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  1. Lovely bird photos! I'll admit that bird photos are some of my favorites to do - but I've got a long way to go before I'm happy with most of mine.
  2. I registered a few years ago, 2011-2012ish (based on the dates of the photos I was thinking of), but never got past the critique forum - didn't have the confidence to try submitting properly. I came back, thinking that for sure my account would have been deleted, in February. Tried submitting, photos were accepted a couple of days later, and first sales, IIRC were within two or three days of that. What's more, some of the photos that didn't make it past the critique forum back then are the ones that sold.
  3. Thanks!
  4. A feature I wouldn't mind seeing return is either a jump to the first unread post in a thread or a way of differentiating the read posts from the unread as I scroll through.
  5. The trick with advice like this is to remember it the next time you have your camera out. I'm going to add my thanks for the advice as well - each time I read something like this I take it as a bit of a kick to get out of "auto" mode. Making slow progress at that, but working on it - though less at manual focus and more at getting control over the rest of the settings I have to admit.
  6. I'm scanning off of standard 4x6 prints I believe - negatives have long since vanished sadly. As I said, these are 15 years old now and have gone through two moves. Can't remember the film specs either, though I have a note that at least one of the rolls was Kodak Gold 200. I was scanning them at 800 dpi I think. I'll freely admit that most of the photos I'm going through are no more than snapshots (all they were intended for at the time - and as memories of a trip) but there are a few that I think decent enough to attempt - though the reviewers claim that all six I'd submitted so far had too much noise and weren't quite in focus. They could well be right - I doubt I was using the best camera back then. Can't even remember what it was - though I think it might have been a Konica.
  7. Is it worth trying to clean up older film photos to submit? On the one hand, I'm definitely enjoying the trip down memory lane from seeing my photos from that trip. On the other, the few that I tried yesterday (and talk about unusually fast turn around time) got universally rejected for being out of focus and having noise. Now, that is fine and dandy, but to my (untrained I have to admit) eye, they look no worse than photos I took last week in terms of noise - and those were generally accepted. I've heard though that film photos generally have a softer focus - so I thought it was worh trying. Yes, there was a bit of dust on the photos - I could have spent more time removing that I guess - they are almost fifteen years old. Just wondering.
  8. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/shetland-rams-head-portrait-584095531?src=7h5gg0RIiZU1m4oyS71xlA-2-23
  9. I found the same thing last night. As long as they actually get processed, I'm not going to worry about it too much.
  10. I find it fascinating too. Latvia and Bulgaria are the two that have me scratching my head the most right now - that and the snow-covered herbs selling in Mexico.
  11. I started using a tripod with the light tent as suggested here and it made a noticeable difference. This is the best shot out of my second try: Thanks for all the tips and suggestions!
  12. Besides, the vertical and the horizontal despite being virtually identical images can convey completely different impressions of a location. For example the horizontal of a bridge can convey the length where the vertical of it gives the feeling of it's height.
  13. Nifty! And part of the fun for me is trying to guess why someone in that location might have picked that particular photo. For example, snow-covered herbs downloaded in Mexico. The Hawaii photo being downloaded in Hawaii makes a lot of sense of course .
  14. As a newbie to stock photography, this is one of the things I find neatest. Last download was from Latvia, one before that was Bulgaria. Where will the next one be? It's something that's coming to fascinate me. Perhaps that's still because I haven't had that many downloads yet so each one is still a thrill. Does anyone else find the global nature of downloads and purchases catches their interest?
  15. I've found a cat sitting in my light tent at least once. Something I'm trying hard to discourage.