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  1. Next time that happens please contact support from within the app so it will send correct logs automatically. This way it will be possible to diagnose the problem.
  2. Last version of Xpiks supports SFTP. Cheers
  3. Great news: all Xpiks Pro users can enjoy 1 month for free of Stock Photo Ideas. If you're interested, please write to support to get your discount code.
  4. Hey folks I'm happy to present you a new service: Stock Photo Ideas. The main purpose is to provide contributors with very detailed analysis of relevant content, existing competition and customers demand 2 months in advance before the topic will be relevant. You will get lots of subniches analyzed e.g. for such a saturated topic as Memorial day you will find that there is "memorial day cartoon" that is being searched by lots of customers and has only 4,800 existing works (in comparison to 403,000 of existing works for "memorial day" itself) or that there's still room in COVID-19 subt
  5. New in Xpiks blog: Review of Shutterstock Custom We look into other ways to earn with Shutterstock and discuss pros and cons
  6. Hi everybody I'm excited to preset an app that streamlines keywording and uploading for microstock contributor. It's named Xpiks (Cross-platform Image Keywoarding Software). It was written from scratch with aim to make it more useful, convenient and quicker than existing tools. App is available for OS X, Windows and Linux x64. Main features: convenient keywording capabilities (XMP/IPTC metadata) uploading images to Stock Agencies' FTP hosts (keeping encrypted list of credentials) keywords suggestion based on Shutterstock API or on the local library search
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