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  1. Whiteaster

    Shotcut software - failed renders

    I never used shortcut but I know what it does. Also, in another thread you mentioned that you downloaded DaVinci Resolve for converting formats and couldn't use it. Both these programs are used for grading, not for basic operations, that's why I thought you want to color grade them, my bad. I thought I could help, so I apologize for sticking my nose where it doesn't belong. Carry on the good work!
  2. Whiteaster

    Your latest downloaded footage :)

    This is such a sweet video!
  3. Whiteaster

    Shotcut software - failed renders

    I have no idea what shortcut is but, with all due respect Patrick, why all the excessive pedantry? As Laurin used to say, push the button, count till 15-20 and stop it. I would add, set your camera to 24fps and that's it. You don't need to color-grade them, unless you are creating a masterpiece. SS accepts many codecs and for $1.50 it is not worth tormenting yourself. What camera are you working with?
  4. Whiteaster

    footage sells for1.50 USD

    Thank you Jim, I was not paying attention. I hate wasting my time with all their innovations but now I'll remember.
  5. Whiteaster

    shutterstock is the best platform

    Don't bother, they don't pay for flattery.
  6. Whiteaster

    footage sells for1.50 USD

    I had the same choices as always, display as rich text or plain text and I have chosen rich text, maybe there lies the difference. We have a multitude of choices in things we don't need.
  7. Whiteaster

    footage sells for1.50 USD

    It's the same thread I posted above but I don't know why SS displays links differently.
  8. Whiteaster

    Automatic tagging of images: when?

    God forbid!
  9. Whiteaster

    Sunday error

    Yeah, more exciting news.
  10. Whiteaster

    Sunday error

    Same here, contributor site is down again, it seams to be a Sunday bug.
  11. I see your image passed as illustration with release, good for you. May I ask why are you doing this to your photographs, do they sell better?
  12. Whiteaster

    Doom & Gloom 2

    Yesterday was acceptable but today I'm having a 0 day in the middle of the week. That is new.
  13. Whiteaster

    File transfer error

    Thank you, I'll try that. I can't understand that it went through and then went corrupt while pending. Such a waste of time.
  14. Whiteaster

    File transfer error

    I had this error with one of my files on upload. I re-uploaded it and now, after 4 days in pending, it was rejected with the same File transfer error reason. The file is not corrupt, it was accepted elsewhere. Will it pass if I re-upload it, I have nothing to change on it ?