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  1. It was a no-brainer for me. I was unhappy back when I started seeing sub-$10 royalties for video content and I pulled my files in response to the revised pricing at the start of this year. After going exclusive with Pond5 I promptly saw a single $60 royalty there and continued to earn more in a month than the previous 3 on SS. My final 2 Shutterstock video sales netted me 96 cents each...
  2. I opted out of selling my content on Shutterstock on December 28 in disgust at their new pricing structure and took my content elsewhere. How is is therefore possible that I've had video sales after this date? I've had 3 sales so far this month including 2 for an insultingly paltry $0.96. I'm in contact with support over this but they're dragging their heels to respond and resolve this. Surely this is in breach of their own conditions?
  3. SS, can you please fix this soon or provide some information on what is happening?
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