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    This one wouldn't even do that - The computer in question had reverted to an older drive with XP on it (and I have to say that watching a Win10 computer booting in XP is just strange), didn't even recognize the crashed drive. I tried putting it into an enclosure to connect to a different computer via USB as an external drive to see if I could remove the files that way, but all I got was some clicking noises. Google said that wasn't good at all, so it was time to try stronger measures and head for the professionals.

    In a true worst-case scenario (can't boot up, can't get the data off via an external drive enclosure), you can try getting the data professionally recovered. I've had to do this once, and it's not cheap or fast (IIRC, it took about a month before I got the drive back (via a new hard drive with the data, and it cost me about a thousand). There's also no guarantee they'll be able to recover everything. Still it is an option out there. However, I strongly recommend backing things up BEFORE it reaches this point.
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  4. It's a great photo!
  5. Sold for the 1st time today

  6. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Glad she seems to be feeling better! We never switched our cats off of the pine pellets for litter - it's cheap (we buy the pellet stove bags at the hardware store) and seems to be fairly low on the dust, although it doesn't do much for the smells our little toxic waste providers can emit at times. I'm guessing you're probably already aware of the wonder that is Nature's Miracle for kitty accidents. If not though, it's worth hunting down.
  7. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Definitely you have to read the book - sometimes more than once, and often on very tight deadlines.
  8. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    I write back of book indexes. It's a lot of fun, given the absolute range of books I get - everything from gardening to basic finance, biography or history books. It's also a "feast or famine" type of work. Yes, the lightbox was a wonderful gift, and one I haven't had the time to really play with yet.
  9. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Working full time on my business here. Not even time to go through the rest of September's few photos, much less take any new ones (There were a couple of cute cat photos that Shutterstock accepted, though I know the odds of them selling are low). And I've been wanting to get the light box out since Summer. A lovely gift from my husband, and I've only had the time to play with it once so far.
  10. How long until your first sale?

    I think I sold a couple on my first day with photos accepted - not the first day I signed up, BTW. Definitely hooked me though.
  11. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    I've heebie-jeebied on the last quarter of that rams fleece as of last year - and also my entire wool-washing kit. We had a rat problem in the outbuilding I was storing it all in for the winter. Think I'm just going to replace the whole kit (the cooking element at least, as I can't exactly bleach it down properly) and then take a chance on boiling the heck out of the remaining part of the fleece to sterilize it. I need a larger pot for hot water anyway (I'm thinking canning-pot this time rather than large saucepan).
  12. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    Interestingly, mine more or less ignore the washed wool - I've got two or three bags of it open downstairs waiting to be carded - not to mention the various batts, rolags and bags of roving that are out in different rooms around the house (I use both spindles and a wheel, so I've got projects all over the place). On the other hand, I remember coming home one day to find my lovely silk-merino singles I'd spun had been wound all around the condo I was living in at the time.
  13. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    When I got that ram's fleece it was not outdoor wool cleaning season and I couldn't wait. Did several batches in the bathtub and the only happy beings in the house were the cats - until I had to give them a bath after I caught them stinking of the fleece (from rolling in it). Needless to say, that fleece got exiled to the shed and cleaning it became a summers only project. I've managed about three quarters of the fleece - most of which is sitting in the basement waiting to be carded.
  14. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    I remember being told that especially with a ram, you don't go for the tops of their heads. Merinos are wonderful for spinning fiber, but I have a soft spot for shetlands. Though I think I'll be happy to be done with the ram's fleece and go on to an ewe's fleece. It should be less smelly.
  15. The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

    They kill feathers pretty quickly. I've bought toys with feathers on them in the past and they might last for two days before the feathers are chewed off. Despite the complaining, these two little nuisances are definitely part of the family and I don't know what I'd do without them. They learn quickly too. I've been doing a fair number of fish sandwiches (tuna or salmon) and the cats now believe that every time the can opener comes out it's going to be fish (which means they get a flake or two each). It's rather amusing to have the meowing duo show up at my feet for a can of tomatoes. The look of disappointment