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  1. While new Xpiks 1.1 release is coming (in few hours), I've created official Xpiks page on Facebook. It would be great if you will support Xpiks by promoting the page with likes or reshares. Thank you. https://www.facebook.com/Xpiks-748703535265682/
  2. Then if we paste text with comma-separated several keywords, I can paste them as keywords, and if you paste only one, I can leave it in the editor as text.
  3. Sorry, what?? Xpiks does not treat space as a separator. If you will enter 'French flag' it will be treated as 1 keyword. Keyword is being added when you press comma (also when you paste semicolon is also treated as separator).
  4. Regarding the single letter keywords and 'at' symbol - that's not a big deal, I'll add support for it. Regarding the order of keywords: even if there're some stock which account order of keywords, this is going to disappear in close future. As for now it's a bit time wasteful to implement draggin keywords, but I can introduce plain text edit mode, where you will be able to modify keywords as plain text.
  5. A spell checker would be available in Xpiks 1.1 which is under active development. Xpiks 1.1 will be released before this Christmas.
  6. There's a new release of Xpiks available. Visit the downloads page http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/downloads/ to grab it. Improvements: Keywords Suggestion from the local library New dialogs for single item editing Advanced filtering support Improved scrolling support Improved warnings checking Fixes: focus stealing while scrolling upload percentage for windows issue
  7. Whoa. The watermarks are barely visible!
  8. Dunno.. It works for me all the time. Don't know what's wrong with your upload. After you uploaded to 123rf you need to go to the website and press "Process my images" button - then they appear after a while. Actually, 123rf is the quickest stock in terms of upload speed because you don't have to enter categories etc. You just upload files and press "process" and.. you're free. (except of releases).
  9. fredex, thank you very much for such a useful review! I'll try to fix/improve mentioned stuff in next release.
  10. How to get what from which file? What operating system do you use? In Windows you have to extract the archive to the location you prefer. On OS X you just double-click it and then drag'n'drop it to the Applications. On Linux you install the deb file.
  11. You can try to download new version from same link. Now it should contain everything needed.
  12. Hey. Do not download msvcp120.dll from any websites. I'll take a look at it.
  13. You can try Xpiks http://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/77044-xpiks-open-source-software-for-microstocker/from the parallel topic. It's free, open source and cross-platform
  14. Hi everybody I'm a programmer and microstocker at the same time and today I'm pleased to present my piece of free and open source software. It's named Xpiks (Cross-platform Image Keywoarding Software) - keywording and uploading tool for microstock photographers and illustrators. It was written from scratch with aim to make it more usefull, convenient and quicker than existing tools. Program is available for OS X, Windows and Linux x64. Main features: convenient keywording capabilities (XMP/IPTC metadata) uploading images to Stock Agencies' FTP hosts (keeping encrypted list of credentials) keywords suggestion based on Shutterstock API or on the local library search through loaded images by any metadata ability to upload vector (eps/ai) files along with images automatically zip vectors and previews if needed checks for potential problems before upload (insufficient resolution, missing metadata etc.) checks spelling and proposes spell suggestions Main website: http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/ UPD. Screencasts how to use Xpiks: https://vimeo.com/153564940 - Introduction https://vimeo.com/155296801 - Keywords editing https://vimeo.com/155427686 - Using backups (.xpks files) Tutorial part 1: http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/blog/2015/how-to-use-xpiks-part-1 Tutorial part 2: http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/blog/2015/how-to-use-xpiks-part-2 Tips and Tricks: http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/blog/2015/hidden-features Any feedback would highly appreciated would it be good or bad. In case you've found any bugs or misfunction, please, check out this page (http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/blog/2015/how-to-report-an-error) on how to report it. If you have any questions please, ask them in the Support section on the Xpiks Website, because it's hard to keep track of all forums. I will definitely respond within 24 hours (due to the difference in time zones). I'm developing Xpiks only in my free time and anybody is welcome to join the development on Github (https://github.com/Ribtoks/xpiks). Any help would be highly appreciated - see Contributors Guidelines file in the repository.
  15. I'd like to take part in the international mountain photo contest and wonder is it legal to present an image submitted to ShutterStock?
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