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  1. Whiteaster

    SODs of October 2018

  2. It seams it was a temporary issue, it is fixed now.
  3. At the top of the page, the correct number of videos is shown with newest filter but as you scroll down the page, no more videos are loaded. When you reach the bottom of the page, the page numbering shows only one page, next page button is grayed out. Half of my videos are missing from my small video port. Anybody else seeing this?
  4. Whiteaster

    ODDs of October 2018

  5. Whiteaster

    Need a budget FF. Sony A7 or Nikon D600?

    Understood. It was just a suggestion, I didn't know what you already have on your arsenal.
  6. Whiteaster

    Need a budget FF. Sony A7 or Nikon D600?

    If you would like to have a camera with IBIS, you should consider Panasonic too. I have a Panasonic GX80 (16MP) and a Panasonic G9 (20MP). Both have excellent 5-axis IBIS, fast focus and both take 4k videos. The GX80/85 is easier to use while the G9 has more features that gives you more headaches while learning. The G9 and the Sony A7II have about the same price but the G9 is not full frame, instead it has 4k, 180fps high speed video (in HD) and up to 80MP high resolution still images. Most importantly, the G9 has a flip out screen (like some Nikons do) which is a must have feature for me. Taking handheld videos is an amazing thing especially for a beginner.
  7. Whiteaster

    Need a budget FF. Sony A7 or Nikon D600?

    I don't know about these new AF-P lenses that Phil showed here but the older version, the AF-S Nikkor 70-300mm 1:4.5-5.6 G ED VR is a great lens. Many people have the same opinion as Lauren, I don't know why. If you decide to stick with Nikon, this older, do-it-all tele zoom version works perfectly on all digital cameras FX & DX if you still can get one. I take it everywhere with me, especially for discrete street photography. I took this shot a few days ago, long after sunset on the street. The singer was surrounded by an un-penetrable crowd, so I found a gap between people's shoulders and shot. I cranked up the ISO to 1250 because she was dancing and shaking all the time and I needed a higher SS. No post processing on the image, it is a little bit soft but still acceptable, in low light. It is shot at 220mm with a Nikon D5200 (330mm film).
  8. Whiteaster

    ELs of October 2018

  9. Whiteaster

    PP asking for additional information

    Thank you both for your answers.
  10. Whiteaster

    PP asking for additional information

    Was your email the same nature as I mentioned above? Mine had no links in it.
  11. Whiteaster

    PP asking for additional information

    No I didn't click on any link, in fact there was no link. I entered PP from Google. In the email they said: " To comply with regulations, we are required to collect and verify information about our customers. As you are approaching the level of activity where we may have to limit your account capability, we encourage you to provide this information now. " There are instructions on the site and answers to questions which are empty words: It doesn't look like scam but I still don't feel comfortable with giving out all these personal info. I got a second email too with payment from an agency and each time they do verification, they block your account. I am not a heavy earner and have no other activity on PP, just stock.
  12. I just got an email from PP asking for proof of identity (ID card, pass) and proof of residence (phone bill, electricity bill). I went to PP site and there was a red note on top of the page asking to upload these copies, which I did Is anybody else asked to do this or is this some kind of scam?
  13. Whiteaster

    Search is not working

    Of course it is , they admitted it on Twitter. With all the glitches buyers and us have to face on SS, lye is a bad way to apologize.
  14. Whiteaster

    Search is not working

    Yes, it looks dishonest. They first posted to Twitter 2 hours ago but the search was not working long before that (when I first tried). It must be a bug, maintenance doesn't take so many hours, does it?
  15. Whiteaster

    Search is not working

    I agree, clients will not be so patient as we are. I hope they fix it before they take free for the weekend.