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  1. Mmm okay, I hear you all, But then, I have used that word in lots of other images too, And it is just a means to describe a person with brown skin, which many south Asians are.
  2. hello Continuing with the random rejection series. Here is an example of some images shot at the same location with same background, where some are accepted and some rejected. What could be the issue? Any help welcome.
  3. This and related images were rejected due to 'Objectionable Metadata', I am assuming they are referring to Keywords, not sure which one is objectionable, have been using these keywords for lots of images in the past. If its not keywords, but some metadata in my Lr or camera, I have never changed it in my life, so not sure what it could be. Any guidance would be welcome.
  4. I am in the same boat. A few images were accepted and several rejected. I resubmitted them several times, but they are now consistently getting rejected. And I have dozens of pics of them. Am now trying to use the digital MR feature here on SS.
  5. hi All Can someone suggest how to get an MR form filled and signed by a model without getting to meet the person? Is there a digital way to do so, so that everything is typed (except the signature) hence avoiding handwriting legibility issues, and also doesn't require to meet the person?
  6. Thanks, removed. But our lives are anyways online and open to the whole world, do such things even matter?
  7. Hello I did an office shoot with models a few weeks ago, and got MRs filled by them. Now when I am uploading these pics, all the pics are consistently being rejected under the category "Invalid Model Release'. In a few cases, a couple of images were accepted. However, for the past 10-20 image upload, ALL images are being rejected under this category. I'm confused and do not know how to move forward. Can someone please help with: 1. Is there any issue you can identify with these MR? I am attaching 3 of them for your perusal:) 2. I cannot physically get in touch with these models now, what is the best way to get a new copy of MRs filled/ signed by them (this is assuming in the first place, that I know what the issue with the current MRs is) Thanks to you kind people in advance. ---------- On a personal note, is it even the job of SS to verify a model release? As long as a photographer says that he/she has a MR and takes responsibility, it should more than suffice. This is what Alamy does, it does not even require you to upload MRs, just a confirmation that you have an MR for the particular model, is more than sufficient.
  8. But how can an AI review/ check/ verify an MR anyways? Has this all boiled down to being a lottery? And if God is on your side some images get approved, else they are randomly rejected!
  9. Hahaha, love your sense of humour. Now your camera will have to learn to do all the tasks that were being performed by this 'equipment' that you are selling.
  10. I am consistently and randomly facing the 'Invalid Model Release' rejection issue, Here is a screenshot, one amongst several instances, where images from the same date/ shoot/model/ Model Release, shot one after another, where one pic is accepted and the next is rejected. Any suggestions other than re-uploading? I have tried that out too, but its too much unnecessary work to wait for a lottery.
  11. See attached screenshot for reference. One image is accepted, and two are rejected. Both have same models and same MRs attached.
  12. Yes these are images from the same shoot, same sequence, one after the another, same model, same dress, same setup, but say...images 1, 2 and 4 get accepted, whereas image no. 3 gets rejected due to incorrect MR issue. So confusing.
  13. Thanks. Regarding similar images, I notice that there are lots and lots and lots of similar images already existing on SS right now, and hence one of my grudge is that 'fairly - similar - but - also - different' type of images get rejected. But I have learnt to live with that and also found a work around.
  14. My dear friend, I can understand your pain. Yes there are some genuine reasons too for image rejections which I accept. But many a times, the rejections are either random or difficult to pin point the issue. In my last upload I had 50 pics, and approx 25 got rejected. I spent the rest of the day just trying to modify (wherever I thought there was an IPR issue), and in re-uploading the images, to the extent that I probably uploaded each of these 25 images at least 3 times before most of them got approved.
  15. Yes these are pics from the same shoot, same sequence, same day. Happy to share a screenshot depicting the images and comments. There is one screen shot with random rejection due to 'Invalid Model Release', for which I have put another query as a post here. And there is one screenshot with Title/ Keywords visible for your reference.
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