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  1. My advice is to render and submit ProRes, especially if someone is submitting to other agencies besides just SS. But you can do whatever you want if upload speeds are more important to you.
  2. I see this debate about freebies as just another illustration of the advantages of putting one's efforts into footage. Photos are too abundant, too easy for anyone to shoot, too easy to be shared online, and too easy for anyone to right-click and take whatever they want after a photo has been posted someplace. On the other hand, 4K footage, and even HD footage, is not quite so easy to store, deliver, preview, steal, etc. That may change some day, especially if there are more sites like Story Blocks, but right now, I think it is still a seller's market for footage.
  3. Exactly my point. There is no way we'll be privy to this information. A few comments here and there on the forum about closing accounts or boycotting or whatever is meaningless in the big picture. And what difference does it make what other people do anyway? I won't even be curious about it. I know what I'm going to do regardless of what other people do. If I followed the advice of all the naysayers here I'd have thrown in the towel long ago and been much poorer for it. Stay the course. Things will work out fine for anyone who is already doing things right. My December 2020 has alread
  4. Absolutely. I devote a 30-minute chapter just to the subject of cheese. Anyone who isn't submitting cheese footage on a regular basis doesn't know squat about how to make money in stock. This shot of a cheese wheel that looks kind of like the full moon is one of my best sellers. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-2544833-giant-piece-cheese-sometimes-called-"moon"-glides
  5. You have described yourself perfectly. You are the loudest and most frequent poster right now and and have nothing positive to say. Everyone owes you something. You cannot play by the same rules as everyone else. The MAN is putting you down. Poor baby. We are tired of listening to the little baby cry. Do you need your diaper changed or something? My advice is to take your useless hashtag and go do something constructive with your life. You are embarrassing yourself. #Banjackassesfromthefourm
  6. $230 right now. Is that close enough for you? It was over $240 at one time but then I watered it down by submitting a bunch of new clips which have not had enough time to generate a good return. All I have to do is let the clips in my existing portfolio continue to sell over and over again and it will absolutely exceed $240/hour.
  7. Quality always matters to some people, doesn't it? Why not ensure that a discriminating customer won't choose someone else's footage over yours because of quality, whether true or just perceived. There is no downside to submitting ProRes unless you have to pay extra for data and need to keep file sizes small. But if that is the case, that person probably won't be successful at stock footage anyway. Standard ProRes is 10-bit 4:2:2 with a decent bit rate, so it is good enough. No need to go to HQ.
  8. I wouldn't waste my time submitting anything that isn't ProRes.
  9. I have to update my figures because I had a couple of nice $120 sales this evening. Number of Downloads: Up 92% Revenue: Up 19.8%.
  10. You're so full of crap. Make up your mind, you hypocrite. This is essentially exactly the opposite of what you told me on another thread when I told you that I didn't count the time I spend shooting or the cost of my gear when figuring my hourly rate. You also said I didn't know how to run a business, yet my hourly rate is $230/ hour. Go back and read it for yourself. It's all there.
  11. Compared to Dec 1 - 23, 2019 vs. the same period this year . . . Number of Downloads: Up 86% Revenue: Up only 7%. Revenue is what matters most, but obviously the average return per sale is dropping.
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