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  1. Well... slightly higher than prev Jan in terms of volume but with 50% less $. I really don't need to say anything more, not happy at all. They're not even 1/4 of AS.
  2. They do need to get a grip of this. It's a bit of a farce to be honest. Today, submitted a load of landscapes and some with people (inc releases). The ones with release, probably seen by a human all passed. Every single other one declined because of focus. All shot with a Sony A9, 24-105 at a min of f9. All are perfectly focused... I bin anything that is not perfect at 100% as I don't need to waste time on sub standard shots. Same way I could really do without wasting time with SS's crap AI. If you can't get it to work, stop using it and pay for someone to review it properly.... you're ta
  3. Experienced this this morning. All editorial images passed and all non editorial failed. Reason... Focus / Sensor Quality?!?! All within seconds of upload. Obviously AI as they wouldn't have even had time to look at them. Camera used Sony A9 with Sony 24-105 & Batis 40mm + 11 years working professionally. I would notice if one image wasn't sharp never mind ALL of them! They go through on the second attempt. Someone needs to prod the AI system as it seems to be broken again.
  4. Sadly, they're not exactly quick at changing the level even when you've passed it!
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