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  1. martin bowra

    Best Cloud Storage Option?

    I have a cheap USB 3 docking station which accepts 3.5" internal HDD and SSD. I used to use Lacie until I broke one open to find a Seagate HDD inside. I now only use Toshiba P300 HDD maximum 3 TB internal drives. More than 3TB you have more reliability problems. By using the same make and model if one fails you can change the print board/laser pickup on the back of the HDD very easily and recover your data. I make 3 backups on different drives and keep them in special cheap rubber cases from Ebay and store them at separate locations. All in all the best option I have found, although no backup is 100%. damage limitation is the name of the game. All my best work has been accepted by the agencies so also a form of backup.
  2. I would look at your competition regarding the quality and cv of images before you worry about how to get as many images uploaded as you can. Just an observation.
  3. martin bowra

    Need a budget FF. Sony A7 or Nikon D600?

    I would go D700 or D750 after owning the D90, D700, D500 and D750. The D3 is also great if you can get a good one. Although I am now all Olympus OMD ,Sony RX10 mk4 and iPhone X.
  4. Very true. But I do have some pictures of horse 5#it that sell๐Ÿ˜€
  5. martin bowra

    On average how much do you guys make a month?

    We are here to help not share our download and earning details. I would concentrate on uploading good quality images after you have researched what you think could be a niche or in demand future topic. That way your earnings will increase. Most new contributors make images of the same saturated stuff and wonder why they have no sales. Create a niche think of something different be the first read the newspapers that is what makes sales. Not copying other peoples work.
  6. martin bowra

    portfolio criticism

    Some good images a lot of poor ones. The images of the kids on the beach and of the woman with an iPad should sell, so long as your description and keywords are good enough. Focussing composition and lighting need more attention. Overall not the worst I have seen but with some research and attention to detail you will be fine.
  7. martin bowra

    Dutch contributors: NBB issue

    I have a few images on NBB for a few years and got a few sales. I have been transferred to the new site but I have not read their new guidelines. if what you are saying is true then I will remove my images from them. I have found that most of my Dutch images sell more here at SS than they did at NBB
  8. martin bowra

    New Laptop

    Agree the only problem with Apple is the price !! people seem to forget you can buy 2 dell laptops for the price of one Apple 3700 euros for a full spec macbook. I think the new Microsoft surface pro is also worth a look. I use a mid 2010 MacBook Pro 15 inch i5. I removed the CD slot and fitted a 512gb SSD and a WD 6TB HDD drive. 8gb ram is still enough for LR. This is also a good cheap option the old MacBooks are still good with a few tweaks here and there.
  9. martin bowra

    Sharing my experience of 1 month as Contributor.

    Well done great images. Is it me or my monitor, or maybe your monitor your images look a like they could do with a little more exposure or something to make them jump off the page more. This is just an observation there are others here better qualified than me but great composition and a lot of work in such a short period of time well done
  10. martin bowra

    Portfolio advices for newbie me

    You have a few good images with good color and I can see you are trying different themes which is good. Some of your images are cropped to tight and have poor lighting and I cannot see what the image is supposed to be about. What is the story or more importantly why would someone buy them. Try to upload your best work and do not rush to get loads of images asap in your portfolio. Allow space for text and do a search to see what your competition is. Remember stock photography is not about your ability to take good images but the ability to make images with good commercial value that is where most people fail. But keep going and learning we all do
  11. martin bowra

    Anyone still doing film?

    I blow the cob webs off my Yashica T5 once in a while
  12. martin bowra

    Upgrading my gear, but is it worth doing so?

    Most of us spend a lot of money on gear. Nowadays cameras and lenses seem to change monthly. So is it worth getting the most expensive camera when you will probably decide in a year to change again. That is something you have to decide. Or is it better to get a cheaper camera that is up to date for a year and then get another cheap camera next year with the new technology and so on. If you want to earn money selling stock footage then your first priority should be researching what is in demand. How many sales have you had so far? You said you are totally inexperienced so be wise with your choices.
  13. martin bowra

    Mike Norton Made it to the top.

    I am glad you made it Mike. What a journey you have been on. A lot of ups and downs along the way ๐Ÿ˜€ Well done
  14. martin bowra

    Model release Heads up

    Agree Linda. The most problems I have are with AS. In the time I posted this topic I have had all my images approved by AS with the revised MR showing same dates for shoot and witness, seemed to work. But it is confusing witnessing the shoot or is it witnessing the signing the MR. Maybe Alex shutterstock can shed some light here?
  15. martin bowra

    Model release Heads up

    It just shows how confusing it can be๐Ÿ˜‚