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  1. Like the colors... nice composition.. well done! https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/place-center-paris-colorful-umbrellas-instead-1337799332
  2. Could it work for the first 10? How about compoition? Sharp enough?
  3. Thanks Jeff and Rinder! I apreciate that.
  4. Last try (for this weekend).. would it be a little better composition? Editet to say: I know I have some noise and focus problems here. How about colors?
  5. How about this one guys? I do not think it is the best composition too, but it would be sharp enoght?
  6. Sorry semmickphoto, my fault! It will not happens again. Thanks Jeff, Dave and Mike...
  7. Hi guys! Please, take a look on these shoots. I trying to select my first 10. Any feedback will be really apreciated. Thanks a lot.
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