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  1. please explain focus issue, to me it's dead on focus, the eyes and fur are sharp
  2. nice colours but where is the subject?
  3. trees in the way, buildings not level nice outstanding light though
  4. you raised exposition, sharpness and saturation a lot, bringing along a lot of noise... next time try to set the exposition correctly before the shot instead of after it in post production.
  5. Carcassonne's wall

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  6. Mont-Blanc

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  7. Macaque

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  8. © (C) Louis-Martin Carrière all rights reserved

  9. Hi, I have a Nikon D7000 on which I use a nikkor 55-300 f/4.5-5.6 that I want to replace with a more «professional» lense. The Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 with VC seems to be a good choice for me. What is your opinion? Is this a good lense? I already have a wide angle Tamron lense with f/2.8 and I have _very_ satisfied with it. I have tried the nikkor conterpart of this lense and I must say that for the price the Tamron was a big winner. Will it be the same with that lense? Thanks
  10. I will retry this some day for sure and I'll focus correctly I hope. That said sorry for my spelling I'm not 100% bilingual. I'm more used to speak french here in Montreal.
  11. I shoot primarily on Aperture priority mode. I don't really look at the speed and I always keep my ISO to 100. All I have to care in a sense when I'm on that mode is the DOF that I try to manage with the aperture size... So it's why I got a really fast shutter speed. Also it was right at the middle of the day so there was a lot of light, maybe too much too. So since I wanted a some blur effect on the tree to bring the apple out of the composition, I just f/4. If I had raised it to 8+ I would have loose the desired blur at the edges of the photograph. Maybe I'm wrong to do that, at least for stock photography... I'm experimenting a little here. For now all I read is that my pictures are OOF and mostly it's related to the wrong usage of the wide aperture I choose. If I understand most of the comments right, I should keep it for some portrait maybe... Thanks for the comment in general that helps
  12. Agree. Focus comes first and you can't fix that. All else doesn't matter now except for next time. I don't quite see what is out of focus about the apple, for the boy it's obvious, for the spiral it is but a bit less and it appears to be a lens issue (with 50-300mm I have been told it's not sharp at all at 300mm). But for the apple I just don't see what is OOF.
  13. I have another I'll post it another time. btw, this one was taken with a 50mm f/4 1/1600s It was the point indeed. It was taken a little fast without any preparation with a 50mm f/1.4 1/40s AI, I captured this moment in a natural way and did not known better way to show that typical boy drawing with the thong out. Any suggestion about the composition? I guess I can retry that for eternity, he is a passionate drawer The spiral was taken with a 50-300mm f/22 @98mm 30s
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