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  1. I could bet with you that if you check some portfolios after the 1st, you will see that most people are just complaining. It was always like that and SS knows that.
  2. It looks like a home interior/kitchen very cozy, hyggy (you can use this word in your KW). If it is yours, than it is not a problem, if it is a rented studio, you should ask for a signature from the owner. I don't know how could you submit this without a release, sorry. Edit: cross posted with Firn.
  3. That doesn't mean anything to me either, it still could be private property. They are asking release for interiors unless it is your studio and you can write a release. For a better understanding of the problem, an image could be helpful.
  4. You haven't checked the date Debby, expired in January. There are always job openings at SS for some (high) positions.
  5. Every agency is using AI as a preliminary scanning mainly for size, we know that already. However AI can't replace human reviewers at this point, as we end up each portrait being identified as a monkey (it happened). What bothers me is that the OP was trying to manipulate us for some kind of revolt or something alike.
  6. I find this a very provocative thread. Hundred thousand of people have lost their jobs in these last months because of pandemic, not because of AI. Have you offered your commiserations to them too, you must have such "redundant relations" too? Besides, I would never believe that any employer could be so cruel to give such a reason, "you have been replaced by an AI robot", when downsizing, not even SS. Reviewers are coming and going, it is not a permanent job. I am sorry for being blunt and doubting your intention of offering commiserations.
  7. Iris Germanica https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/iris-germanica-ambassadeur-bearded-flower-dark-1733859992
  8. It looks like you have no idea what you are talking about. Every image location (URL) can be taken from the source code, you don't need a tutorial for that.
  9. You are wrong, the forum is read by everyone and you are doing free advertisement for these crooks. Why would a contributor steal an image?
  10. As said above, this is a very old problem and SS managed to take down some of them but hundreds pop up again. In many countries, mainly in Asia, there is no such thing as copyright, so there is not much to do about it. As Firn said, more images are lifted from webpages that bought a license for images. Everything that was uploaded to the web is free to take. The only way to protect your work is to keep them on your hard drive.
  11. Hi McOwenLevi, I feel really honored by your trust. This is a very beautiful image. 1. For the first rejection reason, unfortunately I don't see much at this resolution but there must be many company logos on those buildings, so it can't be submitted as commercial but 2. The second reason, intellectual property, is also for architecture, probably that beautiful terrace, some historical place maybe (landmarks created after 1900) but could be any of those buildings too. I don't know the place but usually you should try to find the website of that building or monument and check if it is copyrighted or if photography is allowed at all. https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/What-types-of-subjects-require-a-property-release?q=list+of+restricted+subjects&l=en_US&fs=RelatedArticle At some point SS says that intellectual property can be submitted as editorial but I think that has changed over the times. You can check the list of known image restrictions too 3. Unfortunately, I can't see how much is in focus on this image but usually you can direct the reviewer's eyes with the help of the title to what you consider the main focus. Now, this is a skyline and I don't know what was your title but it should contain your main focus (not a guaranty but for a better chance). Rejection for focus is a very usual reason, even when it is not true. I am sorry I couldn't be more helpful but you can find most rejection reasons explained at this link too: https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/pkb_sstk_core_contributorkb_home?c=ContributorKB%3AContent_Rejection_Reasons&l=en_US Good luck!
  12. Now I know where my sales are going, not nice of you.
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