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  1. I admit it, I an a tea drinker. Look magic...
  2. Intellectual Property Rejection

    Actually David I spoke too soon without look properly. I assumed it was editorial from looking at the description of the image, when in fact it is not editorial. Another one of SS inconsistencies with reviewing. These images should be submitted as editorial...
  3. Tips for Newbies

    Why would you want to do that?
  4. Exciting moment!

    ***doing the dance***
  5. Its a newbie plot

    A photo of the Queen, wearing a bikini and her crown on a beach with a fishing rod in her hand, and a signed model release
  6. Howzit Luka. I think you have some really nice images.
  7. Tips for Newbies

    In the interest of full disclosure, who deleted your portfolio and why was it deleted?
  8. I'm still floundering among the Jacksons...
  9. Intellectual Property Rejection

    You submitted the first image as editorial and that is why it was accepted. Editorial images should not be altered i.e. no cloning.
  10. I could be doing soooooo much more, but motivation.... *** I think I should go back to my procrastination thread***
  11. Doom & Gloom 2

    OMG why did I not think of that