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  1. You wrote you believe, not I know. Which was it. You make up alot of believe and maybe on the forum. PM me so I can look at his Twitter feed and see who that was.
  2. Every OD in the past was always the same amounts? Mine weren't all the same. The OD have always been different and no agency except Alamy shows us the price paid. There is no transparency from any of these.
  3. You believe his portfolio was also removed? Anything to back that up or are you just trolling. You imagine is a better way you put that. Why do you say that? If the post was so bad to be banned, wouldn't they remove it?
  4. This is not a freedom site SS owns it, they can make rules like they want. Why would anybody care about a forum filled with lies from @blvdone and @Former_Poster that fill the messages with nothing but stupid shit. There's nothing here anymore but the two clown show slapping each other and falling down. He says he doesn't know why he was banned and his tax documents are out of date. Quite a few of many, how many can you be specific or are you just repeating one of you lies. You seem to be for months and you aren't banned are you. After he was warned a few times
  5. This AI has been around for years tested and learning, they just made AI the main review now.
  6. I've watched with my sympathy since May, we aren't partners, never where. Move on stop crying for sympathy. Either stay or go, but please stop!
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