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  1. This happened in the middle of the day (EU). Today I had just one sale which is quite normal for me on a Sunday and I hope this will not happen from now on. Thanks Milo.
  2. I had no intention to misinform anyone. What I meant was that it is possible she must not resize all her images considering that Heide already has approved images of this size in her port. Maybe I should have been more clearer. There are many reviews about this camera with full size SOOC images (also with flowers), mentioning that jpg-s are between 22-49MB in size. Though I don't doubt that some files could be bigger especially after post processing.
  3. @Former_Poster, this image was long approved and it is in her portfolio.
  4. This bug is still persisting every day, at least once. Even worse is that some images are on the map list and on the detail page but they are not added to the earnings. I saw a SOD yesterday on the map list and on the details but no payment for it. Many hours later the payment showed up. Today is the same, I see the sale but not the payment, it could be just a delay, or not. The best case scenario is that it is a delay till the payment shows up but it is very inconvenient to check all the time what is going on. Please check you downloads and payments so we can figure out what is going on and report it. It is impossible that this is happening only to me. Thank you.
  5. This is a very old thread, I don't even remember all the discussion but I sent you the same PM with those instructions. If you have questions, please ask.
  6. The file size is limited to 50MB not the image resolution (MP). An 61MP image does not necessarily exceed 50 MB, does it? InfranView shows two sizes, disk size and memory size. I don't know which one is shown on your image. Here is an example of an image with the same size, same camera: BTW. congrats to your beautiful, new camera.
  7. You are right, as long as it doesn't happen vice-versa, I shouldn't care. If there is a bug there, it can happen either way, I am afraid.
  8. Yes, yesterday is going away from the list. Besides, I have the days messed up on the list, the list is local time and the tabbed page is US time (this is not new). Kate said in another thread that they made some changes, it must be another bug. Should I contact @Kate Shutterstock now?
  9. Thanks Sari. The money is added to the daily total in earnings summary, just missing from that list. I think I should wait some more hours though the sale came many hours ago. I only noticed this now.
  10. Is it normal to have sales in earnings summary that are not shown in the list (near the map)?
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