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  1. I can feel the spam coming soon...........unless they have a 'religious' break on Sundays.😁
  2. Sorry. How foolish of me to think they were gone. Why have a 'report' button when there's no-one there to pay attention.
  3. Amazingly fast response from SS on the Technical issues spam. This afternoon I reported a couple of the spams and added in the comments that there were another 7 pages of it. All has now been removed.🥂
  4. As mentioned on the Ala forums, the only thing that interests companies these days is inspiring shareholder confidence by increasing stock price/ company profits. Getting an employee to spend a couple of hours every day to moderate or check the forms would be deemed to be a non-profitmaking activity and thus shall not be done. Remember the days when there were more customer needs than images available and Jon boss came and had days out visiting his suppliers in all parts of the world? Those days are long gone because the suppliers are now prepared to provide an huge excess of material and have
  5. Had a little jump in sales earlier this week with a couple of ODDs. Now gone dead again....it is POETS day after all. That spamming will only be finished when SS makes the forum a contributor only forum. You need to have approved images to be able to open an account. Also, maybe we can report the spammers to their own Communist Party in China and say that they're giving China a bad name internationally....which will lead the spammers to get negative points on their Social Credit System! And then they won't be able to get a mortgage in future. That'll larn 'em! 😆
  6. Seems that moanin' in the mornin' helps. Got my first ODD of the month today.
  7. Yep! Forbo in Krommenie...still see the smokestack for miles before you get to Krommenie. As you said, Zaandam was a really early industrial town and also had shipbuilding which Tsar Peter I of Russia came to visit in 1697. There's a whole Russian area here with various streets named after the Tsar and missus! There are regular wedding ceremonies performed in Czar Peter Huisje. I even got paid to photograph one there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czar_Peter_House_(Netherlands) Another town along the Zaan river is Wormerveer. Most of the old industrial buildings have now been convert
  8. Zaandam was a major industrial center in North Holland and as well as various cocoa producers there's still at least one factory producing dried soups. That smells too. In fact, come to think of it, Zaandam is a bit of a smelly place! 😁 Still, it's better than Central London of 20 years ago. I stayed there for a couple of days on a photo job and I couldn't believe the black (likely carcinogenic) crap on my handkerchief after blowing my nose! All those diesel fumes from taxis and buses then but I expect it's been cleaned up a lot since then. Gimmee Zaandam any day!
  9. SS has spared me the disappointment of tencent and teencent sales by having downloads drop off a cliff this month! 😢 Haven't even made $1/day this month yet. A couple of sub-$ SODs and not a single ODD so far. Wilm. Your percentage of 100+ downloads is much higher than mine. I have only 5.3% of 903 images that have sold 100X or more. Only 4% has sold for a total of more than $100 (lifetime).
  10. Thanks for those most interesting statistics, Wilm. 2012-2020: Number of contributors 40X 2012-2020: Number of images 15.6X 2012-2020: Number of downloads 2.5X 2012-2020: Number of customers 2.6X The way I look at those stats is, what are the chances of a potential buyer seeing your newly uploaded and approved image on the first few pages of 'NEW'? In the old days your new image could be found on the first couple of pages of 'NEW' for days after it was approved even in the most popular categories. Today, that image in 'NEW' is been&gone from the fir
  11. Probably the emissions from the cocoa factories all along the Zaan river. You can tell them by they really tall smokestacks. They have scrubbers to filter out (presumably) the worst of the emissions but obviously not everything gets taken out and if the wind is in the wrong direction and you're in the plume, then you'll smell something nasty. I'm not sure but the smoke probably come from the roasting of the cocoa beans at up to 250°F. Cocoa beans are quite acidic and I presume that driving off their moisture by roasting emits an acidic steam/smoke. There's cocoa factory just across the ro
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