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  1. Yes, Passive mode should be enabled for Shutterstock. Maybe you accidentaly turned it off. Glad it works now.
  2. Xpiks 1.2 is now also available for 32-bit Windows (starting from Windows 7) and for x64 RPM-based Linux distros (openSUSE, Fedora). Visit downloads page http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/downloads/ to get it.
  3. Hi Christine 1. Did you try "Test connection" button before upload? If it works, but upload doesn't work, send me the logs. Did you check that host for shutterstock is "ftp.shutterstock.com" (without quotes). Unfortunately, I suspect it's a typo somewhere rather than bug in upload, because actually it works for many people (including me). 2. Keywords and other metadata are being written to the image itself when you "Save" your edited images. No other files are neede for upload to stocks. .xpiks files are just useful backups. You can read more here http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/blog/2015/what-are-xpks 3. It's because of strange resolution of Windows 8 on Surface Pro 3. You can make Xpiks to fit the screen size using Windows + Arrow Up key. Also you can access all keys you want in the task bar with right-click on the xpiks application space.
  4. Hi Glad you liked it. Fotolia's FTP is definitely supported (just the day before yesterday I uploaded some files there). Please check your settings, you need special credentials for Fotolia's FTP, not just your username and password. They provide these credentials in the upload section if you will choose "Upload with FTP". Yes, I'm going to provide a list of popular microstocks with FTP settings for them in the future release (1.3).
  5. Xpiks release 1.2 is out! http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/blog/2016/third-stable-release Windows and OS X build are available, Linux build soon. Actually this release was supposed to be later, but because of tons of users experiencing “cannot find Exiftool on Mac” problem, I decided that some features will slip into next Xpiks 1.3 release and this one will be publicly available ASAP. Major features of this release: switching between list and grid view options ability to explicitly attach vectors to previews automatic exiftool detection for OS X users upload progress reporting in taskbar on Windows ability to correctly upload vectors to Dreamstime (to the ‘additional’ directory) logs are now highlighted
  6. Hi. Yes, it's possible. I'll add this in one of the future releases.
  7. I've answerred you with private message regarding next steps. Regarding Avast - there were such problems from some users from microstock group forum with Avast. I don't know what's wrong with Avast or it's settings. Anyway, Xpiks source code is opened (https://github.com/Ribtoks/xpiks) so you are always able to check by yourself or third-parties that I'm not sending viruses to your computer. That's not what I need to get more users for Xpiks, right? Regards.
  8. When did you download new version and where from? The version with the fix (which I verified on Surface Pro 4) was updated today after 17:00 GMT+2. If you downloaded it before I would kindly ask you to try again. Also if that wouldn't help I would ask you to tell me letters and number close to Xpiks version in the File -> About dialog. Thank you
  9. Hi machiavel007 again. I acquired Surface 3 Pro and fixed DPI issue in Windows. Please, download Xpiks again from the link I've provided you (to dropbox) or from the main website. Regards
  10. Hi Can you please try this build? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14391423/Xpiks-qt-v1.1.4.zip If it will look better, I'll replace the public build for Windows with this.
  11. Perhaps you forgot to install Exiftool as was written on the Downloads page at the main website. (You will need to install the Exiftool to use Xpiks. Download and install Exiftool from the official website) If that wouldn't help, please check out how to report a bug http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/blog/2015/how-to-report-an-error. I'll assist you with your issue.
  12. Also, kindly reminder to support Facebook page of Xpiks https://www.facebook.com/Xpiks-748703535265682/with reshares or likes. Please help me spread the word!
  13. Screencasts how to use Xpiks: https://vimeo.com/153564940 - Introduction https://vimeo.com/155296801 - Keywords editing https://vimeo.com/155427686 - Using backups (.xpks files)
  14. Hi Jenny Not yet. But for sure this is ToBeDone. Fortunately it will be available this year.
  15. Thanks for reporting it Gary. Please, download it again and try it now.
  16. Please, extract it somewhere on your harddrive, go inside and double-click xpiks-qt.exe file, as @Linda Bestwick suggested.
