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  1. And none of these are new...
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    Do you like Domino?

    Sand dune Desert, camel
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    Sold for the 1st time today

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    How to bust his sales

    Howzit David, good seeing you around again.
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    Do you like Domino?

    The original Starbucks COFFEE house
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    "Shutterstock takes infringement very seriously " - If Shutterstock took infringement very seriously then these images would not be accepted in the first place. But clearly it is much more important to add as much "new" content as possibly on weekly basis. Pure lip service... "Please continue to report..." - Shutterstock is a 1.3billion + company with a full time employed staff that should be doing this work. That is why we as contributors allows Shutterstock to take the lions share of the sales from our content. It is not the contributors job to police these issues...we do not get paid to do that, Shutterstock staff gets paid to do that. How about Shuttetstock stops with the lip service and starts doing the bloody job they get paid to do.
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    Do you like Domino?

    The blue hour
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    Do you like Domino?

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    graphics tablet which one I should buy ?

    This thread is from 2013 and weng fu67 is a spammer
  10. This young lady has some lovely bokeh
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    First download of 2019

  12. I am sooooooo jealous. Awesome shot and sighting!!!