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  1. The BOT is only as good as the guy/gal/other gender that progged it.....so if the bot looks like an eejit....you know who to blame! 😄
  2. No need. In a couple of years if the stock price doesn't keep increasing, they'll be off to pastures new with bigger and better options/stock packages. They've already cashed out for millions......and there's always a newer and better opportunity out there on the horizon.
  3. Must confess to not looking more closely.........seems to be a general level of 'business dishonesty' in this world of stock photos. I refer also to all the complaints on Trustpilot about SS and AS about being unable to cancel a subscription package which was first seemingly advertised to the customer as 'free'! We're in a bandit industry, it would appear! 😄
  4. Chanced upon Freepik today....consumer retail-ready templates with photo's available in abundance....why bother with SS &As or a designer when you can pluck this for free? https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/food Seems to be sponsored by AS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Congrats! That's what keeps me hooked too with nearly $90 in SODs and an EL last month. This month.....nothing to pop the corks for so far but, hey, there's still 2/3rds of the month to go. It's like Dirty Harry said, "Well, do ya feel lucky punk...well, do ya?" Used to be a business.....now it's a lottery! (Except for SS, that is).
  6. Maybe they'll get a boost every Q1 from their easy money from the contributors all falling back to Tier 1....until the SSTK buyers get wise to that. No matter, the senior management have already made out like bandits with their share and options packages.....bought in at $30 last March/April and cashed out one year later at around $90. Yep. That's the way to do it....if at first they don't accept, use a smaller hammer! 😄
  7. I have absolutely no problems with uploads and acceptance. I don't bother anymore as it's pointless (rewards not commensurate with effort involved)! Falling royalties? You shoulda bin buying SSTK stock to compensate! Someone has.
  8. Haven't had that yet either with SS. Once or twice in the old days with FT before it became AS. It is really quite ridiculous that the agency sticks it to the contributor with the financial burden of fraud whilst the contributor is the one whose image license has been fraudulently obtained and (ab)used. When SS takes 2/3rds of everything they make on licensing our copyrights, the least we should expect is that they take the hit for fraud because we can't do anything to prevent it and they can. Only they can put systems in place to prevent being robbed and we can't.....so why is it the contribu
  9. I'm also really too old for social media but I recently created an IG account because it was the only way to get to see other IG accounts for more than 20 seconds (before you get cut off being asked to log in). As it's really a mobile-based medium and I hate the smartphone (can't stand those poxy virtual keyboards that tend to autofill something you don't mean), I got Vivaldi browser which enables uploading to IG from a laptop. I noticed that on smartphone there's an horrendous level of advertising as soon as you go to your account and on the laptop it's far less. But hey it's free........ whe
  10. The way it seems to (not) work is that only recent images get graded and only if they've sold (ever). None of my 1K+ sellers has been graded (thank goodness!) and they still sell. I have to say that this all makes me think we're in some Instagram world where everything depends on views and followers. I actually don't want followers because it means I have to compromise my 'free image thoughts' to give followers (who are virtual and anonymous) something to comply with their expectations in order to be 'successful' on social media! EffDat!
  11. Piet Mondriaan's colored in rectangles were probably just innovative at the time, so it got noticed. I've shot a couple of his watercolors made before his colored rectangles work for a museum archive and they were rather drab, ordinary and unremarkable Dutch landscapes with windmills and canals! Like many celebs & artists there's always a bit of luck and serendipity involved at some point in their lives (along with talent). As for bananas stuck to walls....I don't geddit either. Whilst art can break your heart....it's kitsch that makes you rich! 😁
  12. Exactly. It's funny that if I look at one of Pollock's 'cycling' works I see something pleasing to the eye because it 'fits'....it's got that certain something that makes it 'pleasing' even if you can't define what it is. And if you see other 'artists' trying to imitate his style in their work, their attempts often don't work to give that same pleasing effect. S'pose that's what makes it art!
  13. Like most stuff on Wall Street, this too is based on the 'Greater Fool' theory of 'investment'. Dunno what happens to all these NFTs if we get a Carrington Event 2.0. At least all the non-virtual work will survive....and I love Jack the Dripper's work too! Yippee...passed the 500dls mark today and am back to my real pre-ripoff percentage again. Once more, the future is sooo bright I need my shades.😁 👓
  14. Yep. Good stuff. I think this whole NFT stuff was thought up by people originally in finance. Wall Street lives on 'gas' money ....a smallish percentage take on everything that's bought and sold so why not apply it to the art market. Why should the auction houses get to keep all their commissions! There's been a move to monetize blockchain technology outside the cryptocurrencies for a while and this seems a good way to do it (for them for the time being anyway!) 🙃
  15. Until I get to Level #3 which hopefully is this month, I'm getting $0.50 for those SODs sans herkomst (nice bit of Eurospeak nicht wahr!) which used to be $0.60. 😄
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