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  1. And none of these are new...
  2. cpaulfell

    Parker Solar Probe Launch

    To touch the sun. It will be travelling at 700,000 km/hour...the fastest thing ever made by man. It will start the first of it's 24 orbits around the sun around the 1 Nov. Each orbit will take it closer to the surface of the sun and the intent is to fly it through the corona around the sun which is estimated to be 150 - 450 times hotter that the surface of the sun ~ 1.72 million degrees C.
  3. Did anyone in Florida watch the rocket launch?
  4. cpaulfell

    Parker Solar Probe Launch

    Awesome what a journey your name is going to go on๐Ÿ‘
  5. cpaulfell

    Photograph is not a print anymore

    That is interesting. To be honest I don't print. My wife and kids will some time print snaps for an album but that's about it.
  6. cpaulfell

    Where is the mistake?

  7. cpaulfell

    Where is the mistake?

    Try commercial first. If that does not work then go editorial.
  8. cpaulfell

    Shorter review period?

    1,207,893 new stock images added this week
  9. cpaulfell

    Where is the mistake?

    There is no need to submit that image as editorial. Submit it as a normal commercial image.
  10. Nice rose but $1m...come one I just copied the image...how is that blockchain working for them now...
  11. cpaulfell

    Leica equipment refresh - where?

  12. cpaulfell

    Lens reviews...

    I wish Canon made one of those. In the meantime I will have to stick with the Sigma.
  13. cpaulfell

    Has Shutterstock cheated us?

    It would also explain how SS's revenue per download went up 16.8% in the first quarter of this year.
  14. cpaulfell

    Why DLs going down

    What is most telling to me is "Revenue per download increased 16.8% to $3.40" I sure as hell did not see an increase in revenue per download of 16.8%. How is it SS is seeing an increase in revenue per download of 16.8%? That is a substantial increase...and at whose expense are they achieving that growth rate?
  15. cpaulfell

    Blowing my own trumpet! (sorry)!!!!

    Excellent! Congrats Paula
  16. cpaulfell

    What means "Single and Other"?

    single = un married other = does not identify as either male or female just a wild guess but yours is as good as mine
  17. You can delete it from your catalogue manager
  18. cpaulfell

    Uploaded my first cell-phone/mobile pics on here

    This is the best (camera) app I have used, and yes you can set the ISO with it https://camera.plus/
  19. A really great action pano