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  1. You can use any smartphone right from 2008 to upload pix for such STUNNING ROYALTY.
  2. JOIN US: https://www.[do_not_advertise_other_microstock_groups]/shutterstock-com/stop-uploading-to-ss-join-the-action/msg551902/
  3. Uploading stopped right away after 0.10 & 0.14 emerged. Do you have self-respect? Then STOP UPLOAD!
  4. Halting my uploads. I'd doubt that this move will change anything, because of crystal clear greedy greed. Upvote & like & +1 for statictics.
  5. And one more: if you think that it was last drop in royalties you are wrong. They will decrease earnings one more time, in a while. Say cheese to freeepik and smile, smile!
  6. There is no pandemic at all. It was created to simple things out. Lower expenses and increase profit.
  7. You gotta be very-very quick, everything will change in a haste, you'll see... I see accepted newcomers with awful overall quality of their portfolio and see rejections of very neat material. It's a choice of top management, they definetly know what they are doing, so.... let it be.
  8. People, don't you understand that reviewing process is totally random. I don't reupload what is rejected. It will be accepted at other sites.
  9. You really think that pond5 will do better? Just give them time they do the same thing in a while, that's crystal clear.
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