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  1. I Think It's about time......

    Chris where would you like us to send the photos? It would be nice if folks post updated photos of themselves and not photos that were taken years ago.
  2. 10K downloads, Thanks SS !

  3. Backup

    Update! DON'T buy any of these. Pure junk and a typical Chinese scam. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't...
  4. Backup

  5. My First Grandchild!

    Thanks everyone and congrats Sheila πŸ‘
  6. My First Grandchild!

    Eyes wide shut...
  7. Backup

    I picked up a couple of these for $16 each. Looks like a normal little USB thumb drive but, it’s weather proof and has a 2 terabyte storage capacity. Yes you read correctly, 2 terabyte storage capacity πŸ‘
  8. My First Grandchild!

    Awesome! Congrats Laurin. My grand baby is a week old today
  9. Sold for the 1st time today

    The fruit of the Sycomore Tree or wild fig