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  1. In fact, I can see Minnesota from my dining room window. The city was named Hudson because a mayor in the 1850's thought the area reminded him of Hudson, New York. And yes, people around here have accents like in the movie Fargo. Of course, I don't, doncha know.
  2. I lived in Salinas for a few years when I worked a Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center Monterey. I took that image in 2013. That lettuce field image with Toro Park in the background is my top selling image of all time and I had no idea when I took the photo it would have done as well as it has. Not all that much thought went into the image, to be honest. I miss the California Central Coast a great deal. I can't wait for the pandemic to subside so I can visit again Point Lobos, Wilder Ranch, The Pinnacles and other places of beauty. Thanks for the compliment and best wishes fro
  3. When I began as a Shutterstock contributor ten years ago, I barely knew what I was doing. I thought of myself as a fairly good photographer and I thought I would turn my camera into pocket change for new gear. I faced all the challenges of new contributors with constant rejections and poor sales. Like a lot of people, I nearly gave up on stock photography. It wasn't until 2014 when I changed my focus to Editorial that my fortunes changed for the better. And it was at that time I set a goal for myself. I decided that I would make it my objective to have 5000 images in my Shutterstock port by t
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