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  1. Average sub sale this month is $0.23 and was in months June and July $0.19 which was exactly half of what I had been getting. ODDs are on average above pre-June at $3.70 (were $2.85). Monthly earnings pretty constant whilst dls this month are 10% higher than average.
  2. I'm not worried either! I only wondered! What me worry......Alfred E Neuman
  3. Agree with removing 'Much Hadam' from the keywords...a non-UK reviewer would probably associate those words with Thanksgiving gluttony! I like the mist though. Here's an example of how words can be misinterpreted. 😀
  4. When the free float is so small, outside investors are at the mercy of the insiders which may not be a problem if everyone is agreed the price needs to go up!! Ka...ching, Ka....ching! Have to wonder though whether the current management philosophy won't leave a withered dying carcass in a few years time.
  5. Normal month for me is 160-170dls but this month will be around 200....fair, for a port of 900......considering almost nothing new uploaded for 2 years. That's when I started to see the trend of little or no reward for effort and decided to cancel effort. Now I get $80-$100/month for absolutely no effort so I'm not complaining....let it wither on the vine! Senior management will be off to fresh fields and even greater rewards in a couple of years proclaiming how fantastic they are as managers.....just look a the stock price. And so it goes.......
  6. Good relevant shots. Dunno whether you've tried Topaz Denoise AI but you can test it free for a month. I used it for a load of old 35mm slides and it worked well enough to get some accepted here. BTW have to use it on RAW files.
  7. Exactly. That's why they changed the rules for admission to the money club when only one good shot was good enough to get in. Makes admitting all those one-hit wonders worthwhile when you have a few thousand of them.
  8. Good info, Maurice and many thanks again. I actually have so much work that isn't on SS or AS because I was hoping to get it into the better payers like Archangel etc. My wife has, for whatever reason, been a bit daft on wanting to get into St*cksy but after the 4th rejection she now realises it's hopeless...as I told her after the first time. I just don't do their style whatever that is!! As you will understand from this......I don't know what they want but, in any case, it's not me and never will be. I don't know whether it is suitable for anyone but I'm not going to place it here for 10 ce
  9. Thanks again Maurice. That's great information, well researched. Beautiful work too. Veel succes. Now to try and find some work of mine that stands a chance! Wroet, wroet!
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