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  1. Update: I managed to get in touch with Shutterstock support (not the former "expert" solution). I was informed that the left image in my attachment was rejected due to similarity with the right image. I found this so surpising that I asked them to confirm this before getting back to the forum, upon which the conversation has stopped. I guess they have other issues to tend to having changed the payment structure...
  2. @Firn Thanks again! I cant' find a way to proceed from the conversation I had in the chat. I will try a last resumission in some days. If it is still rejected, I will look into this thread and see if there is response that can take me further.
  3. @Firn Thanks for looking into this and getting back to me! I'm not sure how I may push this all the way to support...? I've attached one of the answers I got. As I stated above, I thought their system would fix this automatically, as searching will list the most popular images first. So, useless images will move backwards and end up where they will not be seen, and useful images will deserve their position. Maybe there's just something I don't understand.
  4. When using the regular contact line, I was transferred to a chat. I had a conversation with a person who was not an employee, but seemed to be listed by SS as an expert authorized to give answers.
  5. Thanks for responding! Encourraged by your feedback I contacted SS. It seems the main problem is that my image is similar to other people's images, even those taken under different circumstances. This means I will not know if I spend hours of editing for nothing. I was thinking that the most wanted images would stand out in the search results because people acually buy them, so that those deserving attention would get it automatically, and the other images would end up at the end of the search results not bothering anyone. Anyway, I will try my luck for the third - and last - time.
  6. Left image in attatchment is being rejected twice due to "similar content". Right image is the one most similar in my portfolio. They are taken at totally different times of day (hence different light, sky, etc.), and the composition also differs significantly. Is the rejection fair and acceptable? If there is no reason for me to try for the third time, is there a way to ask for the removal of the old image to make the new one acceptable? I don't want to just remove it myself until I know that it will make way for the new one. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the replies! I will go for the editoriel solutison.
  8. Attatched image rejected twice due to visible trademark. I've tried to remove and distort all that I can think of, so please help me think. What is it that I don't see?
  9. (My apologies if this topic has been posted before without me discovering it.) I am not digging much into legal matters, so I know very little about this. My question: Is it legal to offer free downloads of our content like this: http://www.1zoom.net/Cities/wallpaper/354157/z2758.6/%26original=1 ? Thank you.
  10. I have sent the following message to submit@shutterstock.com, and I would like feed-back in the forum as well. Thank you! --- Hi, There is an inconsistency in the reviews, as is also pointed out by others in the forum. For me, my batches seem to be either generally approved or generally rejected, even though the submissions are from the same content. It is very obvious that something is wrong when all the images are rejected due to lack of focus, even though my images are sharper than ever. Also, when I had this problem some weeks ago, I was allowed to resubmit the content, and it was approved alright. So, my question is: When I am sure that something is wrong with the review, I would like to resubmit without making changes (my images would be oversharpened if I were to follow up the reason from the reviewer), yet mark them as "previously submittet content with corrections". Would this make me likely to receive a warning? For your information: I will also post this message in the forum to see if others have any experiences on this. Thank you!
  11. Even if the approval rate is fine most of the time, there are those batches with all kinds of odd rejection reasons now and then. I guess this is when we ought to ask for a case number to resubmit and have it sorted out. I wonder if there is any experience concerning response time when asking for a case number by mailing submit@shutterstock.com. To be clear: I could, of course, make small changes and resubmit. Frankly, I don't find that agreeable in these specific cases, since following up on rejection reasons that are obviously wrong, would disimprove the quality of the images. So I still wait for the case number, but for how long? Thank you. PS: Got the answer today:)
  12. To avoid jpg artifacts in a specific image I am trying to use .tif. The website tells me that the format is ignored, and that I should use formats like .jpg and .tif(!) Why should there be any problem with the tiffs I generate in Photoshop? Thank you.
  13. is a really nice photo indeed. I like it a lot Hope you can get it approved as editorial. I'll try to. Thank you
  14. Explains it perfectly. Thanks:) Still curious about all those images approved, though. Maybe I should just do some more reading about editorial images, copyright and stuff...
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