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  1. earning what I used to 5 - 7 years ago...good times..
  2. I am not there yet..but yes..with ss we are beggars in our own homes..ridiculous
  3. so you're doing micro stock ..why? is that to get some extra cash at the end of the month? if that's the reason, what cash are you getting? that's my point. no matter why you're doing it, SS just killed everyone's "revenue"...I know you get it if you stop doing micro stock, what else can you do that is similar in terms of activity/pay?
  4. obviously this isn't going anywhere. It's like suing one of those huge companies..they have they money to make the trial last last years while you lose everything.. deleting accounts or not uploading as I did hasn't had any effect and now we are earning peanuts. it breaks my heart saying this but I am considering admitting defeat and uploading again...I'm doing the work anyway for the other agencies so.. I hate this...I'm always wondering how these guys sleep at night, but they probably sleep better than me..in their high quality sheets and pillows... and it's like Mick Harper s
  5. thank you all!! I think I'll try affinity..I know it works well for photography, I didn't know they did design too I was gonna go for Corel draw but they're much cheaper...will try !! thx
  6. don't know if this is the right place for this question... I am looking for a software to create vectors for stock..I used to use adobe illustrator but don't want to pay anymore...any other program that's similar?? I don't do big things, my vectors are simple thx!
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