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  1. I think it's up to the reviewer's understanding. I've just seen a store interior with products on shelves, everything in full focus, accepted as commercial, no release. Such images are usually blurred but not this one.
  2. Thanks for clarifying this, now I remember people talking about the term "background blur".
  3. Spam allert!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought the forum provider should take care of this, not SS. Last time when I asked where are the colorful circles at the avatars come from, SS said that it is part of a security measure implemented by the provider. Spam is a security problem too, at least I thought so. I think they are just passing the ball from one to the other.
  4. Spam allert!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was hoping these accounts will be closed, if not tomorrow they will use their new portion of allowed comments, burring everything again.
  5. PayPal sequrity check

    Thanks Sheila.
  6. RESOLVED - Site Issues

    I was not talking to you. Please write in English. You are creating a precedent for spam.
  7. RESOLVED - Site Issues

  8. This is one of mine that sells, not a wonderful landscape but a defocused (on purpose) image. I've seen worse.
  9. I perfectly understand what you were saying, still somehow it didn't feel right. Maybe I am too tired at these late evening hours.
  10. It is not a big deal I just find it amusing that the rejection reason states the obvious. I have some of these images approved a long time ago myself and they sell (as background). Maybe the rules have changed indeed. About bad jokes, wise guys and trolls, I don't care any more. Commercial value??? only the buyers decides that, besides: De gustibus non est disputandum.
  11. Do that please, it will probably pass if it comes from Mandritoiu.
  12. Smart comment as always. You know very well what I am talking about.
  13. I had a rejection for a defocused, blurred street scene, the description contains both words "defocused, blurred". Rejection reason: "Focus, the main subject is not in focus."
  14. help a newbie please

    You're welcome, good luck!
  15. PayPal sequrity check

    Probably that was the case here too. I just checked and the money is in my bank account already with today's date, so it was not so terrible, just the extra stress. I used their phone support once, right at the beginning when I created my account, and they were polite and helpful. It was my fault back then, I messed up some data. I prefer though to have as less contact with them as possible. Thank you all for your support.