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  1. Evo upravo sam pogledao kod sebe i pod tackom 6 mi ne stoji nista upisano.
  2. Yes, it start on December. December - totally 5 pages of negative adjustments, January - 2 pages
  3. Just received lots of refunds for December. Also happened previous month, but never happened before. Anyone with similar experience?
  4. Hi Kate, I already wrote about my problem here https://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/92737-editing-pending-content/?tab=comments#comment-1650461 I am not sure is it related with current issue with uploading and submitting you wrote above, or something else makes these problems. In short, my files are waiting on review from December 6th and other files I uploaded in last few days appeared with "asterisk" symbol near serial number on "approval status" page. I tried to delete them and upload again and again, tried via FTP and regular upload, but asterisk still shows up after few
  5. Hi Alex, Every image I upload last few days or last week, appears with "asterisk" symbol near serial number on "approval status" page. After deleting and uploading again, same thing happens. Is it related with these changes you making, or something is wrong with my uploading page? Also my earlier submitted images (without asterisk) still waiting on review from December 6th (oldest one), so I wonder is it normal review time these days, or it's me again? Thanks
  6. results is related to the keywords/phrase in google search box, not to the image itself.
  7. I also found lots of my work there, free for downloading . Any advice what to do?
  8. It was fine few hours, but atm not work again. This time uploading seems to be fine, but after I enter title and kw and press submit button I got same error about "can't read jpeg format "
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