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  1. Removing Watermarks from Image Search Results

    That is coming next. Have some patience, it is not so far away .
  2. Problem seeing video ports

    No problems here.
  3. Playing cards - intelectual property

    I could be wrong but isn't there a button with "this image must be submitted as editorial........" ? That is what I meant because above in the list they say: "Acceptable for editorial use with a proper caption".
  4. Playing cards - intelectual property

    Thank you very much for the link. I was looking for this list and somehow I found only the one on the blog. It says: "if the cards are the main subjects". I thought the men are the main subjects, hard to decide. It would have been much easier if the reviewer would say so instead:
  5. Hi all, I have some images rejected for intellectual property with hands holding Austro-Hungarian "William Tell" or "Four Seasons" deck, playing cards designed in 1890. There are other images of this type of cards on the side and there is no way somebody could upload a property release for it. I didn't mention the year in the description, maybe I should have. Anybody knows what are the rules for playing cards? Thanks.
  6. ODDs of April

  7. No sales in the Americas [??]

    I typed a reply too, then I saw that this is a two years old thread.
  8. ODDs of April

  9. Editorial caption rejection silliness

    That was my first suggestion too. You are not allowed special characters.
  10. Editorial caption rejection silliness

    I am beginning to like this guessing game. Let's see: It's just you didn't describe what it shows. First and foremost I see an EU flag. 1.Country names are always capitalized 2. Change the order of the words like so: " "Brake, Germany - April 03, 2018: Passport control warning sign hangs on metal fence at the border (of the Federal Republic of Germany)." I am not sure if this is correct because we don't see the border. Maybe this sounds better: Brake, Germany - April 03, 2018: EU flag plate with passport control warning sign hangs on metal fence (at the border of FR of Germany). 3. One more suggestion, you could have problems with foreign text. I suggest to make the title short (not the description) and in the title field write: Text translation: F.R. of Germany, pass control. The title field is only visible to the reviewer.
  11. Editorial caption rejection silliness

    Good to know, thanks.
  12. Editorial caption rejection silliness

    Articles, blogposts are avoiding the use of many short words in their titles like a, and, is, on, of, or, the, was, and with, because search engines ignore them anyway. They are called SEO stop words. I've heard some rumors that this search engine habit is going to change but nothing concrete till now.
  13. Editorial caption rejection silliness

    Could you be more specific, who is insisting with what?
  14. Editorial caption rejection silliness

    Loretagema, it would be much easier to help if you would show us one of your description that was rejected.
  15. Editorial caption rejection silliness

    I never use articles either like in: Woman sells flowers;----not a woman sells flowers Carpenter drives nails,----not a carpenter drives nails if that is you are asking. This is not correct grammatically but I never had a rejection for it. Still you have to respect (grammatically) the structure of a simple sentence, or as they say: who, what, where, when.