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  1. Not a bad days work for the CEO: Date Name Deal type Number of shares dealt Price Value of trade Shares remaining 14 Aug 2020 Oringer, Jonathan Regular sell transaction (market) 2,064,000 $46.32 $95,599,320 13,937,327 Yes, that'
  2. Not quite. At the current price (about $37) $1,000 would buy 27 shares. So even if 500,000 people invested $1,000 they'd still only own just over 33% if the issued stock. The chairman owns 45%.
  3. I don't know what has happened, but in the last week it has become almost impossible to log in to SS. The recaptcha images are even more indistinct than usual (especially on my tablet) and even when you have, as far as one can tell, ticked all the correct boxes it still says try again. I don't know if there is a "severity level" setting, but if there is SS have turned it up way too high!
  4. Thanks for your feedback both, it helped me to realise that the error was mine. I included a keyword in my search which I knew I had added to the images ... except I hadn't!!! I'm a bit confused by the Damselfly reference - since that wasn't in the title or description or keywords as far as I could see. But you were correct in one respect though. A banded demoiselle is a damselfly not a dragonfly. I've changed the description. Thanks.
  5. Look, I'm probably doing something wrong, but I'm confused. I have a handful of images on SS. Initially I had some rapid sales, some for good money for the microstock industry. But things have gone quiet. So I thought I'd take a look "as a customer" to see if I could find my images. Not a chance! For example I have some images (taken this autumn) of Red Deer Stags in Bushy Park London. I've even added the latin name to the keywords. Can I find them from the customer search page? Not a chance. Can any kind person offer an explanation please?
  6. Apologies for the spelling. Russell
  7. Agreed rinder99, great shot. I'm not sure I agree with ruexperiancediam, the "darters" in the UK, which I've been chasing do just that as soon as they see any movement whatsoever - though other species will land just about anywhere. And as we tend to have only solitary specimens around here, it can be a long wait until one comes into range/position. I guess the only way people became "extremely talented" at capturing them was practice. So I'll keep at it. Russell
  8. Thank you all for your helpful & constructive feedback. Jhuls, please don't worry, I'm not a sensitive soul looking for false praise. And I can do brutal too. But I try to use it wisely. Jeffbanke, thank you for the work you've put in, I understand the point you're making, and how the final image looks completely washed out following correction. Can I push you all on one further point, the images that I'm interested in capturing are of wildlife, particularly insects, especially bees, in the wild. They tend neither to sit still, nor choose to present themselves in any outdoor "s
  9. Wow, that was an encouraging response! But thanks for the welcome rinder99. OK I'll try again. Any one able to offer some constructive criticism on this one?
  10. I've read the "sticky" about how to post images for a critique. I haven't summoned up the courage to submit my first 10 images yet, and I'd really appreciate some feedback before I do. One thing I don't understand though. When (if) I try submitting images for approval, do I need to reduce them to 500px too, or do I submit the high quality image. Sorry if I'm being dense, but I am a beginner!
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