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    3rd planet from the sun and turn left.
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    Politics, music and cultural festivals, nature and landscapes.
  1. That doesn’t help those of us with small ports of niche material. If people are using Google Images to find stock photos, I could be cannibalizing my own port to get $.10 for an image instead of the $2-50 I get elsewhere. I’ll hang in there until I meet the next payment threshold, but I’m not sure what I’ll do after that.
  2. My progress bars show no progress towards the next level. Do our Jan -May sales count toward moving up to the next level? Or do we have to start in June and still get reset in January? I’m questioning whether SS adds enough value for me to give them 90% of my earnings tbh. As a small contributor. I don’t expect to ever move beyond level 2, possibly 3. But I have some niche material that earns well for me elsewhere. 🤷‍♀️
  3. I won't bother to delete my port, but shutterstock just dropped way down in my preferred agents list.
  4. Shutterstock was my first choice agency. You just dropped down to number 4. My RPD with 2 other agencies has actually gone up this year. They will be getting more attention from me. It's ridiculous that you reset the sales amount to zero every January. It's legit to want fresh, in demand content. This could be accomplished more fairly by using a 12-month rolling sales total. Ridiculous.
  5. I wish I were one of the lucky few whose images are still showing up!
  6. It's pretty easy to straighten them a bit in post. I agree with Darla, but I like your idea.
  7. Thanks all. I just try to learn from the reviews and I didn't understand this one. I appreciate the feed back.
  8. Good thoughts, thank you
  9. Thank you! I'm sure I have been on the receiving end of "bad" acceptances, so I try not to sweat the rejections too much. I like to learn from them when I can though.
  10. Thanks. I suspect you are right about not being a huge seller. I just liked it and I thought I would give it a try. Yes, I did use water reflection in the description, key words, etc. I don't know how much time they have to actually read all that, though. It's gotta be a high volume process.
  11. This entire image is a reflection on water. I wanted to do something different and I was pleased with it. I knew it might be rejected for something like not suitable for stock, but it was rejected for being OOF. I don't understand. I would welcome any comments or suggestions.
  12. It got emotion and curiousity from me. I love her expression.
  13. I love the color and composition. Very nice!
  14. Composition wise there is a lot going on in the background that distracts attention from your main subject.
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