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  1. She was lying on the beach watching the sky...
  2. she decided to take red ...
  3. ...Nightingale song is coming from the forests ...
  4. yes locomotive arrived...
  5. thank you God ...
  6. ...Good man showed safe way...
  7. Due to strong lightning it blushed ...
  8. Congrats! I have 1,068 downloads.
  9. Thank you for reply Alex I have already sent e-mail on regarding my stolen photos. I will write again you again with more information about it. Regards, Nada
  10. Could somebody comment on what this is about? I searched my photo . Google search showed 13 page as below:
  11. Today I received an answer from the SS, here's what they wrote: _____________ Dear Nada Thank you for writing in. Shutterstock aggressively enforces the intellectual property rights of its community of contributors and does not tolerate infringement or piracy of any kind. We investigate every claim of infringement of Shutterstock's or its contributors' intellectual property rights and take appropriate steps, including the institution of legal action. We are aware of this website. However, we cannot provide specific details about our enforcement efforts. Please know that Shutterstock's anti-piracy efforts are ongoing and we appreciate the input and patience of our contributors as we work to combat this global issue. Best Regards, Shutterstock Compliance _____________ (by the way, a lot of my photos on mentioned website)
  12. In my case January - August 2017 average monthly is 34 download.
  13. Catastrophe, I'm still waiting for an answer SS.
  14. I did not use infringement page but only contact us. Now I sent to .Certainly something is wrong because their web site has printed in my photos. Thanks a lot Linda.
  15. Ok, thank you Pamela.