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  1. Dls consistent @~160/month. Earnings consistent with worst months (worst yet). It's all about the ELs, ODs and SODs.......you don't gottem, you don't make much! Still, no effort made for 2 years now, so I don't complain! 🙃 Besides, for me, July is commission month.........Christmas comes early.
  2. One of the above plagiarists has 3 pages of footage....this spacey one actually has 6 copies turn up when you view theirs! Amazing. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1062489079-futuristic-space-station-looks-very-beautiful-multi Edit: Forgot to say that in the 'lamb' footage above the first one doesn't even seem to have an author. How does that work?
  3. Interesting how 'bleating' blatant those thieves/plagiarists have become with footage. At least with photos some thieves actually went to the trouble of flipping and/or blurring. SS installs software to stop contributors uploading similars but appears not to use software to detect blatant copies. Even the length of all those clips is the same! UFB.
  4. Interesting that that photo was on Page 1 of food (45million images) whilst the description is totally inaccurate (no bowl and not mixed nuts only pistachios). Even more crazy is his image a bit lower on that same 'food' page of a street pigeon with no food in sight (looking for food). https://image.shutterstock.com/image-photo/rock-pigeon-street-looking-foodrock-600w-1684487635.jpg You can't tell me there isn't something bent!
  5. Declining rewards lead to waning interest among contributor forum participants (aka stock is not so hot as it was!).
  6. Language change is at the bottom of page for me.
  7. Fortunately, in July I have commissioned work and I don't have to worry about the pathetic sales this month (and they are truly pathetic).
  8. I would suspect that the AI used to couple the final illustration with the components submitted is incapable of relating the two (as a human brain is capable of doing so) and should be called AUI (artificial unintelligence). As evidenced by all the thieves here, a simple flip of a photo does not show up in similar images in search....by which means many stolen images remain hidden from the original author.
  9. "Never mind the quality, feel the width." 😄 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Never_Mind_the_Quality,_Feel_the_Width
  10. Selling nicked pics makes money. Caring costs and shareholders hate costs but love making money. 🙄
  11. It's funny but FT (where I was exclusive) was the reason I came to SS in 2012. Somehow, I never thought I was good enough for SS then but when I was with FT I was doing well with a couple of really good sellers...........until they suddenly (and I mean suddenly) stopped selling. I had a couple of images that sold really well and within 2 weeks, they never sold again. So, I deleted them from FT and came to SS where the one image had sold 500X on FT and suddenly stopped whereas it has sold here 4,000+ times which only tells me that it was a good commercial image and that whatever happened in 20
  12. Agree absolutely. I have similar cameras(D800 and D5200). They're both great for stock or almost anything else and the great thing about the D5200 series is the fully articulated monitor. D800s are big lumps especially with a grip but they are good with 36Mp full frame and really cheap used (I paid €600 for my D800 with only 20K shots on the shutter). My take everywhere camera is a Sony A6000 APS-C (24Mp) sensor with 16-50mm kit lens which you can buy new for less than €500 now. This camera fits in my pocket of a photo-jacket and delivers fantastic quality (far in excess of what's required fo
  13. Can't make any money on interest these days. In fact, if you have a million on the bank, they now charge you interest for leaving it there. Crazy world! Happily unaffected! 🤣
  14. Beware using aperture settings beyond f11 (f16, f22 etc) as diffraction causes the images to become softer rather than sharper. Resolution is not the same as depth of field and most modern lenses resolve best (best fine detail) between f4 and f8. Prime lenses usually have better resolution characteristics than zoom lenses and if the Sony/Zeiss prime lens is too expensive, there are plenty of good and cheaper alternatives from Sigma and Tamron. Your present zoom lens and camera combination is probably sufficient for your purposes considering that you don't have the Sony R camera which was used
  15. Trouble is that when reviewers interpret intellectual property rights correctly or incorrectly as they apply to images sent for review, the safest decision for them to make if they have any doubts is to reject. If they incorrectly rejected the image, there's no comeback to them whereas if they pass the image incorrectly, the comeback could be significant. Let someone else on a higher pay-grade take the decision. 🙂
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