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  1. Alex Shutterstock

    Keyword Suggestions !!!! Where the hell has it gone ????

    Hi Guys, Thanks for bringing this up. I tried replicating the issue and noticed some slowness loading the page. Please provide more information with screenshots about your experiences so we can investigate further. Thanks
  2. Alex Shutterstock

    Set stats is broken

    Hi folks, We are sorry about the issue you encountered with Sets. Tech teams are aware of this problem and are actively working on a resolution. Really sorry for any inconvenience. We will keep you guys posted.
  3. Alex Shutterstock

    Set Stats not working in Catalog manager

    Hi folks, We are sorry about the issue you encountered with Sets. Tech teams are aware of this problem and are actively working on a resolution. Really sorry for any inconvenience. We will keep you guys posted.
  4. Alex Shutterstock

    Unpaid earnings in March. 2 days left

    Hi Everyone, We discovered there is an issue affecting a number of payments that were issued for contributors this month. We are actively investigating and working on a solution. I will provide an update here as soon as it is available to me. In the meantime, for any specific questions regarding your payment/account please contact Contributor Support - submit@shutterstock.com Thanks in advance for your patience while we resolve this issue.
  5. Alex Shutterstock

    Tax Form Downloads

    Hi Everyone, We apologize for the error you encountered on our site. Your 1042 tax forms will be made available for download at the end of this week. All contributors that are eligible to receive a tax form for 2018 earnings will receive an email from Shutterstock as soon as the forms are ready for download. Thanks for your patience and continued participation on our platform!
  6. Sorry guys!! I know this is a serious matter, but I had to posted it just for fun. LOL Anyway! Back to business. Let me look how to handle this in a fair way. I understand where you guys are coming from, but there is a fine line between reporting "spamfolios" on the forum and the forum rules as mentioned previously here. Anyway, did you guys find Waldo? LOL
  7. Alex Shutterstock

    Payment sent to unknown Paypal *solved*

    Hi @DChappell I am really sorry to hear you had to face such experience. We received your case and the Contributor and Legal teams are investigating and taking all the necessary steps accordingly. We will send you an update regarding the status of your account as soon as we can. Best Alex
  8. Alex Shutterstock

    Shutterstock’s Contributor Site and Apps are now available in 21 languages

    Hello @Yasmeen Tarek abu arrah Thank you so much for your suggestion and offer to help. In regards to your post, Shutterstock will continue to add more languages to support our global customer and contributor base in the near future. We will keep everyone here posted. Thanks again. P.S. Your contact information has been removed for security reasons. All the best
  9. Alex Shutterstock

    Long review times?

    Hi everyone, There is a backlog we are working to get down. Currently we have 0 day turnaround for editorial and a three day turn around on photo. Anything longer means that its with our compliance team for further review.
  10. Alex Shutterstock

    Shutterstock 2018 stats published today

    Wow!! Things are getting out of control here folks!! What happened to Happy Fridays?? I leave some of you alone for 3 pages and look what happens! We promote good debates, but we need to take down some of the posts. They just don't belong here.
  11. Alex Shutterstock

    Be careful! Someone is hacking shutterstock accounts!

    Hi @CharlesOstrand I am really sorry to hear that. We are investigating this issue and will keep you posted on the status of your account.
  12. Alex Shutterstock

    Anyone Else Having Trouble Reaching Shutterstock by Phone?

    Hi @Lisa Fischer Thanks for your post and our sincere apologies for not receiving a response from Compliance. We are looking into your prior request and will provide an update as soon as we can. Thanks for your understanding while we are looking to resolve this issue. Alex
  13. Hi Everyone, Some of the posts on this thread have been removed/edited. As a reminder, the forum is a community for contributors from all corners of the world and we welcome communication in any language. Thanks
  14. Alex Shutterstock

    Has Shutterstock cheated us?

    Hi @basant malviya We looked into this issue and the payment is set to be reissued by the 15th of the next month. The issue is that the PayPal email address on your account was incorrect. The payment was issued and pending on PayPal's end for 30 days before returning it to us. Please contact Contributor Support if you have any other questions regarding this matter. Thanks