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  1. All credit it to you Drew, you captured some fantastic shots! You combined my 2 favourite photos from my first airshow down in Bournemouth, but executed them 10x better! Fantastic days out!
  2. Hi there Dexter - of course I do not hate you. Always ask my friend, never be scared to do that! So, the cropping / downsizing bit gives us 2 things - 1 full photo to judge overall composition / lighting / exposure etc, and another zoomed in section so that we can see the focus /noise of the photo. Best thing to do is: Downsize your full photo to 500px. Save it with a different name. Now go back to the original. Zoom in 100%, or actual size as photoshop sometimes says. This should take you right into the photo. Then find the section you think should be most in focus, like for
  3. Happy birthday Laurin - thanks for everything. Wishing you many more years of laughter, fun and happy memories.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys! I'm definitely in the business for new tips and tricks! Strobes are out of the question for me at the moment space wise, but definitely in the future it's something I'd like to expand into when I get my own house! Happy shooting!
  5. Apologies, I mean 'Speedlite.' Glad you still understood what I meant. No one here told me to buy strobes. I didn't feel I was at the point to have a speedlite, but this week I did, so I brought one. Would never look back. For £60, you can't go wrong.
  6. So, today my new speedlight arrived! Granted it's only a Yongnuo Yn560-III, but it's a big step up from having nothing! ALREADY I am loving life! You can do fantastic things! Anyone who takes portraiture and doesn't already have one, I would 100% recommend shelling out the £60. Favourite purchase yet.
  7. Tennis (both watching and playing), and dance are my biggest passions. My faith goes without saying, and of course my commitment to my family and the children that I teach. Seeing their faces light up when they achieve is something that I live for everyday.
  8. Do not fear! 5/5 of my new Poland photos were approved today, so anything goes! Happy days!
  9. Ok, have you ever seen scooby do? You foiled me is the kind of thing the baddies would say to the team when they take off their mask and reveal their identity - 'I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you pesky kids.' I like that idea Ron - very helpful. How did you keep your shutter speed up? Ow your identity. Apologies, I didnt know. I didnt keep the shutter speed up. Its high ISO and slow shutter speed and handheld. It was really difficult with a 450D, the image is only 4mp and borderline. The 6D would have done a better job. But if you use a tripod you have more leeway
  10. Yeah but today you can get the internet on the TV and control it with different remotes/controllers. See, I do recognize some of the more modern thing a ma gigs. I wonder how many of the youngsters remember rabbit ears, Gillette's Friday night fights, Kookla Fran and Ollie and Your Show of Shows? No, but I remember Blind Date.
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