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  1. BTW, I already average more than $30 per download at SS.
  2. I have some clips at Pond5 that I submitted as a test a couple of years ago and those clips sell far better here at Shutterstock then they do a Pond5 . But with that said, I do intend to send almost my entire portfolio over to Pond5 when I get around to it, but I won't change anything here at SS. Every time I have compared sales of the same clips at SS and anywhere else, SS is always the best performer -- by far. As I said before, higher commission percentages or exclusivity or are worthless if the downloads aren't there to back them up. It is the bottom line dollar figure at the end of th
  3. That's too bad. For me it is a great investment to put more time into stock footage. My hourly income for the work I have to do is still above $230/hour. Where else am I going to make that kind of money without having to answer to clients and also work on someone else's schedule? For me, this a great time to invest more into creating a good portfolio. If someone isn't making a good return for the time they are putting into stock, then they are missing one of these three elements: 1) Subject matter that customers actually have a need for. 2) Good production values (exposure
  4. Yes. I am already 7% ahead of November 2019 and we still have 5 days to go in this month. My RPD this month is $31.06, which is exactly where it should be.
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