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  1. Far too many ten and teenyboppers this month. Still deciding.
  2. If an image is specific to 'New England' I would use the two words or even three (New England fall) as a phrase because when you split 'new' and England' you end up in search for all things 'new' and all searches for 'England' whereas Fall in New England is a well-known arboreal colour spectacle which I don't doubt that customers actually search for specifically.
  3. Had everything up to $0.99 subs but in insufficient number to bring my subs average above $0.19 which is half what I was getting.
  4. That's you told, Chy! 🤣
  5. As the great majority of my sales are subs, my revenue per sub has halved ($0.19) in June compared to before (Level 4 now and $0.38/sub before). ODDs are on a par with the old $2.85. I'm dependent on SODs and ELs to make up the loss in subs and therein lies the problem; they can vary enormously from month to month. This month (June) I got lucky with an EL and SOD but it's now a game of chance rather than a business more than ever before.
  6. Average $$$. Average dls. Dollar amount is thanks to SOD and EL. Subs income down by 50%. RPI ODDs is very slightly better than before June but my ODDs sales seem to vary dramatically from month to month. Some months $50+ in ODDs and other months ~$15. Subs dls fairly constant at around 150/month so that's a loss of 50%. Wait and see what happens this month.
  7. Topaz Denoise AI is a good investment. If you look around you can find a review that also offers 15% discount. I finally got acceptable quality from old 35mm and larger slide films by doing the following: Used my Nikon D800 (already had this), bought the latest Tamron 90mm macro...it really is sharp, shot everything on a lightbox with diffused/indirect flash, used Topaz DeNoise AI on the RAW files (takes a few minutes per file on my i7 4th gen laptop), finish in PS-CC and manually spot and clean and finally save at around 10-12MP instead of 36Mp. Just before the 10 cent announcement, I uploaded a few files of which all were accepted. These are all from 35mm slides (Usually FujiRDP100) taken on an Olympus OM2 camera. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/old-wooden-bench-tourist-village-overlooking-1734462674 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/hillside-beauty-spot-ancient-wooden-bench-1734452810 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/seaside-cafe-terrace-tables-chairs-empty-1734455621 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/empty-rails-converging-perspective-alpine-ski-1734443378 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/cooked-king-prawns-on-bed-lettuce-1734448094 I got better results using Topaz on the RAW files but you do need to be patient unless you have a really fast computer..
  8. I think that you have to be careful if you disable your best-sellers because they will certainly lose their place at the top of the search if/when they're re-instated. I once had a problem here where SS lost/deleted 3 of my files by mistake. The informed me immediately and I re-uploaded them all with a couple of days. One was selling regularly but after the re-upload hardly ever sold again. Engel Ching, you may have better luck because you have great, atmospheric shots of much wanted subjects whereas I just had a shot of lasagna! BTW if you disable your port and then enable it some time later, you won't be able to re-upload the same images again without deleting (instead of disabling) first because SS will flag your new uploads as similars. I have to say that while 10 cent subs are really offpi**ing, so far this month my average subs rate is 19 cents which is half what I was getting before (38cents). The average for ODDs in the new scheme (30%) is slightly better than my old $2.85. I'm holding off on disabling until I have a better picture of loss/gain in the months to come.
  9. Infringement claims correctly presented often take a week or more before the image is removed and then the rest of the fraudfolio stays up until such times as another 2 or more authors file an infringement claim. AS is much faster. I found some stolen images on AS ripped off from an artist couple in UK. They had an email address so I mailed them and they got their representative to send a DMCA notice. Their shots were gone within 24 hours and within 48 hours his whole port was gone. These guys are always serial offenders and unlike AS that quickly removes the whole port, SS seems to give them the benefit of the doubt!
  10. Never heard of that happening. Once again, that would cost manpower and resources which doesn't contribute to the bottom line....and, presumably, will not done. However, I have no idea what happens if some like Getty would insist on SS informing them of any revenue received from their pirated work. Might have to pay up but the amounts involved are probably just pennies and no-one is bothered except the actual author.
  11. Their algos detect similar images in a portfolio of a single contributor not similar images in virtual space. As you've seen in the past from their tardy reaction to fakefolios, it's not a priority for SS as it costs money and they don't lose out (except perhaps a little reputation). Nah!
  12. Gold bars stolen from Getty: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/number-shiny-1000g-gold-biscuits-1762853936 https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/illustration/gold-bullion-illustration-royalty-free-illustration/545864069?adppopup=true ...this is a naughty boy. Whiteaster's link to infringement claims is the correct way to go. Chances are that they'll only take down your infringed photo from his port and leave the rest unless a few other infringed authors complain too. The penalties for you if you make a false claim are horrendous....for him, nothing, except losing his fake portfolio.
  13. Think I can answer that one. Unlikely! We have similarly sized albeit totally different portfolios and I have a fairly constant number of dls every month. This month is no different in dls. I'm even slightly up on May because of an EL and SOD. I've sold around 130 subs so far in June and the loss is 50% $24 instead of $49 (@$0.38 previously). ODDs come out at around the same money. Forgot to say I'm at 30% rate.
  14. For SS that will only cause some decline in diversity of the collection as the small contributors withdraw or fail to submit new material. Who knows whether that's perceived as good or bad by the management.
  15. What is insane is that the author of those videos only has a total of 22 videos on SS of which 16 or 17 are of pasta and which are all on that first page of popular out of 36,600 pasta total! Dunno how the guy did that?
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