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  1. I have taken one of my images, put identical keywords and title on it and my rank is pages down. There's something else going on with his images data that SS reads. Not keyword or title tricks. I don't think SS would do this as a test, there's something else going on. Hacked or tricked somehow. From experience don't assume that being on page one means sales when better pictures are right there obvious. I think he is adding to his data that SS reads but doesn't display and we can't see. They need to fix this.
  2. Tell me how this works. I convert my photo from RAW to a TIF and edit in 16 bit then when I'm done save as a 8 bit JPG. What happens to all those RAW and 16Bit colors and shade when I save to JPG? Aren't they lost or don't they degrade to what I'd have if I just shot JPG and edited that? How do I know what colors they will be when I drop the tones 16 to 8 bit?
  3. Rudy could start his topic, Photo Examples of Good Rule or Technique Application, Help for the Advanced Contributor
  4. I think you are right, most of us are disappointed. The pay cut is to fund the executives who held large blocks of stock after the IPO. Now they are getting rich from our work and cutting our rewards. The choices are clear and simple. If somebody wants what we are given, stay. I don't say we have to be happy or like that, just that we have no other choices. Somebody who doesn't think the pay is fair should leave. I don't need to read every day how bad Shutterstock is treating us. I'm an artist and I get the money from downloads. I know how pay has changed. Somebody who doesn't think the p
  5. Those people are disgusting, I hope SS reacts and closes them down, but too late after they stole these then spammed the words. SS doesn't care, they make money from stolen pictures and don't have to pay anybody.
  6. Where else do you upload microstock that you make more then here? Did you leave iStock when they cut us to 15% no levels? Did you leave BS when they cut us to25c per. Did you leave 123 when they redid the levels? Did you quit FT and DP when they invented dollar download club. Did you quit the other that dropped our percentage and pay? Now you blame Shutterstock, who followed those, when you never did anything in the past to protest the cuts.
  7. Look at the lines for 750 images that explains.
  8. I suspect he's a SS plant to kill the forums by driving away all the good people.
  9. You can't link to MSG but now I see there he's found a new pond to pollute. I think they read but don't respond to make less conflict.
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