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  1. I use the EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM on a full frame and love it. I use this lens probably 85% of the time. It is 200g lighter than the f/2.8 and about half the price. Love it!
  2. The solution is an easy one...Don't submit any "junk" images
  3. I have been threatening to buy one of these since Oct 2016 and I finally got really tired of lugging a DSLR around the job site. Bought this little camera a week ago in a local store in Riyadh (cam4sell) and I must be honest (besides the battery life) I am gob smacked. What an awesome little camera.
  4. For the fraction of the price of a new lens the results of the Mark 3 is quite acceptable thank you and I am quite happy with my 2X extender III
  5. Awesome Laurin! Way to go and yes your image is distinctive. BTW - Does SS pay you if they use one of your images in a blog article like this?
  7. Good stuff Phil
  8. Very cool
  9. It looks to me like you have done changes to the image. Editorial images may not be altered except for minor issues like color correction or WB.
  10. SS does not apply the same rules as it does with cars. As long as there are no visible names, registration numbers etc. There are a ton of boats, luxury yachts etc where they are the main focus in my port.