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  1. It depends on the subject. Do you think this editorial image has a shelf life?
  2. What you just described is editorial uses. Commercial uses is using the image for advertising purposes like in a TV add or on a bill board or in a magazine advertisement.
  3. Nice Phil, great shot.
  4. I have never experienced those issues???
  5. thief

    I would think that if SS allows this to continue then they will be opening themselves up to a class action lawsuit.
  6. Learn how to take images that are tack sharp, properly exposed and with a pleasing composition. After you have mastered these basic then...Your images need to help sell or promote a product, concept or idea. You have a number of what looks like family vacation shots that you have submitted as editorial. Where possible, resubmit them as commercial with signed model releases. Looks like you have a young child and she is have a "free" model, make use of her and shoot all things natural that has to do with children. Everything from brushing teeth, to dressing up, to inspirational shots, to playing ...Have a look at Rob's and Jenn's port's and you will see what I am talking about
  7. There is no limitation. You have to "publish" them to make them visible.
  8. The usage of aircraft images, modern planes or vintage, generally are editorial in nature, so just submit them as editorial. You will not get better sales if they are "commercial" because they have very little to none commercial value.
  10. Stock is soulless and although you have some nice images that you probably enjoyed taking, they have little to none commercial value. Images like don't attract buyers. A good stock shot is one that will help sell or promote a product, concept or idea. If you are doing this for the money then that is what you need to pursue.
  11. I used to have a cat just like this one
  12. I could do with a bit of this right now