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  1. This is probably related to the other Uploading Issues that were reported.
  2. Which Topic are you selecting? To attach an screen shot, click "More Reply Options" when you post and you will see a paperclip icon
  3. Are the issues with the contact us page still happening? We just tried the links and all are working on our end. If a link so not working, please tell us which one. Also, what do you mean with "won't allow submitting"? what happens? is there an error message? Are you sure you filled in all required fields? A screenshot would also be helpful because right now we can't really tell what is wrong, if anything.
  4. We are investigating edit: Please see my update at the top of the Technical Issue forum
  5. This is usually a sign that the vector & jpeg are not uploading at the same speed & time. I'll report this to the tech team to investigate. A short term solution for you may be to simply wait a while to allow both images to upload
  6. Hi, I contacted the tech team about this. Have any of these uploads shown up at a later time? (and how long did it take?) Or did they never show up?
  7. Hi, I can investigate but I have a few questions first. Are there batches that are waiting for review for more than a week? On which date were these batches submitted? Have these batches been "passed over" by other batches you submitted later?
  8. This does appear to be a bug, we are investigating it further and will make the fix as soon as possible. Thanks for flagging this issue.
  9. Hi, Our instructions for CSV files: http://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000006573
  10. If you see this message, turn TLS off and your uplaod should work
  11. Let me contact the tech & product teams to find out what is happening. I'll post here when I know more
  12. Thanks! I fixed it. Obviously we are not going to use anything sarcastic or snarky, and I also want to avoid using terms like Gallery or Portfolio because those are already used in different contexts. So based on some of the suggestions, how about: "Content Showcases" ?
  13. Please limit the clutter by only posting serious suggestions and use the arrow button to vote for an idea
  14. We like this idea. I can create a separate forum for these. I don't know what to name it though. "Show Me" seems strange and confusing for a name. Any ideas? EDIT: Feel free to show your support for a name idea by voting it up
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