right side of the map: Conspiration theory or not, this is not happening on its own.
  10. Good for you. Mine is stuck completely, 1 sale in the morning and not a single sale since I posted my first comment. Worse than on weekends. I see there is a bug reporting sales, so I still hope.
  11. Very slow month. Surprisingly I had 4 dl with an ODD on Sunday but just one sub today and it's late afternoon already. Just curious if moaning here helps.
  12. What happened? Was the first one deleted?
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