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  1. Whiteaster

    Undersized jpgs

    I was thinking the same thing but I thought it is too difficult to explain regarding the info she gave. My software shows that her image is 96 dpi, so if she changed the dpi to 300 and resampled, the image shrank.
  2. Whiteaster

    How are your cats doing?

    I don't have many cats either, just two
  3. Whiteaster

    Shutterstock is a fraud site they not paying me money

    I can understand your frustration but first of all you shouldn't post such personal data here, it is dangerous. Now to your problem, we all know that the only thing that works on SS is payout, SS is very serious about it. So I advise you, after you calm down, to double check everything: - haven't you misspelled something - in case you receive money from PP to you card, haven't you changed/renewed your card and forgot to verify with PP the new card. I understand that you have and old PP account but cards have an expiration date. - also, I see that you have two addresses, did you use the right one? That is all I can think about. I hope you'll figure out soon what went wrong.
  4. Whiteaster

    Newcomer to Shutterstock

    He addresses it everywhere already Phil, unfortunately we can't help him.
  5. Whiteaster

    this is bullying! why images are not accepted

    @Ricoh Mirai User Club is right but if you have problems with the language, you can use Google translate, even a machine translation would be better than what you have.
  6. Whiteaster

    this is bullying! why images are not accepted

    I don't know about any red sign, probably because I don't do this. On the other hand, you should never trust a machine. Now I see that you did the same with most of your images and you got away with it. That is wrong, it is called spamming. Every image on the web must have title, a description (alt text), keywords and size. Search engines and browsers can't see images, they are using the description to index your image according to how you describe it. Your question " what is better to write" sounds like you know you didn't do the right thing but you still did it deliberately. Please understand, I am not criticizing you. There is an honest way to do it and there is spamming (cheating). Title and keyword spamming is not allowed by SS TOS or anyone else. I don't know how could you build up a quite large portfolio and no reviewer caught you. Now you know what you should do, the decision is yours.
  7. Whiteaster

    Do you like Domino?

    steps railing, bicycles, water, river, sand, sunset,
  8. Whiteaster

    this is bullying! why images are not accepted

    I don't want to hurt you but the reviewer was right. Description is a sentence or maybe two sentences if you have much to say. Instead, you have an enumeration of words/ keywords, key phrases, even repeating the same word several times. This is the case with all these images and that is why the rejection reason is the same.
  9. Whiteaster

    Help with images not getting approved...

    Here is a list of known restrictions, you can use it in the future: https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/Known-Image-Restrictions-Objects-and-Subjects You can try uploading the cars as editorial. Also these links could help: https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/en_US/kbat02/000006649?l=en_US&c=ContributorKB%3AContent_Rejection_Reasons&fs=Search&pn=1 https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/pkb_sstk_core_contributorkb_home?c=ContributorKB%3AContent_Rejection_Reasons&l=en_US Good luck!
  10. Whiteaster

    Do you like Domino?

    river trees, autumn, reflection, orange, water,
  11. I have no model released images in my port either.
  12. Whiteaster

    Undersized jpgs

    3612px x 2408px = 8697696 = 8,6 Mpx It should be more than enough. Depending on the real size you could extend the blue background to the left and up too by cloning some texture to the extended part. Open a new document in PS with a larger size, drag your image there and fill the empty space by cloning texture. I am not sure I explained it correctly but you could try it. Take care, you are not allowed to upsize the existing image. Good luck!
  13. Whiteaster

    Window of love 💘

    Do you think you can keep this one clean?