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  1. I'm at level 4 on both images and videos with a healthy amount of lifetime earnings... I had 2 SUB sales on Monday for normal $0.38c, then it all went downhill from there...today my SUB sales have been $0.14c and $0.10c so far, yesterday I had 3 SOD's all at $0.10c each and today an ODD at $2.56.... absolutely disgusting.. Clip sales seem unaffected, although only 3 days in with this new earnings structure but images have taken a massive hit irrespective of your level.. what a load of baloney SS!!. Certainly not uploading anything to this site anytime soon
  2. This is a great milestone, don't worry about others figures, we're all on different journeys with different experiences... Well done again and thanks of sharing
  3. Thanks @Wilm Ihlenfeld and @Rose Makin Started selling on SS in 2013 Wilm :)
  4. This month was a shaky start but this week picked up especially nicely. Nay, this whole year has been shaky since the start but I passed a milestone today... Hope everyones staying healthy
  5. @Doug Jensen you sure know your sh*t.. very informative video, thanks for sharing
  6. It sure did happen but only for the $1.50 sales... My concern is where are all the other non-wix sales!? 2 $1.50 sales in 2 days isn't the end of the world....BUT when they're the only 2 clip sales at all at the start of the week, then I'm starting to wonder exactly whats up!?
  7. One clip sale all day yesterday... for $1.50 One clip sale all day today... for $1.50.. SS what the hell happened last year that everything is in free fall??
  8. 918 is amazing... I don't even get half those download figures, If I did i'd be a very happy chappy.. haha.. We can do it Annie. Great numbers, you'll hit 100k downloads during 2020 I bet... Happy New Year to you 😊
  9. It's true, really beautiful portfolio.. well done! My December is currently down compared to 2018 but on the whole my 2019 on SS is up compared to 2018.. so am looking forward to shooting stock in 2020 with great gusto.. Happy New Year to everyone
  10. On SS, my clip average for 2019 so far is $23.53 on 1586 downloads. Image average on SS for 2019 so far is $0.62 on 1679 downloads I'm pretty sure Doug has advocated video and said shooting stills is not worth his time compared to what he already makes with video, I don't think he's flat out told anyone to stop shooting stills, correct me if I'm wrong. I, like him, would rather shoot what brings higher consistent returns when it comes to shooting RF stock which, some people may not like to read this, is video. If you enjoy shooting stills and are successful there is no harm in applyi
  11. no doubt about it that's pretty damn awesome, I want one of those clips 🤣
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