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  1. $1.50 Video Sale?!?!?!?!

    Hi @Duncan Andison I just want to let you know that the Contributor Support team has received your email and will be replying to you momentarily. Thank you for your patience while we reviewed your case. Alex
  2. Hello Everyone, As of this morning, we are beginning to deploy a change that will be removing watermarks from thumbnails on the search results page. This change is meant to provide a better customer experience and drive more downloads of the assets customers are searching for. Please be aware that this change will only occur on the search results page, so only for thumbnails that are 260px tall. The watermarks will remain on any larger previews and individual content pages. We look forward to seeing this help customers in their search for images and result in more downloads for our contributors! Thanks, Alex
  3. My account needs closing ASAP

    hahahaha!! Thanks @Laurin Rinder sorry for being MIA. I am here Good to see you too.
  4. My account needs closing ASAP

    Hi @Azzii82 Thank you for your message. We are looking into this issue and will reply to the message you sent to Contributor Support with a solution. Best, Alex
  5. We're currently verifying your ID

    @mr_doomrabbit Contributor Support will be able to assist you with your inquiry. Please, write in to
  6. A new way to track the progress of your content

    @Mirco Vacca Thank you for your post my friend. In regards to your question, we will roll out some of these features in the coming months. Thanks again Alex
  7. A new way to track the progress of your content

    @D. Pimborough We'll be updating the rejected view soon so deleted assets won't appear.
  8. A new way to track the progress of your content

    @Matylda Laurence You will be able to copy keywords from the rejected content for up to 21 days.
  9. A new way to track the progress of your content

    @Nomad Paws Thanks for your comments. To your question, we are rolling out the new tabs gradually so not everyone will be seeing the new tabs at the same time.
  10. As part of an ongoing initiative to improve the site, we are releasing new status tabs to help you track the progress of your content as it moves through the review process. These new tabs will be gradually rolled out in the coming days, so all of you may not see the new experience at the same time. As the new tabs are rolled out, you will be able to access them via the links in this message at the top of your Dashboard: However, if you click on the Pending approval or Recent rejections links in the left panel of your Dashboard, you will still navigate to the old Approval Status pages:+ This refreshed version of the submit page allows you to see your content move between the different stages of submission : To submit, Pending or Rejected. Your approved content will still be accessible via the Catalog Manager page. These new status tabs will also make it easier for you to quickly scan all of your pending and rejected content on one page without selecting a batch. You can also easily view original file names and image or clip ids for all pending and rejected content. From the new Rejected tab, you will now see the rejection reason translated in your language preference selected on the site. To streamline your rejected content history, it will be available to view and copy keywords for up to 21 days. After that, it will no longer be accessible on the site. We hope you enjoy these new improvements and features and find them useful, and we also invite you to provide your feedback in the this thread or by writing in to support! To help keep this thread informative and useful, we ask that you please post comments only relating directly to the new Pending and Rejected tabs. Feedback about any other site features or issues should be posted in other threads as appropriate. As always, thank you for your continued support and participation on our marketplace!
  11. We're sorry, this clip is no longer available.

    Hi Everyone, Our teams are still working to solve this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you posted of any update. Thank you so much for your patience!
  12. 4k Video Thumbnails not showing up

    Hi Everyone, Our teams are still working to solve this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you posted of any update. Thank you so much for your patience!
  13. Infringement of FIFA’s intellectual property?

    @PedroNevesDesign Thank you for reporting it. As per our policy and the restrictions in place those images shouldn't have been approved. The Review Team is aware and the images will be removed. Thanks again
  14. Unable to verify your ID

    @The Iris You should have received a reply message from Contributor Support earlier today. Please go over the information they provided regarding ID submission and get back to them if you have any questions. Thanks
  15. Tax forms download

    Thanks for reporting everyone. I am glad most of you were able to download it. For those experiencing issues downloading the tax form from the contributor account, please make sure to follow these steps exactly: 1. Click the "Download now" hyperlink from the banner at the top of your homage 2. On the next page click "this PDF" to open a sample PDF document. This document will contain a word, please remember it. 3. Enter the word you just viewed in Line 2 4. Enter your contributor account password in Line 3 5. Check off the consent for electronic delivery box 6. Click the red "Download Your Forms" button to download a copy of your tax form. If you followed all the steps described above and are still unable to successfully download your form, please contact us Thanks