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  1. 5 days since approving but still not in portfolio. Please fix it quick.
  2. I think it's over 2 days now that my video still not up in my port 12535832 03/22/2018 1 12535805 03/22/2018 1 12535787 03/22/2018 1 12535502 03/22/2018 1 12535484 03/22/2018 1 12535421 03/22/2018 1 12535385 03/21/2018 1 12535364 03/21/2018 1 12535166 03/21/2018
  3. Yes, I am still waiting for a proper video dashboard
  4. I can view your second link but can't view the first one.
  5. Me too, approve clips are not in my portfolio. Much longer than usual.
  6. Hi, today I try to submit my files but there is an error message say "Storage system unreachable" and I can't submit anything. What is this problem and how to fix it???
  7. Yesterday and today (5 minutes ago) the map shows that I have a video download but there are no earning in the earning page! What happen here?
  8. well, they ban or delete user account very fast without hesitation... in case like this. ban first- ask later policy but with the spammer...................................................... until now...................... even they dare to challenge the rules and warning! I hope they will return your account and images soon. Write to them in support.
  9. I can't connect FTP. Great after having everlasting-video-process time..... now it's with the FTP. *sign*
  10. My footage files are still in process for many days!!! What is really happening, fix this please.
  11. For me it stuck on process for 4 days now. Please check this matter more clearly. Thank you.
  12. all my video file are stuck on "process" !!! please fix this or at least inform us something.
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