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  1. @Bird022 huh, we just published an article about Unsplash! https://xpiksapp.com/blog/free-downloads-microstocks/ Unsplash is a strategical asset for Getty, they will want to upsell through it. As for "stock photo", of course, they cover something that makes respective categories on microstocks less relative (like nature, some people shots), but in general they are not covering all stock photo categories well.
  2. Just published: content ideas for Halloween that you should not pursue: https://stockphotosideas.com/blog/halloween-photo-ideas/ You may be surprised why are we talking about Halloween in summer, but Stock Photo Ideas sends newsletter 2 months in advance and this is exactly the time to prepare for October content.
  3. Just finished preparing August newsletter. This time have 2 more high-level topics than usual, making August a month with record number of ideas. It's a great time to sign up and create needed content for October! https://stockphotosideas.com/
  4. I've probably missed these discussions. What were they denied to say about?
  5. Hi all I was collecting new data for Stock Photo Ideas after the feedback on top-100 customer queries by traffic. I took top-500 customer queries by traffic instead of top-100 this time and analyzed portfolios that were on the first pages of Shutterstock search for these queries. These are only queries for photo and video. The results are published on Petapixel: https://petapixel.com/2021/07/23/how-to-rank-on-the-first-page-of-top-queries-on-stock-photo-sites/ Believe it or not, I found out that about 30% of portfolios that rank at least once on the first page have 1000 or less photos
  6. New blogpost: analysing first 100 queries in Shutterstock https://stockphotosideas.com/blog/top-100-queries-shutterstock/ Who knew there are 13 great content opportunities!
  7. We will be sending the first newsletter in 5 days! It is a good time to sign up now to receive it!
  8. Check out new blogpost: what content you should have NOT been creating for the Memorial Day: https://stockphotosideas.com/blog/memorial-day-content/ I have bad news for you in case you were working on flags for Memorial day, as well as stars and statues.
  9. Next time that happens please contact support from within the app so it will send correct logs automatically. This way it will be possible to diagnose the problem.
  10. Last version of Xpiks supports SFTP. Cheers
  11. Great news: all Xpiks Pro users can enjoy 1 month for free of Stock Photo Ideas. If you're interested, please write to support to get your discount code.
  12. Hey folks I'm happy to present you a new service: Stock Photo Ideas. The main purpose is to provide contributors with very detailed analysis of relevant content, existing competition and customers demand 2 months in advance before the topic will be relevant. You will get lots of subniches analyzed e.g. for such a saturated topic as Memorial day you will find that there is "memorial day cartoon" that is being searched by lots of customers and has only 4,800 existing works (in comparison to 403,000 of existing works for "memorial day" itself) or that there's still room in COVID-19 subt
  13. New in Xpiks blog: Review of Shutterstock Custom We look into other ways to earn with Shutterstock and discuss pros and cons
  14. There's a new major Xpiks release out there: Xpiks 1.6! See details here: https://xpiksapp.com/blog/xpiks-16-release/ There's a record number of new features comparatively to any previous release. Background upload support Fail-safe mode of generation video previews Support for custom FTP directories for upload New warnings for EPS filesize New warnings for vector preview size Spelling suggestions in keyword editing dialog FTPS support Custom CSV export columns Metadata import from CSV Show latest blogposts and tutorials on start
  15. Not mainly video, but also video included. Why 4K is not recommended for stills?
  16. I'm looking for a monitor for photo editing preferably 4K resolution (also 120hz preferable, but I guess it's impossible for the budget). Does anybody have any recommendations?
  17. BTW, if you upload in Xpiks, it automatically makes your filename "Shutterstock-compilant" so you don't need to worry about that. The trick is that locally you can have any names, just the names that you "create" on FTP server should be "compliant". Not sure if you can fix it in FileZilla.
  18. It's security. When you upload via FTP, your username and password are transferred via plan text through the internet. This is crazy nowadays as anybody who can see them if they are in the same network as you (e.g. if you connected to free WiFi anywhere). I wrote about that long time ago. Resolutions to this security hole could be: using SFTP (less advanced than FTPS), using FTPS (like Shutterstock) or using separate credentials for FTP upload (as Adobe stock / Fotolia does). So it's a rather good change.
  19. How to know exactly what buyers are searching for? And how many buyers search for it every month? Check out a new study in Xpiks blog on how to find the numbers and ideas: https://xpiksapp.com/blog/stock-photography-ideas/
  20. Ivan, I looked into your file. If you open it in Notepad++ (for example), you'll see the following: - file uses semicolon (';') as separators instead of comma (','). CSV is Comma-Separated Values (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comma-separated_values) - elements with spaces and commas should be in quotes e.g. 1.mp4;A static shot of a few trees with green leaves on a hillside in Gorkha, Nepal, during the summer, at sunset with the ridge of a large hill in the background.;Tree, nepal, green, sunset, golden, hour, light, wood, single, mountain, hill, hillside, trekking, Go
  21. Hi Ivan Could you try to generate the same CSV in Xpiks? https://xpiksapp.com/tutorials/howto-export-csv/ Most probably the issue is in tricky file format: maybe some of your keywords are not correctly saved in CSV so the final file format is corrupted. Can you send the CSV that you used for upload?
  22. Most probably your images will not be reviewed immediately. That means if you were not so lucky, the effect of uploading few times 3 images will be the same as with the batch. By sending 3 first images you will get into "review queue" and when fetched by reviewer, they will most probably fetch all your uploaded images.
  23. I gathered some data self-reported by contributors in forum to see more broad effect on earnings after 1 month from the change. https://xpiksapp.com/blog/2020/shutterstock-aftermath-june/ Subscriptions losses are totally aligned with previous calculations, but On-Demand downloads were less predictable.
  24. I gathered some data self-reported by contributors in forum to see more broad effect on earnings after 1 month from the change. https://xpiksapp.com/blog/2020/shutterstock-aftermath-june/ Subscriptions losses are totally aligned with previous calculations, but On-Demand downloads were less predictable.
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