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  1. try adobe stock, it's growth fast, asian face portrait try pixta looking for on demand big sale 22-300 usd, try alamy. never exclusive, istock is.. 雞肋
  2. i know business is business, and SS is not the first agency mark down the price. when IS do the same thing, i remember many contributor also say boycattistock, but the true is istockphoto is still here, new image uploading seem never decrease. i need to confess i did not disable IS page and after half year i keep contribute to IS, the fact is IS allow me to earn monthly income, via some single large sale in clip and photo, but also the large number download with very low subscription price( the lowerst is 0.01 usd). so people still contribute the IS, as you know, exclusive payment is not practical unless your product are unique in the world, otherwise some contributors are from the countries with the lower cost of living index, 0.1 cent is still a money. but i don't think SS can do the same way like IS. not this time. in my perilous job, i need to deal with many news agency, AP, Reuters, RT, Gettyimage for editorial image and creative image when i become the client, i found that Getty is really a good dealer in photo agency and she make a huge sale network worldwide via competitive package, not only the editorial image but also the creative image, that why IS are still popular with the design house. as a contributor i still can earn something through Quantity and Unicity in IS with her biggest boss Getty, what SS do not have any similar network. even adobe stock they also have the great selling point to design house, the IT background, the package with premiere and PS.... but what going on SS? the only and the biggest advantage you own is: your huge contributors, not your poor sale team, not your upload UX.(ok fine your keyword tool is quit good then) first you cut the price, fine. then every year restart? wow, now IS seem more kindness to us although he don't accpet any newsworthy photo i doubt that how many old contributors are willing to upload new photos to SS and every year become the beginner. i doubt that how many new contributors hit the target and earn more than 0.1 cent at the end of year. it is insane. but thank you i earned 20,000 dollar lifetime in your page, but i know it will never happen again. i really suggest every contributor as the slide business you need to know the Diversified investment, don't contribute only one agency and make it become the monster. And all old friends here whatever you come from, even you don't disable your portfolio, you should consider to stop upload any new image from now on! Let open your calculator and count, assume you can make 10000 new and popular images every month every year, remember, first two months in the new year you are the level 1, how many ppl can go to the top level? you can't earn a life by SS now, i am not native speak in eng, sorry if you are difficult to read what i say
  3. really, good to hear that, i will contribute DT again, thank ~
  4. i can share some thought on it, first Depositphoto i have a little bit Subscription download every year, i upload 3XXX pic and every years got 50usd-100usd so you can't expect it will earn so much as like as ss. no one download the video, also no single sale, rarely on-demand image. AS is good once you can get some single sale sometime, also adobe clips can provide 25-28.25 usd for each sale. and i would like to say Adobe stock UX are more user-friendly than the Fotolia. moreover, adobe package to customers is quite attractive if you are the designer who using photoshop, ai or premiere. Dreamstime i hate it, they will sell my items for free if no download rate. alamy is the dark horse it sometime make the one big sale bi-monthly or monthly but you can't expect they can provide you the sale everyday. it have different charge system. in fact, i also re-contribute IS, IS indeed always provide the 0.01 cents per image, but it is base on their sale plan via Gettyimage worldwide, which mean if someone somewhere they are willing to buy the expensive stuff and they find your photo or video on Getty, you are luck enough to earn some large sale, like me around 4600 pic and video, you still can got 132-200 usd per month. this is the strength of IS, the worldwide network and sale team via Getty.... but i don't think SS have the same condition to Getty
  5. i am level 5 too, i am also 0.1 or 0.17 per image, what the hell
  6. what a stupid policy, i will contribute more photos in Alamy, adobe stock, Pond5, even the EYEEM i am so disappoint to SS after i experienced in IS, anyway, i am now don't trust any agency.
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