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  1. martin bowra

    just a Quick Note from a Good friend.

    Thanks for sharing Laurin. What a great story. I have always been a fan of Mike Norton going back to the 80s. His journey puts a kind of different perspective on life .
  2. martin bowra

    Anyone waiting for the Nikon mirrorless camera?

    I had the Nikon D750 with Nikon Tamron and Tokina pro glass. I got fed up not with just the weight but also checking the focus to get the best focus accuracy the Olympus Zuiko Pro glass focus just works every time and a lot less time in LR as well the images come out of the camera almost ready to upload. This is what photography should be especially for stock. I am now on holiday using the Em1 with just the 17 1.2 pro zuiko and I have some amazing shots
  3. martin bowra

    Construction site photos

    Most of my construction site images that sell tell a story not just an image of a construction site is enough. You have to think of the buyer and leave room for copy etc.
  4. martin bowra

    How many people solely use their iPhone for stock?

    IPhone shots you see that look stunning do not show the thousands of dollars worth of lighting also being used. It’s all about the lighting. I use the IPhone X but not for stock maybe video footage occasionally and the portrait effect is a pretty cool feature. Unless the lighting is perfect any stock photos accepted for commercial will only sell as subs a few times at most. Although, you would probably have better success with the IPhone for editorial shots and footage
  5. martin bowra

    Anyone waiting for the Nikon mirrorless camera?

    Agree. I have also the Olympus pro gear and also sent the Fuji back
  6. martin bowra

    Anyone waiting for the Nikon mirrorless camera?

    I just got rid of all my Nikon FX gear while I could still get a reasonable return. I am now fully Olympus Omd E-M1mkII and zuiko pro glass. I also have the Sony RX10 mk4 as grab camera. I did not like the feel of Fuji in my hand. I feel Nikon have missed the boat and are going the same route as IBM and Kodak which is down down down.
  7. martin bowra

    what a joke this is...

    Here is one for the Belgians Two Belgians in a car at the traffic lights. One says to the other " it's green " The other says " a frog "
  8. martin bowra

    what a joke this is...

    Very good keep em coming!! What do you call a belt with a clock on it ? A waist of time 😁
  9. martin bowra

    what a joke this is...

    What do you call a dog that can do magical tricks? Answer: A labracadabrador πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž
  10. martin bowra

    Milestone: 1 K in total downloads

    Well done Sheila very tasty your kids must get excited when it's their birthday. I would suggest posting next time a watermarked version. just to be on the safe side. Great that images from 2014 are still selling.
  11. martin bowra

    Nikon D810 and tokina 12-24

    20mm 1.8g
  12. martin bowra

    Nikon D810 and tokina 12-24

    A Nikon D810 is good value at the moment but you do need good glass as well otherwise there is no point.
  13. martin bowra

    Nikon D810 and tokina 12-24

    I decided to stop using dslr because technology changes so fast that you really need to be earning a lot of money with photography to justify the outlay. Buying a camera to last 5 years is not really the way I would go. Especially a camera that is already getting on a bit. I could not justify 3700 USD for the D850 and 47mp. So I have gone full mirrorless with Olympus and Sony. Maybe wait for the new Nikon mirrorless to see what is on offer. The truth is Sony are 10 years ahead with mirrorless than Nikon. So spend your hard earned cash wisely and I would definitely not use a DX lens on an FX body.
  14. martin bowra

    Passed 1,000 images

    Well done. It is not easy thinking what to shoot that may sell. I like the diversity in your port. Just keep going and uploading the good quality images. The SS database is so huge I find it can take more than a year before new images start selling. This is the same at all agencies. Maybe one or two sell very quick but not the majority. I have 850 or so images and do very well. I just add about 20 a month of things I think will sell and more importantly I enjoy making them.