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  1. cpaulfell

    Where is the mistake?

  2. cpaulfell

    Where is the mistake?

    Try commercial first. If that does not work then go editorial.
  3. cpaulfell

    Shorter review period?

    1,207,893 new stock images added this week
  4. cpaulfell

    Where is the mistake?

    There is no need to submit that image as editorial. Submit it as a normal commercial image.
  5. Nice rose but $1m...come one I just copied the image...how is that blockchain working for them now...
  6. cpaulfell

    Leica equipment refresh - where?

  7. cpaulfell

    Lens reviews...

    I wish Canon made one of those. In the meantime I will have to stick with the Sigma.
  8. cpaulfell

    Has Shutterstock cheated us?

    It would also explain how SS's revenue per download went up 16.8% in the first quarter of this year.
  9. cpaulfell

    Why DLs going down

    What is most telling to me is "Revenue per download increased 16.8% to $3.40" I sure as hell did not see an increase in revenue per download of 16.8%. How is it SS is seeing an increase in revenue per download of 16.8%? That is a substantial increase...and at whose expense are they achieving that growth rate?
  10. cpaulfell

    Blowing my own trumpet! (sorry)!!!!

    Excellent! Congrats Paula