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  1. Alamy click and view without a sale makes sense for lower rank. This tells AL that the photo quality wasn't what the buyer was searching for, but the words match. SS when the word order change, right, that's a sale from words searched.
  2. This has happened before, many times. They will be back in a day.
  3. Nice work, I can see your sketches as reference images and the parts in the final work. AU is too stupid to make the connection. Where's Wally?
  4. 372 photos what would make a buyer want your pictures. What makes yours different or better. 144,744 sheep in meadow photos
  5. Photos only for me too. @Wilm Ihlenfeld won't believe us. I selected under 100 with no sales.
  6. Only photos can be selected for review for the free collection. No vectors
  7. Can you explain how that image rank works and how I can look at mine? How does uploading more make my rank go down? Don't more images make me more money?
  8. Everybody will see their own images in the ads. Go to a friends computer and you won't see yours.
  9. Then there would be no city and business downtown images as tiny trademarks are on everything.
  10. All of these are not the main subject main focus the rejection is wrong. Stupid rejection and it looks like the empire state building. Maybe the AI thinks it is?
  11. There have been more technical errors lately. I was pointing out that the TOS say the 15th. Today is the 12th. What's superior about the date? What's wrong with an honest answer just like these, no problems? Are they superior because they got paid.
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