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  1. It looks like that, I have the same experience. The number of $0.10 downloads start to decrease just after level 3-4, as this table shows, (though those are not all the commission prices):
  2. You are the champion with 15 cents, so sad. Yes, I remember some big SOD-s in the past, I am just level 2 yet this year, don't even dare dream about big SOD-s. I think those will disappear slowly and the small ones will take their place. Milo J just said she got some biggies. Congrats @Milo J!
  3. I have a $0.19 SOD this month, who gives more (less). Ridiculous earnings.
  4. Have you checked the two older ones whether they are not in the previous day's earnings? I just got a download 1-2 hours ago (after noon on the 16th), SOD, no country shown, and it was still placed in yesterdays earnings. It is very confusing that the two reports are recorded on different time-zones.
  5. True, it can be found all over the web as free download but also on SS: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/beauty-beast-design-decoration-1149444992 It would be nice if that stupid AI could work in these cases too.
  6. I was not expecting huge earnings this month but I was hoping in better dl number. It was all good till yesterday when suddenly downloads died, 3 downloads yesterday and 3 today. I wonder how many will I get on weekend?
  7. You mean, other than this on the dashboard?
  8. Wilm was asking about levels at DP not SS. There are some commission changes there too, that is why.
  9. You are welcome. To see how many downloads you need to next level, from the main menu click on "Profile" and go to your profile: That is all but it is not very useful.
  10. Wilm, I wanted to ask the same thing. All I see on my profile is how many downloads do I need to the next level. If this is important for you, their support staff was very kind and helpful, once or twice I needed them.
  11. Yes, earnings are miserable. Congratulations to your new level. Well deserved, you have an amazing portfolio.
  12. I am not sure what you mean, the ranking system hasn't changed from what I see. You will have the same rank as before but with less money/download, from now on. What am I missing?
  13. Commission cut, of course, still the lowest commission (based on rank) is $0.25, the same as it was on SS before the paycut. I think this is quite understandable in these hard times (compared to SS's brutal paycut).
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