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  1. Adobe gave me a free CC subscription for a year for being a top contributor. SS gave me a 62% cut in pay. I still make more on SS but that's getting close. The market for Micro is down.
  2. Moved from level 3 to level 4 I see no difference. If the pay went up to .12c would that make any difference?
  3. I have a dial phone can I call the internet?
  4. No advantage, no disadvantage https://www.shutterstock.com/search/french+press
  5. 45% less than average RPD
  6. Because it's highly unlikely that he had a model topless on a mountain and forgot the release, if that's actually his photo.
  7. 10 cents doesn't matter what level, this is fake % lies.
  8. No, I'm level 4 and get .10 credits.
  9. Good to know, maybe Leonard will stop being a self appointed admin telling what we can write here.
  10. I think we're talking now, not when your grandpa was doing stock with a polaroid. Consistancy for me is nothing like the people who say same earned every month. I wish mine was the same more months. SS was neverstrict on similars since I know.
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