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  1. thank you for your detailed description of the situation. I wish to you and all of the contributors better days here or somwhere else
  2. After June end, if its possible, for the contributors who have online their shutterstock portolio to give statistics about earnings June against May 2020. 2. You will continue for one month more or are you going to disable your account? I am curious what really happening with colleagues that remains and i am trying to predict the future of microstosk . Thank you!
  3. i have disabled my account from the 1st June. I wonder what earnings have the contrubutors with the new prices. If somone with active account can give some statistics of the earnings of June in contrast the May 2020. Thanks
  4. look at the real earning of microstock agencies. After 10 cents shutterstock is equal to othes ... is better adobe. (this site is not mine but i watch the earning of that serious photographer) https://www.nagelphotography.com/blog/2020/6/microstock-earnings-through-may
  5. I wonder why to work for 10 cents... why so proffesional portfolios are on sale on shutterstock yet. It better to be somedy a beglar... I 's an extreme opinion?
  6. Please dont donate your work to shutterstock. 10 cents is like free. Disable your accounts. Thank you!
  7. I disabled my account. Level 4 , 14000 images... i sell in adobe, getty, dreamstime. Dont donate..
  8. I disabled my account with 14.000 photos and 3d. I already had acounts in adobe stock and dreamstime. Adobe stock makes many sales in very good prices. Please Dont donate your work to shutterstock. Try other and disable your acount here. Already customers will leave a poor collection lile shutterstock after many disabled portfolios. Good luck!
  9. for local search for images in greece in some cities there was 8000 pictures about and now remains in SS only 3000. Keep deleting... good job empty box!
  10. i suppose are thousands of contributors that turn offline simultanously their images...
  11. disable your account. dont donate your work. thanks! kostas
  12. adobe stock pays much better. many sales 1 euro per sale
  13. dont sell for free. disable your account
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