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  1. I thought Shutterstock would be a good pension supplement when I retired, clearly I’d have been better investing in Shutterstock shares rather than investing in the database.
  2. Agreed and frankly we can all see those who are abusing the system easily (I notice that they are generally very quiet in this discussion). Perhaps a better route would have been to clearly penalise those obvious abusers rather than introducing a new policy which also then affects many in the 'grey area' where interpretation of the new rules is open to confusion.
  3. I've a number of issues here although I basically agree wit the policy. 1) we should have been given warning and the wording, as given to us at least, seems quite open to interpretation 2) the question of not allowing images where only the text is changed goes against the experience of a number of contributors I know for whom these are big sellers and therefore clearly of value to customers 3) related to 1. there does not seem to be any level of moderation by the SS management of their assessors, it almost feels like they are left to give their own opinion rather than follow a company policy and this new policy seems wide open to big differences in interpretation - a real frustration for contributers
  4. You can say that again! It seems as if the decision is left to each individual assessor, I have pictures I use for slogans which are consistently rejected by what seems like one or two assessors even though there are already many examples accepted (and no I always copy the original so no degradation). It doesn't seem as if SS do any kind of moderation exercise across the board to ensure a consistent level of judging, very frustrating and time consuming.
  5. Hi All. I have a picture which a commercial firm (The Happy Home Co.) have used to illustrate a twitter entry (https://twitter.com/thehappyhomeco). This clearly means the picture is now available for anyone to download and use without paying anything. Is this within SS rules please? I've looked in the various conditions but can't find anything. I've recorded it with SS as an issue but thought I'd come here for advice too. Thanks Andrew
  6. Interesting because around here it's the 'Wednesday Man' who we try to avoid!
  7. I'm one of three friends who all contribute to SS and we all find acceptance can be fairly arbitrary. I reckon that 50%-60% of rejected pictures can resubmitted successfully with little or no re-editing - and they then sell! It also makes a difference what time of the week you submit pictures.
  8. Where do you see this list? iphone app? If you go to the Insights link at the top of the web page and choose 'Image Gallery Stats' then you get a list of all your pictures with the keywords used to find them (or not!). Clicking on the 'Total Purchases' heading will put them in order of numbers sold to make it easier. Andrew
  9. I've got some pictures that have been sold through key words - though only 2 simple one for each sale and most pictures sold with no key words. But I have one picture that has two words in the 'downloads per keyword' list but hasn't registered as a sale. Please can anyone explain this for me. Thanks Andrew
  10. Please can I have your comments on this picture. Thank you A
  11. I thought I wasn't too bad at photography, I can see I've more to learn than I thought. Thanks for lesson!
  12. Thank you for taking the time to show me how to improve the composition, I really appreciate it.
  13. I REALLY need new glasses then! Thanks A
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