  17. Thank you for the feedback. I will fix them soon.
  18. Oh, indeed. It's just a typo and it's fixed by now. BTW, don't you get updates via autoupdate? Like Xpiks doesn't pops up small update window to you with a link?
  19. Hi. I'm not that "replacing" exiftool. Rather changing the way I use it from programming point of view. I've just released another bugfix update - try to measure time importing your 40 files now If would be nice if you can try your "clean test" and see if import fails on first batch again (because it doesn't for me)
  20. You cannot drag'n'drop files because there's an update dialog not closed somewhere (it's fixed in 1.1.2). It's modal and it's preventing to do some stuff over the main window. Removing logfile itself should do the trick (I mean Xpiks definitely should recreate it). Removing the directory should do the trick as well. I'll investigate it locally. BTW, there's a "Clear logs" button in the logs dialog - for the future. Don't try to fix such problems with restarting your computer UPD: Xpiks successfully recreates directory and logfile on my Win 8 x64. Dunno what's wrong..
  21. Wow, thank you very much for such an investigation! Few notes: If update is available in v1.1 it doesn't force you to upgrade - you can just close the dialog and continue working. In the next version of Xpiks exiftool will be integrated with Xpiks (not a separate binary file) so there would be no issues with the hang processes and much more control. Anyway, it's very strange to hear about these issues. When you encounter red progress bar, please see the logs. There would be explanations what went wrong. You can also send those logs to me. Overall this is very strange, but thank you a lot for the investigation!
  22. Thanks for the presets. Maybe you will find time this month to create some others as well - would be nice to have them. Both features you're talking about are more or less easy to implement and they will be available in the next release. I've released an update with bugfixes and downgraded exiftool - can you please try it and report if there are latencies in importing?
  23. There's a feature that will be in the next release (1.2) of Xpiks: keywords presets. Like when you type "woman" and then there are common keywords which you also write like "portrait, beauty, model, style, fashion" or similar and Xpiks will allow you to expand one keyword to preset. It would be possible to add your own presets as well as edit standard ones. I'd like to ask people who use Xpiks to create some presets: I will merge them with mine and of others and create some set of standard keywords expansions. Please, write your presets at the www.pastebin.com and send the links here or PM to me. Please, use the format like keyword_to_expand: list,of,comma,separated,expansions another_keyword_to_expand: another,list,of,comma,separated,expansions
  24. Hi fredex, I've been on vacation. Thank you very much for your investigation about the exiftool. Very interesting. I'll update Xpiks for Windows soon to contain older version. Also this update will contain fixes to the issues you mentioned. Thanks for pointing them out. Regarding two monitors it's a known bug (https://github.com/Ribtoks/xpiks/releases/tag/v1.1), but it cannot be fixed with Xpiks. It will be fixed in the end of winter with Qt guys (Xpiks uses framework Qt). Also, it's not very clear about "you cannot drag'n'drop files after the broken file was removed". Maybe if would become clearer, if you will send me logs. This is the short intro how to do it http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/blog/2015/how-to-report-an-error/(basically, use "Show logs" and "Reveal logfile", and later send them to Support section on the Xpiks website). Also, to make it clear, you can tell me what actions did you do so I can follow that in code. Because as for now I can't repro it.
  25. New release of Xpiks is available! Xpiks 1.1 brings to you spell checking, auto updates and a lot of small improvements! Download release here http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/downloads/ Don't forget to support Xpiks with sharing and promoting Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Xpiks-748703535265682/ Major features of this release: Automatic spell checking and suggestion for all metadata Automatic checking for updates Added plain text mode for keywords editing Speed improvements with large collections Editing of separate keywords Improvements for UI of some popups on large monitors Improvements on keywords pasting Exact search terms parsing (with exclamation mark before word like “!man”)
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