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  1. I think someone at SS needs to pull their finger out and sort out this spam issue as well as issues are being buried faster than you can report them. I'm presuming no one is covering for the US holiday weekend 🙄
  2. If anyone can see this through all the spam cra... on these forums, sales are currently showing on map but not on earnings / inc page.
  3. Things turned sound by the end of Sunday. I'll wager that something went wrong or there were problems with the site Friday / Saturday as everything just stopped during this time and now seems to have started again. I also spotted another forum with people asking if SS was down and that some were having problems accessing the site.
  4. A couple of sales turned up today but they're still behind IS never mind AS. It's been the last week or two that things have slowed down here so could easily improve but they do suck compared to their main competitors. But hey, SS don't really seem to care... unless it's a problem that impacts on shareholders!
  5. And it continues. No sales now for 1.5 - 2 days. The last ones were mid Friday. For me, it was September 2013 when I last didn't have a sale in a day. Most major holidays inc Christmas etc there would always be sales but nothing now!
  6. Slowly?!? On a bad month they are just 2x better, good months are near to 4x.
  7. Dead… not even one sale today… first day of no sales in 8 years… I really can’t remember it happening before? Meanwhile a certain software company is romping away! Have SS lost some key accounts?!?
  8. Woke Identity Politics. "What matters is not goodness but the appearance of goodness, we're no longer human beings... We are now angels jostling to out-angel one another.". When ever I see a company behaving in this manner, I avoid them. I like to treat everyone as an individual and not try and place them in neat groups just so I can say how good I am. </Rant Over>
  9. Well... slightly higher than prev Jan in terms of volume but with 50% less $. I really don't need to say anything more, not happy at all. They're not even 1/4 of AS.
  10. They do need to get a grip of this. It's a bit of a farce to be honest. Today, submitted a load of landscapes and some with people (inc releases). The ones with release, probably seen by a human all passed. Every single other one declined because of focus. All shot with a Sony A9, 24-105 at a min of f9. All are perfectly focused... I bin anything that is not perfect at 100% as I don't need to waste time on sub standard shots. Same way I could really do without wasting time with SS's crap AI. If you can't get it to work, stop using it and pay for someone to review it properly.... you're ta
  11. Experienced this this morning. All editorial images passed and all non editorial failed. Reason... Focus / Sensor Quality?!?! All within seconds of upload. Obviously AI as they wouldn't have even had time to look at them. Camera used Sony A9 with Sony 24-105 & Batis 40mm + 11 years working professionally. I would notice if one image wasn't sharp never mind ALL of them! They go through on the second attempt. Someone needs to prod the AI system as it seems to be broken again.
  12. Sadly, they're not exactly quick at changing the level even when you've passed it!
  13. The volume of sales on the map are not corresponding with the earnings page. The earnings page seemed to stop quite a few hours ago while the map is showing new downloads. Something got stuck?!?
  14. Looking like it'll be my worst August since 2014.... less than 50% of last August.
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