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  1. My loss is very close to the same 33% since the change. This is not good.
  2. @Rudy Umans this is microstock and a microstock forum., we get paid .50 a doanlod on average. Cell phone with a tiny sensor, little junk lens, shooting raw is a joke. No one said good for Heide she can crop a big picture and have a very good image to edit.
  3. Your graphic of a 60MP image is 36MB Disk size, you're right.
  4. Is that real? Is that online or FTP because I've been able to upload and submit 1 at a time for many files.
  5. How I feel also, I don't like them, I don't like the pay, they don't get my work. I don't like it, I'm not working for them. "If you don't like it, leave." And I did.
  6. I'm seeing similar and in a row only 3 but that's 3 too many.
  7. You have a 20% regressive sales tax VAT in the UK. You have more billionaires per population than the US. Your economy has suffered a 14% drop since 2016. Maybe you should worry about home not the US. In free enterprise companies can pay what they want for a CEO. If the price is too high, they won't pay more. If SS can get photos by paying us 10 cents they will, don't upload, go away if you don't like the pay here. Free choice, not regulations to stop profit.
  8. Bots and AI are paid nothing, that's why SS uses them.
  9. Too much wildlife everywhere, anybody can shoot pictures. Too many photographers and photos. These will not make a living from selling photos on stock. Same for baby dolls, apples, flowers, pets and anything anybody can find common.
  10. Adobe gave me a free CC subscription for a year for being a top contributor. SS gave me a 62% cut in pay. I still make more on SS but that's getting close. The market for Micro is down.
  11. Moved from level 3 to level 4 I see no difference. If the pay went up to .12c would that make any difference?
  12. I have a dial phone can I call the internet?
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