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  1. I have better story to tell you. I ask shutterstock via ticket how deleting account working from technical side (how long it take etc.) Instead of answer what i ask for they disable my whole image and video portfolio of more than 30k images Now i cannot turn them on till 16 september. I dont have enough balls to disable portfolio so Shutterstock made this hard decision for me And this is professional company?
  2. Thank You guys! Nice to hear it. I'm level 5 and 90% of my earnings here are 0,10$. Totally waste of time. From 1 june my portoflio growing only on other stock sites. Uploading here is pointless.
  3. No matter what is your level. 10c are majority for all levels. This levels are pure bullsh..t.
  4. SS this days. I feel like they stealing from me. Enchanced for 3$. Total joke! SS is only stock on market i despise with all my heart.
  5. This is how its look like on tier 5. Total joke. Im dissapointed like hell. 0 new uploads here and i spread bad word against SS to every customer i know. 4 of them i already persuade to stick to adobe. I wait some more days but i think only deleting account here is a option. Cannot believe that someone still upload photos here. If someone think level help you this is not true. You still get less than 0,25$ most of time. ODs are rare and 90% of them are still below 2,85$. Now think about 1st january 2021 XD Sorry for my lame english fellow stockers.
  6. Thanks for help Dave but for me it's not working. I don't have facebook button to click at it. I wrote to support but still nothing.
  7. It's working for You guys? For me facebook page dosent work for months...
  8. BTW which program is easiest for keywordin images? I hate adobe bridge... I looking for something with only box to fill it with keywords and save.
  9. My photos waiting from 29-3-2013 and still nothing No response from support. I hope so they review my work soon Brace yourselfes and be patient
  10. My photos waiting from 29-3-2013 and still not reviewed. My friend got reviewed two times in this period and i still waiting... I hope so i get some love from reviewers soon
  11. Images from the following batches are missing: 29868236 29868242 29871665 29872781 29879306 29880572 29923187
  12. My images waiting from 24 february and they are still not reviewed...
  13. I think this is some kind of magnolia.
  14. Me too, me too dont forget me ! I hope so SS read this topic and we finally get at least small rise this year...
  15. I'm dreaming about commision raise not cut...
  16. richcareyzim : indeed, great summary. I'm really dissapointed about this SS move. What next...subscription royalty decrease or other "improvement" :/
  17. 10 days here also. Still nothing :/
  18. I have the same problem for months. I think everybody has but i dont know why SS dont fix this.
  19. Yeah true. I have the same problem :/ I don"t know what to do now. Delete or wait...
  20. But when review time take so long i have no choice :/ If they review faster i can send smaller batches but now when they review in 8-10 days its imposibble. I hope so reviewer dont kick all of my work
  21. Strange i waiting 8 days now and still nothing. Why some ppls wait so long when others wait much shorter ? I hope so i dont need to send photos again...215 waiting for review :/
  22. Couple months ago i get the same message. I accept all terms etc. After this no reply from Dan and finnaly i receive nothing... :/
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