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  1. And none of these are new...
  2. cpaulfell

    New lowpoint

    Sorry man...it sucks
  3. cpaulfell

    New lowpoint

    Sorry to hear that...you have amazing fairies.
  4. White Bellied Sunbird
  5. cpaulfell

    rejection unfounded

    You are not a customer. Submit the images as editorial and move on.
  6. cpaulfell

    Flower ID?

    +1 http://www.guide-to-houseplants.com/florist-chrysanthemum.html
  7. cpaulfell

    Removing Watermarks from Image Search Results

    Alex (or anyone else from Shutterstock) please feel free to chip in at anytime concerning the comments made to this thread...
  8. cpaulfell

    Delete and Resubmit.

    One image is a vector and the other is a jpeg...which is a normal submission.
  9. cpaulfell

    Zenfolio vs Smugmug?

    Congrats on your news flash. Nice clean website.
  10. cpaulfell

    Why the 90 day waiting period?

    Of the 16 images in your portfolio not a single one of them should have been accepted. Shutterstock has done you and all of us a great disservice by approving these images. The "acceptable" standards on this site are disgustingly poor.
  11. nice texture in the rock
  12. cpaulfell

    Automatic exposure bracketing and landscapes

    Image size 1800 X 1755 with no water marks or any protection what-so-ever. Why would you post these images like this to an open forum that is picked up by Google search images etc ???
  13. cpaulfell

    Devil Eyes

    Any pics? They could be top sellers...but what do you do for a Model Release??? Oh well, submit as editorial...
  14. cpaulfell

    Devil Eyes

    Ok now you have my interest...pray do tell
  15. cpaulfell

    Devil Eyes

    They won't bother you if you don't bother them.
  16. cpaulfell

    Devil Eyes

    I see dead people...
  17. Do a search and you will see that there are loads of editorial images and footage of school class rooms on SS. Try submitting them and see what happens.