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  1. Thank you so much Linda. I was away for a while and hence couldn't respond earlier. Well, I have managed to get most of the images approved by re-submitting them multiple times where required.
  2. Well, I am relatively new to SS, starting last Sept/Oct, and usually earned $30-50 per month. Now I have ~3000 images, and Feb has been the best month so far with $ 116. Three big sales of $44, $25 and $20 each. Never even knew that sales per image could be so high. I hope the trend continues.
  3. Thanks Lynda, though I am not sure about the Country/ City thing. I have tried both and still been rejected. The rejection is purely random. At times, I upload the same rejected image with exactly the same desc and details, until it gets accepted, and this has happened multiple times, the only downside being time wasted on it. But just to prove a point that their standards are very inconsistent. Regarding the images being Illustrative editorial, that could possibly be a reason, I am not aware of this at all, let me try it next time and see what happens.
  4. Thanks for your responses. To explain to Patrick & Linda about why I'd want to submit the same image as Commercial and Editorial.....no that is not what I mean. In most planned shoots with Model Releases, I end up with several images where some props used in the shoot have brand names/ logos and product labels, which are positioned such that its not possible to remove them. Hence the only way to submit these images is as Editorial. Everything regarding the description of the image remains the same (as other pics in the series), except that these images are now Editorial. And I a
  5. hi I have submitted ~3500 images in the past 6 months, roughly half are editorial and half commercial, but I can humbly say that I have absolutely no idea how to write a caption for either of them. I have tried to search for very clear specific guidelines on it, with clear examples of how the same image needs to be captioned differently when being submitted for commercial use and when being submitted for editorial. At the same time, most of my images with our without any such distinction btn editorial and commercial caption have been randomly accepted and/ or rejected. I am tired of uploa
  6. That is pretty harsh, but I understand your sentiments.
  7. This is the 3rd month where I have crossed my minimum payment amount but haven't been paid, today is 2nd Dec in India, which should be EOD 1st Dec in the Western Hemisphere. Earlier, I hadn't updated my Tax details etc. Now I am not sure what else is pending that needs to be completed to receive the payment. Is there a way to contact SS directly to find out any pending issues? Pls advice.
  8. This is regarding the minimum payment done by SS at the end of each month. I have accumulated a total sales of ~$97 and my minimum payout figure is $50. However, I don't see any payment made to my Paypal account, nor any update in my SS payment history? This will be my first payout, so I am not sure how it works, can someone guide me on when to expect it! Do I have to do anything for it? TIA.
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