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  1. Funnily enough that shot was one of a few I uploaded here just before the 'June Announcement'.......it actually sold twice in June but nothing since then. Taken 1981 in Bayrischzell where I discovered that I hated skiing with all my heart! I'm just a terra firma kinda guy. At least I got a couple of shots from the trip. Got a whole load of digitized slides at the link on that 'archive' section. What I did during lockdown.
  2. Today it seems that rather than fight, we have to Unite for the Right to Party! 🎉 Oh, and a nice bottle of my favourite red......
  3. Thanks Wilm. I'll have a look at my RPsubD for this month to see whether it's improved. I know from previous calculations that it's been fairly static around an average 19 cents/sub from June through August. Indeed a 50% pay cut. Edit: My rate per sub so far this month had hardly changed. It's now 20 cents average instead of 19 cents.Overwhelmed by tens and teens!
  4. That is certainly true for the old boyz/girlz. They have known the good (and comparatively easy) times. But considering your late start here, Steve, you're building up nicely....so it can still be done. I don't know whether it's just some sort of quirk but I'm now seeing more higher value subs coming in. Still getting lots of tens and teens but this week I've also had a $1.47, $1.03, $0.90, $0.87 and $0.83 all subs! I'm wondering whether some of the 'download-ten-free' have now decided to subscribe to the low-volume subs packages on which we earn the most? Purrhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel....or not.🙂
  5. Thanks. In the 80's and 90's I was a full-time commercial photographer. I've done well in the past with food but if you compare my 'not really specialised in food' port to that of Foodio (similar size port) I make buttons in comparison! I suppose that I was lucky to get in here when I did (2012) and that some of my first 10 images for admittance to the SS temple (as it was then....or so I thought) still sell regularly today. My most sold image is coming up for 4K downloads with a couple of others in the 2K range. Compared to some real oldies here, I was even a bit late to the party and not a really stellar performer compared to some who joined around the same time as me. It's difficult for anyone who wasn't here then to imagine how good the good times were. My port was probably around 500 photos in 2015 and I was getting 400+ downloads every month. $300+/month was normal and if you had a couple of big SODs/ELs they boosted the month to over $400. The thing is, those sorts of earnings inspired one to produce more and better work but by 2018 I noticed that anything new I uploaded was often deluged by the 200K images coming in every day. One day after approval of images in a particular popular category, I would take a look to see where those images turned up in 'new' and they'd already be on page 5. In the good ole daze, you would probably still find your new images on page 1 after 3 or 4 days which gave them a decent chance to be seen and bought. In those days it was very much a business which could be built up and with a reasonable expectation of increasing returns for time&talent invested. Nowadays, it's more a lottery...Well, do ya feel lucky punk?🙃
  6. Correction: It was 21X that file (in July). The strange thing about those 21 sales in one day is that they came in parts. First I think I had 5 or six come in which grew to 10 or so within another couple of hours. Couple of hours later the rest came in. I still have regular sales of that same file for 60 cents and sometimes they come in batches of 3X also. I don't know if I have any files that SS sells through print sites. I can't really imagine that particular file selling as a print but who knows?
  7. Thanks Sari. I've had loads of $0.60 sales of one image to an undefined place near NYC. The first time it was 25X $0.60 and I always thought it peculiar but hey...it's better than 1X 10 cents. Maybe it was prints although I find the subject a little bizarre.....blood pressure meter showing normal blood pressure!
  8. In the 60's I only had a 127 Brownie and B&W film. Didn't know of the existence of slide film. 🙂 However, in the 70's and 80's I used almost exclusively slide film. Most of that will not pass muster here when digitized but some did especially when taken with prime lenses on my Olympus OM cameras. The 18mm and 21mm lenses were particularly sharp but the 35-70mm f4 zoom was pretty sh*t. I found a relatively expensive way to get good digitzed copies of slides using the latest Tamron 90mm macro on a Nikon D800and Topaz AI Noise on the RAW files. Mostly I reduced the copy to half (D800) size to get accepted. Example from Kodachrome 64 (I think) from '78 or '79: Probably Fuji 100 or Ektachrome 64 from 1980 During lockdown I actually spent a lot of time digitzing my old slides (mostly but not exclusively 35mm) using the above technique...strewth 335 photos! https://stevemartin.viewbook.com/album/covidaze
  9. I was a bit shocked to see that my last September (2019) was terrible @ $71. I'm just below that now and would expect to better last year by a small margin. My downloads are pretty constant at 150-160/month. ODDs are also also fairly constant too and with the majority of sales in subs, just like others, I'm dependent on moderate SODs and/or ELs to make the month worthwhile. Really, I shouldn't complain because I've hardly uploaded anything for a couple of years now. In 2017 and early 2018 it just seemed that anything I uploaded never sold and I stopped making the effort. It could be that what I was uploading was crap but I got to thinking about the process of customers searching for 'new' work and realised that with the flood of new images coming in at the rate of 250,000/day, my images would only stay on P1 of 'new' for maybe a few hours. The chances of being spotted and bought by a customer looking for something new (because they didn't want anything from 'popular') had been so reduced from the good-old-days when new images would stay on P1 of 'new' for a few days that I just thought it was no longer worth the effort. Even had my photos been superior to others submitted in that category, the chances of them disappearing into the abyss without views or sales were still very high. I suppose we were all rather spoiled brats from 2005 to 2015!
  10. I too had a good August with sales at 50-70% above 'normal' (months 2020 until June). September is pretty dreadful so far despite an EL and a similar SOD early in the month. The volume in 10 cent and teen cent subs just kills it.
  11. Very true. All my regular sellers are from 2015 and earlier. Since 2018 I've uploaded very few new images because I noticed that I had almost no sales from new...so I stopped uploading.
  12. 25% of the downloads compared to September 2015 (half the present portfolio size). 20% of the September 2015 income......those days were exciting....now....not so much!
  13. The 'j' in Dutch is mostly used with the letter 'i' to make the vowel sound like a 'y' ( actually it sounds more like the 'ei' in Eiffel Tower). The fact that they used a small 'i' with capital 'J' may be the old-fashioned way of doing it or it may be for the graphic form because now, according to Wiki: "The IJ is a body of water, formerly a bay, in the Dutch province of North Holland. It is known for being Amsterdam's waterfront. Its name is from an obsolete Dutch word meaning "water". The name consists of the digraph ij, which behaves like a single letter. Therefore both letters are capitalized; cf. IJmuiden." When used in other words it's just 'ij'. In Dutch the letter 'i' alone is pronounced more like an English 'ee'. Nice Elgin cathedral ruin and StonedHenge BTW. 😄
  14. Yup! And whodathought 2020 would would be such a scary year!
  15. My great regret with SS income in the good old days is that I didn't 'invest' a portion of my SS earnings in Bitcoin (when 1 BTC <$1.00). Could have made more than the current CEO is going to make in bonus by creating SSnano-stock.🙃
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