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  1. The volume of sales on the map are not corresponding with the earnings page. The earnings page seemed to stop quite a few hours ago while the map is showing new downloads. Something got stuck?!?
  2. Looking like it'll be my worst August since 2014.... less than 50% of last August.
  3. Hi @Kate Shutterstock just to say that I received a reply from the support team... "The amount that you earn from each download is a percentage of the price paid by the customer for that license. The percentage paid to you varies with the earnings level you are in at the time of the purchase, while the purchase price varies depending on the type of plan the customer used to download your content." As you will appreciate... that reply answers nothing really. It would appear they have a lot of emails to respond to and they used the first cut-and-paste reply they could fined. I replied with the following queries... Edit..... Just seen your reply above, thanks for reaching out to them as it does look suspicious in terms of the volume and that most were duplicate sales as well. Thanks again
  4. True... I have questions about what scheme it is (or if it is one) and whether it means high volume pay-per-view type of sales. It could be a correction for previous sales, no one knows!
  5. I know where your coming from,... one of the reasons I’m not submitting here at the moment... concentrating on other agencies... that said, 41 $0.84 sales yesterday... stills sales are slightly down to normal but up until yesterday, no footage sales at all. If I’d hadn’t had that 2.5 week blank of footage sales, my inc would have been the same as previous months. Still too early to tell how this is going to work out!
  6. I see the downvoters are out... even downvoting posts trying to draw this to the admins attention 🙄 They attack you when you have a different opinion / method and then attack you some more if you dare to defend the right to have a different opinion. Pushing, antagonising people isn't going to make them change to your way of thinking... just push them away even further. I'll leave you all to it... plenty of images / illustrations to do, but not necessarily for here.
  7. No, I'm not thick either thank you. I know exactly what you're saying. </End>
  8. Maybe, maybe not but there will be a lot of full timers who have to pay the bills, the nuclear option is not always the way to go. There are other ways! Your statement "It’s you guys that make it too easy for them" was nothing more than a cheap sarcastic comment having a pop at fellow contributors who are dealing with the matter differently to you. You don't find me telling people it's my way or the highway and, quite frankly, I don't expect others to ridicule my decision in an open forum without knowing my circumstances.
  9. Well, until you pay for the food on my table, roof over my head I respectfully ask you lay off with the pre-judging. Just because my port is open does not mean it's been added to. If I can't pay the mortgage, the house is taken away. Of course, if you're will ing to pay that money each month to me... that's a different matter.
  10. While I'm not overly enthusiastic about these sales at the moment, I will reserve judgement until I know exactly what they are. For instance, if they're a pay-per-view sales that are totalled up at the end of each day rather than someone downloading the footage file... then I may have a different view. If they're all sales that the client has downloaded for that amount($), I wouldn't be happy. But... until Shutterstock decides to tell us, we can't say for sure. Come on Shutterstock, help us understand what's going on rather than assume the worst. You don't make it easy for yourselves do you!
  11. I've submitted a query to shutterstock to see if we can have an explanation regarding the package and whether these sales count towards the level totals (for footage). I provided a link to this thread to see if they can provide the update here so everyone can see what the new sales relate to etc. @Kate Shutterstock @Alex Shutterstock @Anna Shutterstock @Jeff De
  12. Well, I ended the day with 41 $0.84 clip downloads... I guess it'll help me to the next level! I might even get a $1 at the next level 🙄 Edit... Just looked at the home screen "Monthly Earnings" graph, select "Video" from dropdown instead of all and "Past Month" for time frame. It shows 22 footage sale. Give the 41 I had yesterday, there is either a delay in the stats or, they're not including these "Special" low value sales in their calculations. Now, could anyone, I me anyone at shutterstock give us a rundown on what is going on?!? Are these low value clip sales part of that projector scheme. If so, do the sales count towards your level... if not, why not and are these just streamed... i.e. not downloaded to the users account. Just some background as to what is going on would be nice. Thanks @Kate Shutterstock @Alex Shutterstock @Anna Shutterstock @Jeff De
  13. Most are different... a few duplicates though (2x)
  14. Haha.... they'll need to sell 97 to match the 1 I had at AS... and that wasn't an unusual amount. edit... although another 3 in the last few mins takes the tally to 23 in the last couple of hours!
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