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  1. Please try downloading 32-bit version from the website again and write back to me if that works now for you.
  2. Hi again. Do not run ministaller.exe - this is just Xpiks updater (also you can add it to your Antivirus exceptions if you want Xpiks to be updated automatically next time). Regarding "SSL connect error" - yes, I can confirm 32-bit version of Xpiks has some missing dependencies and I'm looking into it. I will let you know when you can redownload it. Thanks!
  3. Hello Carmen That's a shame you see this error. First of all, which version of Windows 7 are you using? 32- or 64-bit one? Secondly, can you confirm you see files "ssleay32.dll" and "libeay32.dll" in the same directory where you launch "xpiks-qt.exe" from? Also maybe you have some antivirus which for some reason damages Xpiks distribution (quarantines aforementioned files etc.)?
  4. Also can report FTP upload for vectors is severely broken. Random errors starting from "can't find corresponding jpg" to the most frequent that it can't load keywords correctly. Platforms: Windows, OS X Software: FileZilla, Xpiks When uploaded through HTTP everything is fine.
  5. Hi It works like that: you either add vector file alongside with the preview or you add a preview and Xpiks automatically looks for vector file. You will see a small icon on the image saying that this is a preview with vector attached. For the microstocks it makes no sense to keyword the EPS itself. You always keyword a preview and add vector separately. Regards
  6. Hello Xpiks does not change words order randomly. There was an issue long time ago in the edit mode with multiple files which was gone in 1.4 release (with 1.4.1 being current one).
  7. Hi. Xpiks gets keywords from services provided by Shutterstock/Fotolia/iStock (keywords suggestion) as well as combining keywords from your own local files.
  8. There's a new bugfix release of Xpiks available - 1.4.1. This release focuses on fixing bugs related to the new UI. Also Windows users unfortunately will be able to enjoy automatic update experience only starting with this version due to the bug in 1.4 release. Please update via website! Enjoy!
  9. I'm pleased to announce Xpiks 1.4 "spring" release! Here's detailed overview https://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/blog/2017/xpiks-14-detailed-features New features at a glance: - presets for keywords - additional quick buffer for convenient editing - support for user dictionary of misspelled words - ability to fix spelling in multiple files at once - detailed view of failed uploads - find and replace functionality - batch keywords removal functionality - support of StarDict dictionaries for translation - ability to show current file on disk - recombining selected artworks in multiple edit dialog - automatic updates
  10. Just select that images and press "Edit". You will be able to edit all of them at once (including using Keyword suggestion tool to add keywords to all of them at the same time)
  11. Hi This feature as you describe it will be available in the next release (1.4) which will be available soon. For now you can simulate it with the following scenario: - Select the images you want to fill from 1 image and that image itself - press "Edit" (that will open multiple images edit dialog) - select the image, which medatada you want to copy to the other images - press "Assign from selected" - ensure everything is like you want - press save Regards
  12. I'll try to improve this in next version. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. Thanks for the explanation. As you know, when you select 3 images and click "Edit", you will be able to edit them at once. And you will see keywords applied to all of them in the order they are aggregated. You can control that in that "Edit" dialog. When there're several images, their keywords are combined when you press "Edit". If these images contain absolutely same keywords, I confirm that their order might be changed slightly. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  14. Hi Linda Keywords are not randomly reordered. When you combine keywords from several images they indeed are ordered possibly in the other way they were ordered in the initial images, but it's due to the combining them. Otherwise they are always saved/applied in the order you specified with editing. Can you please be more speicifc about your issue? Under which circumstances do you see them reordered?
  15. Yes, this is planned (long time ago) and hopefully will be done right after 1.4 release.
  16. Not yet, but video support eventually will be added to Xpiks.
  17. Hi Linda Unfortunately keywords drag'n'drop is not in the priority at the moment. Please consider using plain text editing for that purpose. Hopefully, this will be done in future.
  18. Hi It's not possible at the moment with Xpiks to autosubmit "ready" files, but what is possible for you is to set a filter in the filter box as "x:empty" and you will see only files which have no metadata inside (which are "empty"). So when you will edit them they will disappear from the workflow (until you will clean the filter). Maybe this can help you visually a bit. Anyway, thanks for the feedback!
  19. You're welcome! Can you please elaborate on the scrolling buttons. What do you mean by that?
  20. Also.. I don't want to be the guy "it works on my computer", but I tried Xpiks under Windows 10, Windows 7 x64 and Windows 7 x32. Opened > 10 files, did usual release testing. I didn't notice any unintended scrolling. It was just.. usual. To summarize that. Maybe you really have some a bit different wheel sensivity settings in Windows? Anyway, can you please record a screencast or smth to show me what irritates you so I can understand better how does it look like and what exactly is needed to change.
  21. Not really. Is it in Windows you scroll by several images at once? Also you can try to navigate using Tab or moving the scroll by mouse. (the scroll "improvement" was that when many files are opened it allows you to scroll through them more quickly. it adapts automatically, but in previous action this was more painful)
  22. Today I announce release of Xpiks 1.3! This is a very big release which introduces plenty of new features and bugfixes. Just take a look: Major features of this release: - autocompletion for keywords in English - localization to 5 languages (Ukrainian, Spanish, Catalan, Russian, German) and 2 more ongoing (French and Portuguese) - keywords suggestion from iStock and Fotolia (in addition to Shutterstock and Local files) - brand new color theme for Xpiks - basic hotkeys support (Ctrl+A - Select All, Ctrl+E - Edit selected, Ctrl+S - Save selected, Ctrl+F - search/filter, Ctrl+Del - delete selected, Shift+Ctrl+U - Upload selected) - dozen of predefined FTP addresses of stocks - improvements for keywords suggestion algorithm - watching for removal of files, edited in Xpiks and appropriate notifications - unification and improvements of UI Bugfixes: - annoying jumping scroll in keywords fields - incorrect warnings for non-existent properties - preliminary fix for paths with non-latin characters in Windows Also Exiftool for Windows builds was updated to the latest one (10.16 at the moment) and this will first launch can last a bit longer, but all following will be as quick as before. You might have already received an auto-update, but if not, welcome to Downloads page http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/downloads/ Please, support Xpiks in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Xpiks-748703535265682/or by donation of any amount via PayPal (you can find Donate on the Downloads page)
  23. Glad you liked it! I will try to figure out what's wrong with you setup if you will try to generate stuff I've sent you through support forums. Cheers!
  24. Hi Nope, no idea. Can you please submit logs (http://ribtoks.github.io/xpiks/blog/2015/how-to-report-an-error) and describe exactly how many files are you adding, type of the files, Xpiks version etc.
  25. Hi Please, submit logs with your failure. Your description doesn't say much to me. It can be anything. Also with keywords not appearing. Please, send me the logs so I can take a look. Xpiks does not send part of images so keywords can be "forgotten". So I suppose there was something with saving. So I'm waiting for logs (please, upload to pastebin.com) and I'll investigate what possible went wrong. Thank you for the feedback.
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