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  1. You are right, sorry for that, I didn't pay attention when reading that. This is exactly what I did. It was 13,243,596 when I first searched for "beach" and now it is 13,246,199. So many new images in just a few hours, amazing.
  2. For me only #1 and #2 are from him on the first page for "rock", the rest are from others. I still would like to learn doing this.
  3. I think that number shows pages (as discussed above). I see 13,243,596 beach stock photos but only the second is from Oleg, then 4 and 6 in the second row.
  4. I wonder if we see the same page. The second image is from OlegRi, 1 and 3 are not. Do you know what those rules could be, I want to apply/break them too?
  5. I just said that it doesn't matter. Finally some good news. You should never do that. I have no idea how the ranking works but an old image that was never sold could be brought forward and start selling, it happens often.
  6. You guys are so mean, I could bet he has no idea of what is happening. "mediocre tree cut" In my experience quality doesn't count if the buyer needs it.
  7. Yes, it is interesting. I checked the puppy and rose keywords too. What I see is that most of his images are very clear, one main subject without distractions or multiple subjects and he writes his keywords accordingly. When you can do that, you are a winner. Here is an example from the OP's port: high heel bride shoes and one from yours: honda logo sky BTW. he uploaded a second batch today, or the review was split in two, who knows.
  8. I didn't say to upload just one image daily, as you say, that is common knowledge. The short answer is : How would you feel if others would take apart your portfolio???? Don't answer that, you are an old enough contributor to know that I am right. BTW. I checked a few of his images too from page 3, 4..., and later of his port and it is not the same as on the first pages.
  9. I am trying to understand what is going on in this thread. I see a good portfolio of a good size, started in 2019, good descriptions, good keywording, no duplicates and really nothing that this contributor could be accused of doing wrong on purpose. Apparently, he is uploading daily (today he has new images compared to yesterday), and that is keeping his portfolio on the first page. He could be just lucky with his sales but even if the search engine would favor him in some absurd way, I don't see how this is anyone's business. Constant uploading in a normal rhythm is the way to
  10. I am so sorry to see you go but I wish you good luck at the new job. Many thanks for all your help.
  11. Hi MRacheron, You can download your tax form for 2020 from your dashboard. It shown the tax witholding for your gros earnings for images sold in the US. For the rest of your earnings you have to "count it on your own". Good luck.
  12. I just sold one for $0.26, it happens too often.
  13. I was not talking about rejections for technical reasons or the ones you brought up. I really don't care whether it is a human or AI who rejects it if the the reason is bogus: This was a long time ago, maybe they are not doing it now. And yes, you are right, it is their site and they can do what they want.
  14. How about the famous rejected for "aesthetic or commercial appeal"? How reasonable is that? Many of my images of construction sites were rejected for this reason on AS while they are bestsellers on SS and others. I know it happens very often that what sells at one agency, not necessarily will sell at the other but "aesthetic appeal"? Oh please, that sounds like "I don't like the color of your eyes". What I am getting of this is that they haven't clarified yet the meaning of commercial value.
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