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  1. If it is not correct then please provide a similar table showing the correct numbers.
  2. Just submitted and they accepted...
  3. there are just so many excellent images to choose from
  4. @Evelyn de Waard ignore him. He chooses his words knowing full well that they will elicit a reaction. It's called trolling.
  5. You should never have posted it on an open forum in the first place. You exposed he to public scrutiny and comment when it was totally necessary, not for her edification but rather for your self-approbation.
  6. My worst month in 7 years. The last time it was this bad was Sep2012 when I had only 69 images in my port.
  7. I totally agree and it is very obvious. The ledge is way too narrow (~3 inches wide) and too high (~ model chest height). No one can sit naturally on that ledge as depicted in the photos, and especially seeing as it slopes down towards the lip.
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