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  1. No offense, but those are nothing but excuses. Everyone has access to unique subject matter that other people would have trouble matching. Besides, you don't even know what my best selling clips are or where/how I shot them so it is foolish to say that my success (or lack thereof) can be attributed to my location. Are there human beings where you live? If so, then shoot them doing things in a cinematic, creative and interesting way -- and then get them to sign a release. That is where the real money is -- yet I have none of that in my portfolio. But you don't hear me complaining I don't h
  2. If you have good clips that attract high-end buyers it should all even out over time. Yes, we all have some low-paying sales but they should be balanced out by the high-paying sales. If all your sales are only earning a few cents, then there might be something wrong with the subject matter of your portfolio (no commercial value), your metadata (keywords and descriptions), or the technical quality and/or specifications of your clips. My lowest commission this month was $1.00 and my highest was $135.But it balances out. So far I am averaging $25.62 per sale, which is lower than it was a
  3. I think both of those theories are good ones. Says, the man sitting in office getting stuff done on a holdiay. 🙂
  4. Maybe a little, but not by very much. 🙂 BTW, today is my best day in more than two weeks, which is really odd considering it is a national holiday in America and most businesses are closed.
  5. Looks like you got to shoot your cake and eat it too! A win win. Yeah, too much complaining by babies who expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. I barely come around the forum anymore because it is mostly people crying or asking how other people's sales are going this month. What difference does it make for you to know how someone else's sales are going in the short run? Long run, maybe, but not on a daily or weekly basis. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, turn off your TV, get off the couch, put your phone down, and start using your time more wisely. Or just be
  6. I've been fully vaccinated for almost two months now. I've already done a three week road trip last month to see family and spend a few days in Big Bend national park hiking and mountain biking. In the next couple of weeks I'll be in Orlando, San Diego, and Boston. Life is back to normal . . . for the time being.
  7. Thanks Alex for asking me to participate in your excellent blog. It was interesting to be interviewed because it made me stop and take stock (pun) of where I am right now, what I am doing, and why I'm doing it. I think everyone should do that once in a while.
  8. Yeah, there is no way the Sony Z280 is going to show any rolling shutter whatsoever.
  9. Anything with clouds, smoke, rain, fire, fog is bound to be rejected.
  10. Tim, I see your point but I have said many times that I don't shoot stock for money. I shoot because I enjoy it. Submission is the part I hate -- and for which I expect to be paid well for my time and effort. As soon as I think that the income I get from submitting new clips isn't worth the work involved, that is when I will stop submitting. I'll keep shootingf or fun, I just won't waste my time to submit it. My time is worth about $100 - $110 per hour, so that is the threshold that has to me met or I'll quit. Revenue is in decline at SS this year, but it still has a long wasy to drop be
  11. Not only that, my overall income is also down about 30%. So things aren't as rosy as they once were here at SS. I wish you continued success as well. Get out and shoot some video! :-)
  12. Thank you. BTW, your comment about RPD inspired me to run the numbers for this year to date. It has fallen to only $21.14 now so things are deifinitely on the downslide. But of course I haven't had time to upload anything new for a while, so maybe an aging portfolio can't be expected to earn as much as it once did. Too many moving parts to really come to any conclusions about anything. The only constant is that you havet plant your seeds and then hope for the best. At that point, you are just passenger on the boat.
  13. I almost didn't notice that I passed the $180,000 lifetime earnings mark this week. The money just keeps rolling in even though I haven't had time to submit anything new since last year. Gotta love this business. I don't think I'll hit $200K this year, but next winter for sure.
  14. Very true. But there are people who will shoot video with a Phone -- never sell anything -- and then say "I'm glad I didn't invest in a real video camera because I haven't made any money" But the reality is that they didn't make any money because they didn't invest in good camera - -thus ensuring their failure. If you don't invest in a good camera and decide to shoot with a phone, then you will never really know for sure how much more you might have earned. The fact is, you have to spend money to make money. That is true for almost every profession in the world. Even a whore who wants
  15. Getting videos from a phone accepted is just the first hurdle and it doesn't put any money in your pocket. The goal is to sell enough videos from a phone to make it worth your time and effort. Is a phone good enough to shoot commercially viable video that many customers will actually want to buy? I don't think so. There are no video production companies, movie studios, TV networks who use phones as their camera. Think about why that is so, and then ask yourself why you think you are different. Why would a customer buy your phone video when they would never shoot their own video on a pho
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