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  1. I am getting back to uploading content, and only today (September 11th, 2020) I was able to finally get my first video approved after almost two years away. Anyway, I think Shutterstock tries to tell us what might be of interest to potential customers each month, and those should be the subjects we could be luckier with. I haven't tried any of their insights, yet. But this is something I want to do as soon as I am confident about my abilities again.
  2. I am starting to believe soon I will meet SS's standards, and have my first time-lapse video approved. The one of the sunset, I confess I wish I could have taken care of the flickering in the bottom. But I was afraid messing with that too much would result in even greater damage. Honestly, I am not confident with this one. The one of the setting moon bothers me for two reasons only. The three dots in the middle of the picture caused by something that reached the lens (no filter used then), and the apparent noise that I reduced moderately because I didn't want to overprocess it. I wonder if removing the dots, and maybe cranking up the noise reduction level before submitting this video would help get it approved.
  3. I was finally able to upload my first video file. Somehow, I couldn't find the right instructions on what kind of file was accepted. Once I got it right, it went through well.
  4. I join you in this predicament, Kaspriestess. This was my very first attempt to upload, and it doesn't seem to be working for me. I was able to send one file (the first one I have produced), but it only shows in the FTP window in my computer as successfully uploaded. However, when I come to the upload section online, it isn't there anywhere. However, it is easy to upload it to this chat section. It is the one I added to this reply. HeavyCloudsInAugust.wmv
  5. This is good news, Doug. I have been looking at time-lapse, as I still don't have the gear to shoot videos the way I believe they should be made. Maybe that would be something I should also take into consideration. Keeping to the main subject, though, my feeling is that wildlife can be profitable especially when the photographer analyses the potential for such content, and adjusts his/her approach so it meets market standards. That's one of the reasons I am interested in making time-lapse videos instead of going out there to shoot animals like I so often did in the past years, but failed to add profit to fun.
  6. I was badly impressed at the noise flaw I found in the final part of my own video. For an amusement, I guess it was acceptable, but I wonder what a customer would think of it.
  7. Especially now that videos are lighter and it is easier to share them, I decided I would like to try and shoot time-lapse. Maybe some pros could tell me whether I am on the right track or not. I used my Nikon D300s on a tripod as it has a built-in resource that makes it possible to shoot this way. At first, I used Aperture Priority so my DOF doesn't change much. Later, I tried full manual mode, but failed to use auto ISO. After seeing Burgos tony's video, I guess that is what I should do. Here are a few videos I shot, and I hope you will forgive me for having added a soundtrack. If I ever tried to sell stock video, I believe the right way is without a soundtrack. Right?
  8. Burgos, I saw your video after I had already tried a few time-lapse videos myself. None of them were technically accurate, as I kind of guessed before I tried. I want to share two or three of them with you now. Afterwards, I will take your advice into consideration, and see how it goes. But thank you for sharing your knowledge. https://youtu.be/GsgjMNPrQB4 From the Sun to the Moon in a Day https://youtu.be/MRDZpP7GR0o Break of Day: amanhecer https://youtu.be/ZTBWPaC-_XM Athens or Jardim Letícia? Do Sol a Lua em um dia.mp4 Atenas ou Jardim Leticia_.mp4 Break of Day- o amanhecer.mp4
  9. Thank you, my friend. I will do that.
  10. That is one thing I'd like to know. You mean I can submit certain landmarks as editorial without problems? I am from Rio de Janeiro, and have kept myself from taking pictures of some great places simply because I am afraid they will be rejected on trademark grounds or lack of property release.
  11. Thank you, Mr. Wagner. You guys have been making important comments. I am taking note, and hopefully I will edit the batch a little better. Before submitting, may I share the batch again?
  12. Thank you, my friend. I know I still have a long way to go, but I am trying to learn again. I used to be better, but I walked away from it for some time. Now I need to make it for the lost time.
  13. Thank you for that heads up, sir.
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